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Galactic Unity, or the GU, was a group of Second Life Star Wars Role-play sims started with only two sims in the first quarter 2008. The goal of the GU was to provide a consistent roleplay experience across several different sims in the Star Wars SL universe. This unity was accomplished by sharing a timeline of 220 ABY, similar but not identical sim rules, and the configuration of the DCS2 combat system known first as Rampant then upgraded to GalacticUnity later.

By being joined with the same DCS2 configuration, GalacticUnity, and basically the same sim rules and identical timeline of 220 ABY, a Star Wars roleplayer would find that can play the same character across the various GU sims in SWRP with no change in their powers allocated by the DCS2 combat system.

The Galactic Unity disbanded November 2009 however many of the Sims still exist today.

Galactic Unity disband

Friends -

It is with a heavy heart that I must write this notice.  Due to some restructuring and some unfortunate incidents, the Galactic Unity: The GU has disbanded.

As you know, the road for the GU has been filled with hills and valleys.  With the humble start of just two Sims, to the height of the popularity, when it had quite a few member planets and quite a few vying for position, the GU brought us together in common goal.  We had some epic wars, the rise and fall of many an empire.  We had blood baths galore; we had not a few marriages that led to more marriages that led to lots of babies.  We had Telos IV, Manaan, Dxun and Onderon all rebuilt from the ashes of the last.  We had Imperial City, and Talus; the venerable Nar Shaddaa, Vjun, and the Eerie Korriban.

We have had lots of groups, light and dark, good and evil, or just plain Grey come and go and comeback again.  We had great politicians, peacemakers, and of course great Evil Ones in many forms in the GU.

We had groups made against us; names called, from within and without, and the ever-present threat of Insanity and destruction thrust upon us by those aforementioned sources.

Yes, the GU, the Galactic Unity, has seen its time in the sun, and is now being laid to rest.

But please know that Onderon and Nar Shadaa are still up and running and neither has plans to go anywhere.  We will retain our sovereignty, being separate Sims, but will keep the same time-line so as to facilitate and encourage RP.  And let’s face it; The RP is the main reason for all we do. 

Thank you all for your heartfelt support and undying vigor.

Yours in Service,

BelMakor Speedwell

Galactic Continuum, Onderon

Galactic Unity sims

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