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Early Life

Flint was born to an aristocratic family on Aquilaris, a planet in the outer rims. Flint had a pleasant childhood growing up on Aquilaris for the most part, with his only bad memories resulting from the vast and powerful storms what would ravage the islands every year. However during those times he encountered numerous Jedi. They came and helped the relief efforts. He looked forward to the time when he would be sent off to become one of them and be able to travel around the galaxy.

When Flint reached the age of twelve, his family, to secure and expand several business holdings, moved from the water world of Aquilaris to the industrial world of Eriadu. Eridau's atmosphere had been become rancid from generations of pollution. Young Flint was particularly susceptible to the pollution and began wearing a rebreather at this time, relying more on it as he grew older even after he moved away.

Due to his family's connections and their natural ability with the force, Flint and his siblings (two older brothers, one older sister, and a younger sister) were sent to the core worlds, around the ages of 13-14, first to be educated at some of the most prestigious academies around, then to be trained as Jedis. However, unlike his Older and younger brothers and older sister, Flint was more interested with exploring and learning about other cultures than with his force training.

After reaching his late teens, Flint planned to leave his studies and join a scouting expedition, but his family secured him an apprenticeship with an older Jedi instead. Trying to please his family and his new master, Flint became somewhat proficient with a lightsaber and a few force skills, but he lacked any other combat skills and was caught reading most of the time rather than honing his force abilities.

Near the time he was going to take the trials to become a knight, his Master along with his older brother and a few other Jedi were sent off on a mission, from which they have yet to return. Due to an illness, Flint wasn't able to accompany his Master or brother. With his Master gone and his family's attention diverted to the whereabouts of his brother, Flint left the academy and began a life of exploring new places and getting his hands on any piece of new technology, gadget, or weird item he could obtain. He used his family's resources to secure passages because even though one of his dreams was to become a pilot he really had no natural ability at flying anything.

Trip to Telos IV

After traveling on pleasure yachts and cruise ships for a couple of years, Flint decided to obtain his own ship along with a crew and traveled to Telos IV to seek his fortunes. After arriving to the upper area docks, Flint met his first obstacle, namely how to get to the surface. After walking around aimlessly, Flint caught a glimpse of a purple-haired young lady. As he stared for what was probably a little too long , to his surprise she came over and asked him how to the reach the surface. Neither one knowing this, they decided to find the way together, but got separated. Flint however finally found his way to the surface, which involved numerous falls through vents and various access hatches.

As he walked around the planet's surface he again saw the purple-haired girl and decided to go over to her to congratulate her on finding her way down. They talked and explored the city for quite a bit of time. She presented herself as a mechanic and he talked with her about becoming part of his crew. Nothing became of that, but he enjoyed her company and sighed with disappointment when he had to leave. Unknown to Flint at this time as he walked away, this first encounter would lead to a subsequent one when he would visit Zonama Sekot, which in turn would put his life on a whole new path.

Crossroads and New Beginning

Still unable to find a ship or crew on Telos IV, Flint decided to take the next available cargo ship off the planet. Several were leaving, but two caught his attention. One was leaving for a dark planet by the name of Ziost, the other a mysterious planet not on the galaxy maps, named Zonama Sekot. He had overheard several darkly clad figures in the Telos IV library speak of the planet Ziost. A place you could learn the true meaning of the force and receive unlimited power. He hadn't really thought that much of the little force training he had received, but this intrigued him. Maybe he should return to studying the force, even a darker path, to gain the power to find his brother and truly impress his family. He may have gone if he hadn't overheard the name Zonama Sekot. It took him only a micro-second to make up his mind to head to Zonama Sekot instead, darkness and power didn't appeal to the young man.

Flint traveled on the unusual cargo ship for a couple of days before arriving to a lush forested planet. The ship landed with what seemed like a mind of it's own and he stepped off to find himself on a landing-pad overgrown with vines and plants. As he peered over the edge, across the jungle, he spotted a clearing with a temple and two figures nearby. A jawa working on an R2 unit and to his amazement the purple-haired mechanic from Telos IV. As he stared in disbelief, Flint spotted the girl glance up at him. He decided that he had to go introduce himself no matter what gymnastics his stomach was doing. Flint slowly made his way down the landing pad, through a library type building, and out to a clearing where the jawa and young-lady were.

Flint greeted the two, introduced himself, and moved around them studying what they were working on and not really knowing what to say. The girl walked over and asked if he remembered her. He responded quickly smiling at her, of course he had. She was a little hesitant to talk to him, but he finally found out why. She had lied to him about who she was on Telos IV and was instead a Potentium Master by the name of Salene Lusch. He was impressed, that he was duped so easily and the girl had been so clever, that he showed no ill-will of having been lied to and the two became more at ease with one another. Flint was shown around the Potentium base and also given information about the order. He responded by telling Salene of his force nature and he was given an invitation to join the order on the completion of an application. He took the application gladly, said goodbye to the girl and then to the Jawa whose name he had learned was Netto and walked away to think about these events.

Flint stayed up all night, thinking about what he should do. He knew that he would have responsibility to a group if he tried to join and would have to give up his free lifestyle somewhat. However, he finally came to the conclusion that he needed to finish his force training, that the Potentium ideology was intriguing, and most importantly to the young man, he wished to have friends. By morning he accepted his decision and walked back to the base with application in hand to find the purple-haired girl.

Potentium Apprenticeship

As soon as Flint joined the order his training began. During this time, he mostly honed up on his lightsaber skills, began learning the potentium philosophy, and began to grow accustomed to the his life on Zonama getting to know all the members of the order. His days were filled with learning new things and learning about his new friends espicially the young Master that had introduced him to the order. Flint began travelling with Salene and Netto on numerous missions across the galaxy and learned that he both loved and had a knack for going undercover. Flint had decided that he had found a home for himself and spent long days in the clearings of Zonama around the Potentium base.

One day while Flint and Salene were talking out in the garden the head of the order at that time, Linkin Tomsen, returned from deep space mission. Flint was introduced to him and his wife, another potentium master. Linkin convened a council meeting and Flint stayed behind to work on his lightsaber training. After a while the masters returned and Linkin asked everyone to join him at the meditation circle so they could get to know the young man that had taken up residence on Zonama. As they sat and talked, Salene turned to Flint and offered to train him in the ways of the potentium. The council had agreed to the request and it took Flint less than a second to answer yes. From that day forward, Flint became a member of the potentium order and his training begain under the guidance of Salene Lusch.