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Foxe is a 22 year old Cathar female who has appeared throughout the Galaxy in varying guises from bounty hunter to Sith, weaving a path from Coruscant to the Outer Rim in search of her lost family heratige. Youngest of her litter, Foxe had only one elder brother who was killed along with her Mother at the hands of Mandalorians. Foxe's Father abandoned her soon after thier deaths, something Foxe originally attributed to her being the only one of her family with a lack of sensitivity to the Force.


Early life

Born into a force sensitive Corellian family, Foxe's Father and Brother were force sensitive. She always believed she was deaf to the force. After her Mother and Brother were killed by Mandalorians, her Father abandoned her and left her feeling resentful towards force users.

For most of her teenage years she hated the Force, and anyone who was able to use it. She became a bounty hunter and made it her goal in life to show everyone what those who couldn't feel the force could do.

Force Sensitivity

Whilst bounty hunting on Coruscant, Foxe was continually skirting trouble with the authorities. While antagonising a Stormtrooper patrol near the Palace, she ended up resisting arrest, starting a minor fight that spilled onto the Palace grounds and ended up attracting the attention of Master Novastar, then head of the Imperial Knights. The appearance of a Force user drove Foxe into a rage in which she attacked the Knight, who deflected her attacks and defeated her soundly.

Awakening, Foxe found herself in a cage built to hold Sith. Her confusion only deepening when she found herself being questioned by Master Novastar himself, who revealed her sensitivity to the Force to her, and went on to offer her a position among the Imperial Knights, after a short stint as a stormtrooper, an offer she accepted gladly, hoping to learn more of herself and her newfound abilities.

Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

It was while she was serving as a stormtrooper that she came to know Malek Carthia, actually one of the troopers in the patrol she'd provoked. Initially sceptical of her inclusion in his squad, Malek distrusted and disliked Foxe, viewing her as a troublemaker who would only bring his team into danger. However after several long shifts spent together, the two grew to become close friends, so close that many were to notice and remark on the fact.

As Foxe continued to patrol and guard the streets of Coruscant, steadily growing closer to Malek, things were changing rapidly in high places on Imperial Center. Master Novastar became the Emperor Fel after marrying the Queen, pushing back and delaying Foxe's training and initiation into the Imperial Knights.

It was during this delay that Foxe learned several truths about the Knights which made her question her choice to join them. Malek was promoted to become the CO of the unit Foxe was serving in, and this meant that on the night that Foxe's faith in the Empire finally faultered and broke, Malek was unreachable.

The same night, after a bitter argument with one of Malek's stand-ins which ended in an official rebuke against her, Foxe took her things and left without a word, disappearing without a trace, fearing reprisals for leaving.

Fall to the Dark Side

Foxe as a Sith Assassin

Foxe wandered aimlessly for a time, keeping a low profile to avoid imperial complications and attempting to learn what she could of her Force sensitive heratige.

Shortly after, Foxe ran into a mysterious figure on Bakura who offered to instruct her, and soon after she was recruited by the lone Sith Master known as Zamaroc who harnessed her past to encourage her towards the Dark Side.

Becoming his Apprentice soon after, she joined the New Sith Dynasty, where her path took her from Zamaroc's teachings and led her towards the Dark Lord Tavious.

Under this Dark Lord she became a Sith Assassin, killing without remorse, finally proving herself superior in her own eyes after years of inferiority, the Dark Side gave her everything she asked for and more, and she reached the level of Sith Lady.

Capture & Redemption

Whilst on a routine mission to Jaratenge, Foxe was captured by the Sovreign Knights and interrogated at length, her secrets taken from her under intense torture, she finally began to question her actions as an Assassin under her Dark Lord. Her captors began to persuade her back away from the Darkness before gaining her trust, training her and sending her back into the Galaxy.

Since her release Foxe has wandered far and wide, attempting to atone for her actions and to find a path she can be content with. Normally in trouble with the local authorities, Foxe is good natured but extremely headstrong, often taking up lost causes and annoying anyone who holds any sort of power.Write the text of your article here!