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Gands are a species of sentient insectoids originating from the ammonia-gas planet Gand ; small and stocky in stature, they ressemble humanoid flies and most of the time need to wear a breathing apparatus to survive out of their atmosphere. They often work as mercenaries, and are particularly gifted for research missions, due to their unique perception of a planet's atmospherical movements.

Zuckuss, a famous bounty hunter of the Imperial era, was a Gand.

Galdos, the Gand Findsman, on Zonama Sekot(2009)

Gand avatar

The only (and trickiest) organic part needed for a Gand avatar is his head, which has to be done with prims. The model i created is made with the sole SL building tool, and around 70 prims, including the breathing mask itself (scuplties would probably be welcome). Its eyes have an animated texture, and the breathing apparatus emits small smoke poofs. The rest of the avatar is a brown robe with gloves and boots, done via the appearance tool. Gand Findsmen are also heavily equipped and carry a substantial gear as hunters/searchers, thus make sure to let your imagination soar and design a belt, a bandolier, a back-pack, etc... with a lot of small details. (Cobalt Carter)

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