A Force nightmare or Force daymare is an extremely realistic Force-induced dream which seizes the victim with fear, horror, and dread. Repeated exposures can drive a victim right over the brink of insanity. It is believed to be a combination of a Mind twist, Force illusion, and Intimidating Presence, and it is a subset of Dream-weaving.

Known practitionersEdit

The Dream-weaver is known to have mastered this ability, which she successfully used as the coup-de-grace of her infamous Dream-weaver Ritual; she subsequently attempted to use it against her future husband.  However, he was able to reflect part of the effects back into her mind, resulting in her flight. Kraqmol experienced recurrent nearly-crippling nightmares for weeks afterwards, and the Dream-weaver nearly went insane in the same time period.  The Dream-weaver used a variation in which two fiery eyes filled the victim's mind, seemingly consuming their conscious minds, blinding them and dulling their other senses. According to the Force ghost of Âchurnas Foreseer, the first High Prophet of the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers, Kendar memory crystals used to make thieves uncomfortable, and only slowly drive them to madness over a period of months. However, with the Dream-weaver's drastic over-use of this ability during her Dream-weaver Ritual, the kendar crystals of Kendalar V endured such intense and long-term exposure to Force nightmares that they absorbed them, and some kendar crystals (most notably Kendar memory crystals) have added the ability to their repertoire of defensive measures. Now a thief may go insane in less than one week, and even strong Force-users will not escape unscathed. The effectiveness of these Force nightmares is notably not tied to the ability of the owner of the Kendar memory crystal: it is tied to the dangerous proficiency that the Dream-weaver possessed when she performed her Dream-weaver Ritual.

The Dream-weaver's son, Valermit Mindseer is believed to possess a largely-latent talent for inducing Force nightmares: he possesses more control over his own dreams than the norm, and he sometimes seems to influence the dreams of others around him.  He has used the same variation of the ability in his dreams that his mother perfected, but he has yet to apply it outside of his dreams.

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