The Galactic Syndicate Union (GSU) is an alliance between private military groups, pirate groups, mercenary groups, and other underworld factions who live in the Outer Rim Territories. The first to begin this "Union" was the Black Sun syndicate and the Bloodtalon syndicate. All of these have declared themsevles their own Galactic Superpower and have already begun deals around the Galaxy.

The Purpose of the GSU[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Syndicate Union was formed for the purpose of controlling the Outer Rim, securing trade, and allowing Hutts and other Outlaw factions to keep themselves in power, and keep the goverments of the Galaxy away from systems they don't belong in.

Control of the Outer Rim[edit | edit source]

This is the Unions ultimate goal. The domination of their own territory and where they are best known.

Tatooine, a system that goes back and forth from control of others, had been closely protected by The Black Sun for a great time, and other Hutts. Now, with their combined power in The Union, they now can regulate interests on the desert wasteland for all..

Securing Trade[edit | edit source]

Trade is an important part of The GSU. The Union, after it's formation declares itself in complete control of all trading routes, hyperspace lanes, and any resources on any systems in Hutt Space, The Arkanis Sector, Karthakk Sector and other areas of the Outer Rim. Anyone looking for trade in these areas, will need to speak to a GSU Representive for persmission to export, or import items through these areas. Anyone who does not posses the propper codes will be suffer...

Power[edit | edit source]

The systems The GSU live in are untamed, and lawless worlds. They have no real gain, but to be taken advantage of, and the rest of The Galaxy come and go as they please. The Union will officially keep their worlds secure from Foreign powers and counter any attack on their worlds. A new combined Fleet, Army, and and leadership will allow The Union to not only prove they can control their own turf, but show they can take on any Galactic power who tries to threaten them.

History[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Syndicate Union was created after the three major Syndicates came together to fight a common enemies. Several armed conflicts, a War with The Galactic Alliance, and combined dealings with major Goverments and groups proved t the Syndicates that could work together easy.

Organization[edit | edit source]

The Galactic Syndicate Union is made up of The Hutts, and several Syndicates, who share equal power. The Hutt Lords who lead the Hutt Council, The Pirate Bosses, and Merc Commanders are all have similar power, and all have a say in how the Union runs.

The Leadership- "Union Heads"[edit | edit source]

The Union Heads (Also called Chairmen), are those who are elected/chosen to see over and regulate The Union, and see over all Trade, and Military operations involve by the GSU. They make all major choices within the Union, including: Trade Agreements, Treaties, Decleration of War, Blockades of Systems, Alliances, and more. These are usually Hutts, Bosses, or Commanding Officers from each party.

Union Officers[edit | edit source]

Union Officers are those who enforce the Unions laws, and regulations. These would be the members of The Union who oversee operations, or Systems under Union control. Officers can even be incharge of their own groups, or be sent of special tasks from the Union Heads.

Union Member[edit | edit source]

Everyone belonging to any group within The Galactic Syndicate Union is an automatic Union Member. They are the Civillians, Smugglers, Troops, Senators, and Bounty Hunters who all make up the entire Union as a whole. Some have more power over others, but that would only be due to their status within their own personal group.

The GSU Members[edit | edit source]

The following are a lsit of current GSU groups, their roles and contributes, and a small bit of information about them.

The Black Sun Syndicate[edit | edit source]

Led by Pirate Lord Char, The Black Sun Syndicate are the top of the Pirate industry. A large force that has risen to power in the Criminal Underworld. Led by several Bosses, they posses the quick thinking the GSU needs, as well as providing a large portion of ships to the Unions Fleet. The Black Sun are wealthy by Criminal standards and will be contributing much to territory gained by owning several bunkers, and Cantina's across the Galaxy.

Role:Agile group of Pirates and Merc who have the perfect organization to keep the GSU going, with enough influcence across the Galaxy to pull good trade, and bring skilled troops and pilots to the table.

Contributes: Diplomacy, Manpower, Droids, Ships, Territory-Tattoine Spaceport (Mos Entha), Mos Espa, Lehon.

The Blood Talon Syndicate[edit | edit source]

Led by Artimis Raiden, The Blood Talon Syndicate used to be another Pirate group, but has become more militarized in the past days. They pride themselves on their technology gain, weapons manufacuring, and a good source of troops. The Blood Talons also posses several bases, and hideouts around The Outer Rim which will be perfect for the GSU. They are very skilled and have the respect and contacts that the GSU will nee to press forward.

Role: Amazing crafters with a strong military esque' typed force, that continues to grow. A great organization and territory on several systems.

Contributes: Weapons, Armor, Tech, Territory- Nar Shaddaa (Base), Mos Entha Base, A Space Station.

The Nar Shaddaa Hutt Council[edit | edit source]

Led by Darmutta the Hutt, The Hutt Council controls all of Nar Shaddaa and maintains all trade and exports on the system, and it's surrounding area. The Hutt Council claims Hutt Space as it's own, and thus giving the GSU a large span of control. The Council will be a good home for exports and imports for the GSU.

Role: A large group dedicated to territory gain, and trade agreements.

Contributes: Credits, Diplomacy, Droids, Tech, Territory- Nar Shaddaa (Entire Sim)

The Nasarii Hutt Clan[edit | edit source]

Led by Lyzo the Hutt, The Nasarii, though independent from The Hutt Council, controls most of Mos Espa. They are based at a Hutt Palace that safeguarded by several forces. The Nasarii pride themselves on the usual podraces they hold within the city, and other special events to attract travelers. The Nasarii and Black Sun are close partners, thus entering them into the GSU.

Role: A Hutt organization that provides events, security, and intellegence for the GSU

Contributes: Credits, Diplomacy, Territory- Mos Espa (Entire Sim)

OOC Information[edit | edit source]

This here is OOC info that anyone might find interesting. To contact any GSU owner, contact Charzon Ormega, Rei, Darkraiden, Jyrkii. We are normally around Mos Espa, or Tatooine Spaceport until we get full rights to Nar Shaddaa as our system.

Sims the GCU owns[edit | edit source]

ICly- Nar Shaddaa, Mos Espa, Tatooine Spaceport: Mos Entha (A small outpost), Bakura (A Cantina)

OOCly- Mos Espa, Nar Shaddaa

OOCly means we got Sim Owner permission and that the Sims are fully under our control. ICly means we occupie the Sim mostly, or Admins have said we have a presence in the area.

TO JOIN![edit | edit source]

If you wish to be apart of The Galactic Syndicate Union you must become apart of any of the current Syndicates who are within the GSU. It is up to each individual group if they want to take you in or not. If you are a Crimianl group, Syndicate, or even a Hutt who is not apart of these 4 groups. Let a Union Head know, or find a way to contact us! You too might be able to join The Union!

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