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The Galactic Liberation Alliance is a large Jedi-aligned military in Second Life SWRP. Founded by Jys Tebut ((Jessi Easterman)) in early 2011, and currently lead by Tekisui Hakuin. The Alliance consists of many members from different walks of life, united under a common desire to see the spread of the Sith halted, and where possible, reversed.

Out of character, it is an organization that seeks to bring together both Sith and Jedi aligned players who enjoy English language paragraph-roleplay, high quality character development, and an out of character cooperation and friendship with our sister group and primary opposition, the Revenant Armada.


The Galactic Liberation Alliance was founded by several Jedi Knights and Masters who had come to the realization that most modern Jedi Orders were no longer acting as Jedi should. They had begun to ignore one of the most important parts of a Jedi's duty - protecting those helpless from hostile beings, both from physical attacks and from gradual loss of freedoms as perpetrated by totalitarian governments. The GLA serves two primary purposes; as a military, it is a powerful force in and of itself, and conducts high risk operations in various parts of the galaxy. Also, its leaders seek to work to free one location at a time, and to coordinate the activities of the various organizations who oppose the Sith.

The leaders of the GLA work under the belief that the Dark side is a stain on the Force, a corruption, not an opposing philosophy or a different way of using the same natural power. Use of the Force in this way has been proven to corrupt its wielders, to cause destruction and loss of life. Because of this, GLA leadership consider the Sith to be a disease to be purged, and no Force sensitives who utilize the shortcuts that the Dark side offers are allowed to operate in the GLA. Where redemption may be possible with no danger to innocents, it is sometimes attempted. But because the GLA are in a state of war against the Sith, deadly confrontation is the most common interaction between the Alliance's Jedi and Sith Lords.

Sith rank-and-file soldiers are not treated the same way, as the Alliance recognizes that most are fooled by Sith propaganda into thinking that they are fighting for a good cause. When possible, they are encouraged to defect by the promise of protection and a new life away from their Force wielding Masters.

The Galactic Liberation Alliance is not a group comprised entirely of Jedi. The vast majority of their forces consist of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, technicians, civilians, and pilots, and its leaders believe in finding a place for anyone who wishes to stop the spread of the Sith.



In the year 200 ABY, Jys Tebut, a Jedi Knight in the New Order of the Jedi at the time, secretly began construction of a Grand Jedi Fleet to be used when the Council finally decided it was time to finally repel the Sith Menace. Using her corporation, Star Industries, she set up a secret shipyard in the Vergesso Asteroids, a resource-rich asteroid field that also serves as a natural block for all types of scanners.

Thirty years later, and the call to action never came.

Jys, now a Jedi Master in the NOJ, decided that the NOJ's Council had fallen, not to the Dark Side, but to sloth, cowardice, and pacifism. Seeing a similar attitude in many other Jedi Enclaves in the Galaxy, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Taking inspiration from the Jedi Revan, the Army of Light, and the Rebel Alliance, she left the NOJ, took the Fleet originally constructed for the Jedi Enclaves of the Galaxy and founds the Galactic Liberation Alliance. With their territory small, but secure in the Vergesso Asteroids, the GLA initially focused on intelligence gathering and recruitment operations.

Initial Operations against the Sith

With Jedi Knight Mikori Lawson leading ground forces comprised of Jedi, elite soldiers, and technicians, the GLA conducted several operations to sabotage Sith forces on Rhelg, Bespin, and Tatooine. This included one particular mission in which GLA forces defeated a Sith force on New Tibannopolis that was nearly three times its own size. Largely successful, the GLA began attracting attention from the Galactic News Network. This began to get the attention of the Sith as well, but due to the GLA's secure position in the Vergesso asteroids and their fleet's mobility, it was difficult for retaliatory strikes to pin down any significant number of GLA strike forces.

During this time, Admiral Jys Tebut took on a largely tactical role from her command ship, the Cruiser Liberty. She proved to be an able leader, directing her fleet in movements that more often than not confounded her Sith pursuers.

The GLA and Uvena Prime

Several years after the GLA began serious operations against the Sith, it received a request for aid from the Shistavanen homeworld of Uvena Prime. It was exactly the sort of place that the GLA's leadership had been looking to help. A world enslaved by the Sith since the days of Darth Krayt, they had been unable to throw off the leadership of the Sith on their own, and the Republic had not been keen to dedicate resources to a neutral world.

The GLA moved in, once again lead on the ground by Mikori Lawson, along with Jedi Master Marcus Moreau and several prominent Shistavanens and others who had an interest in seeing the Uvena system freed and had the skills to help make it happen. They embedded themselves with the locals, often under the guise of visiting traders. Lawson's priority was in training the Shistavanen natives in combat and subterfuge, as liberating an entire planet was an undertaking that only the planet's natives had the resources to accomplish.

Over the course of five years, training progressed, the word about the movement spread across the planet, and the news networks began to get wind of what was happening. During this time, the planet was also sold by the Dark Lords of the Sith to the Revenant Armada. The Armada then sold the planet to the Hutts.

