Galaxy News is a very popular Star Wars RP information group in Second Life, with a membership of several hundred members.

About Galaxy NewsEdit

Set up by Nenilai Valentine (better known as the maker of RCS ), the function of this non-factional, non-partisan group is to provide Galaxy-wide communication - and in this aspect it resembles the HoloNet news channels in Canon. Membership of this group is open to all and free, although rights to posting notices is restricted to a relatively smaller number of members with the "Reporter" role. These tend to be experienced and senior members of the SWRP Community and sim owners.

How to get an announcement to the Galaxy postedEdit

Standard members can of course post questions or announcements in the IM channel of this group; however spamming this with chat is generally frowned on and if you want an announcement posted to the Galaxy, you should instead follow the steps below:

  1. Join the group yourself if you have not already. To do this, open Search, then select the Groups tab and type in "Galaxy News". In the group information screen, you should see a button which you can press to sign up to the group.
  2. Once joined to the group, open the group information and look for members with the "Reporter" role who are online. It's best to have a notecard ready for them to post. IM them and ask that they post an announcement for you. Please be patient, they may be doing something else at the time or be afk etc. The Reporters are generally very helpful and unbiased, so even approaching a known Jedi to post a Sith announcement (or vice-versa) is not a problem - we leave our factions behind in this role. Once you've established contact with a Reporter and they've agreed to post something for you, send them your notecard and they will post it to the Galaxy for you.

What if you want to become a Reporter yourself?Edit

Reporter status is not granted to everyone who asks for it. To qualify you need to be of good standing in the RP community; either a longstanding RPer or involved in the management of a sim/RP area. If you think you fulfil these criteria and wish to become a Reporter (bearing in mind all that's said above about us), please contact the group owner Nenilai Valentine to request the role. Please note that normal Reporters cannot make other people into Reporters, and also that Nenilai is a busy person and receives many communications (it's often best to send him a notecard with your request in it, rather than IMs, as these can rapidly be capped by SL).

Galaxy News Reporters Edit

Alphabetically sorted list of SWRPedian declaring themselve as Galaxy News reporters.