When the Armada took over, this resulted in atrocities growing even worse. Known Resistance members were executed on camera, children were killed, rape and murder became commonplace. Armada forces were commonly lead on the ground by Skole, Matthew Xean, the Armada's Chiss Grand Martial, and her Amaran Lieutenant. While GLA and Resistance members worked on the surface to stop these horrors from occurring and to get word out to the galaxy at large, GLA space forces under Admiral Tebut marshalled in preparation to attack the Armada's holdings.

Finally, almost on the five year anniversary of the GLA's first landing on Uvena Prime, their fleet exited Hyperspace in the Uvena System and began an assault on the Revenant Armada.

The war was extremely bloody and resulted in many fatalities on both sides. The primary fighting lasted nine days. The Armada was reinforced by Hutt security forces and several Mandalorian Clans. The GLA's expected reinforcements, the Grand Army of the Republic, were recalled on the second day of fighting, leaving only a few squadrons of soldiers left on Uvena Prime. The New Republic Grand Fleet, the space-arm of the Republic, was recalled en route to the Uvena System by the Tythonian Governor. With only Mandalorian Clans Kata and Socarras, and a few scattered Force sensitive groups from outside the system aiding them, the GLA found itself badly outnumbered.

During the war on the ground, Jys Tebut felt a disturbance in the Force, and took a fighter down to Uvena Prime's surface to meet with the Armada's Grand Marshal. A one on one fight took place between the two, and Admiral Tebut's life ended at the end of the Marshal's Lightsaber. With this, command of the GLA passed to Mikori Lawson, who distributed responsibility as best he could through the GLA's Commodores and Captains while he continued to lead its ground forces.

Toward the end, the Armada had the GLA fleet on the ropes. Trapped by interdiction cruisers and with their starfighters' superior technology being overwhelmed by the Armada's numbers, the day was only saved at the very end by the sacrifice of Master Marcus Moreau - his death, and the presence and light it caused in the Force, resulted in widespread confusion and damage through Revenant Armada ground and space forces, as well as expunging the taint of the Dark side from the Uvena system.

Over the next weeks and months, GLA forces drove Armada and Hutt remnants from the Uvena System, and settled in at the invitation of the Shistavanens to aid the rebuilding of Uvena Prime and its colonies, as well as repairing and rebuilding the GLA's own depleted resources.

Depature from Uvena Prime

The damage done to the Shistavanen population and the planet at large took many years to reciprocate even with the GLA's help and defences. Over the course of their occupation on the planet, established Revenant armada forces attempted to reclaim the planet, primarily targeting the Moreau province. The forces of the GLA however were able to neutralize the threats time and time again. Eventually the military force integrated itself with the government of Uvena Prime, acting as a supporting agent in their overall hierarchy - the Jedi taking the primary objectives in regards to the politics, whilst the none force-sensitive's aided in patrols and law enforcement.

The GLA itself enjoyed a time of recuperation and a Jedi Enclave was established on the planet with the blessing of the locals. Here, Jedi forces would train and integrate themselves with the organization at large as the 'Jedi Vanguard.' As in tradition, these rising Jedi would later become the commanding forces of the GLA.

Many years passed with minor conflicts in the province itself and eventually, the government and populace of the province and planet became self-sustaining, propagating all that they had been taught by allied forces. It was then that the GLA were no longer needed to keep constant watch, the Shistavanen people had established their own security and militia.

From there, the GLA took to more concerning and prudent obstacles that the galaxy had to offer.


A GLA Special Forces Trooper

The Galactic Liberation Alliance was initially led by founder Jys Tebut. After her death, overall command passed to Tekisui Hakuin. by now a Jedi Master. Its direction and activities are decided upon by Hakuin and approximately a dozen Alliance Commodores.

Under them are the Jedi Knights, Masters, and Officers, who lead the Troopers, Pilots, Jedi, and the Special Forces. The lowest rank being Cadet, a basic recruit who has not yet chosen the path of training they wish to take.


In addition to the resource rich Vergesso Asteroid fields, the GLA has had several highly advanced research teams under its employ for decades. Foremost among these, QuadStar Innovations, researched and eventually began producing the GLA's primary interceptor, the HC-105A "Longsword" Space Superiority Fighter, currently one of the most advanced starfighters in the galaxy. They have also been known to utilize upgraded X-wing StealthX and XJ7 class Starfighters. The GLA is in possession of twenty three Heavy and Light Cruisers of a state of the art design, close to a hundred Frigates, and thousands of smaller combat and support vessels.

The Alliance has forged equipment and personnel treaties with the Republic, the Grand Army of the Republic, and several Jedi enclaves. They have access to a variety of types of equipment, and are well funded through their Republic contacts as well as through Star Industries and other Corporate Interests. Owning some of the most high quality starfighter production facilities in the galaxy results in a steady stream of income from Republic military branches that they supply.

With victory over the Revenant Armada in the Uvena System, the Shistavanens have invited the Alliance to construct factories and mineral mines on asteroids throughout the system, with the stipulation that they have oversight by the Shistavanens themselves. This has resulted in an ample supply of Phrik being available to GLA production facilities.

Current Activities

The Galactic Liberation Alliance is currently in a period of defence and reconstruction, after a very costly battle against the Revenant Armada. They have forces concentrated in the Vergesso asteroids as well as in the Uvena System.


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