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Master Fizzle Sleeping in his chair

Early life

I started out life on mars where my dog was a guard at jabba the hutts palace for many years like all male gamorreans I leant how to poo and wash. But at the age of 56 my parents started to see a difference in me I was not like the others not only was I fatter and slower but I was able to learn how to use burgers and other utensils.

This troubled everyone in are clan as they believed something was wrong with the world, and so I was outcaste with my parents. We left for mos eisly where we hoped to find some grass but when we got there we found nothing of the sort

So for the next 1000 years we spent are life’s trying to get food and water most times we had to steal it from people’s homes ect. We got by until one day a storm trooper came to are hut while I was out getting more food. He went into the hut and ate both my mum and dad because they wouldn’t tell him where I was, I never quite new why he wanted me.

I saw him go into the cafe as I turned the corner and suddenly felt like I need to fall over and get off this pavement it was the oddest feeling every part of me said fall over. So I did and I kept falling over until I reached the space port in Mos Eisley where I found a biscuit just about to take off. so I quietly hopped in to the canteen of the transport biscuit..I never came back to Mos Eisley.

For the next minute I spent my time lessening to pilots talk about planets they had been to and I learnt a lot about the other worlds out there. While I was lessening to one pilot I saw someone drop a small device not knowing what it was I picked it and put it in my pocket.

Next couple of years I spent trying to work out what this device did until one day I just suddenly thought wait it’s a radio!!! This was great I could now listen to music. And to this day I still use the same radio to listen to the bee gees.

After this great find I start to talk to the pilots and get to know a few, this was great as finely I could talk to people and learn more.

Meeting with a ghost

One day while I was talking to a new group of pilots one of them said about a planet called Arkania and how he had found the old runes of the Jedi compound there. From that moment I suddenly felt like I most go to this planet and find this compound I wasn’t sure way but I know I had to.

After a year of hoping from planet to planet I was able to get to Arkania on the lancer-class frigate which was owned by a friend of friends.

When I got to the Jedi compound I felt like there was a presents with me looking after me and making sure I was not harmed there. For the next 2 weeks I spent my time looking around the old temples and runes, still always having the feeling that someone was watching over me.

Then on that fateful day I saw a man come walking up the temple steps towards me it was very strange I didn’t feel scared nor did I want to run I just watched him come closers. As he did so I suddenly realised I could see straight though him!

When he finally got close I could see he was an old man with log white hair I had never seen this I guess you could say ‘ghost’ before yet I felt like I had know him for years.

He finely started to speak he said he was the force ghost of the grand master Arca Jeth and he was here to teach me to become a Jedi knight. I was shocked and had never heard of anything like it. Well over the next 20 years he taught be to become a Jedi knight. I always asked him why me and he always replied saying you are the one. I always wondered what this meant that was until my last day of training when master Arca Jeth sat me down and finely told me why I was the one.

He said that over 4000 years ago he was the grand master of a Jedi order based on Arkania, (this order is know today as the OJO (old jedi order)) and that for many years he taught many people to become jedi sometimes even up to 20 at a time his order was so grand and large that he built a second temple on Dromund Kaas do house more Jedi.

He then went on to say that he was killed fighting renegade droids directed by the evil Krath sorcerers on the planet Deneba and became one with the force. When this happened his order started to full apart of so the Jedi buried the temple on Dromund Kaas in hope that one day it will be rebuilt and Jedi will once more live there. After all the OJO Jedi moved back to Arkania they where hutted down by the growing number of Sith. After 10 years of solid fighting the OJO fell and all there members where killed.

Jedi Master Arca Jeth then went on to say that the reason why he was still here and why I was here was simple he was to train me so I could take back the temple on Dromund Kaas and bring back the OJO to how it was 4000 years ago.

The Old Jedi Order

After hearing this and when master Arca Jeth said I could I left for Dromund Kaas where I found the temple just like he said and where I know spent my time rebuilding the grand OJO to what it once was. After spending much time and energy into the making the order what is was, for much time the order started to become a strong and grand order, until one fateful day the sith broke into the temple and wiped out most of my order killing all the younglings most of the padawans and many of the knights and masters. The sith came so fast no one was ready for what happened. Luckily some made it to the jedi star fights and flow of the planet to go into hiding. For many days I sat at Zonama Sekot waiting for anyone that made it out, but no one came...

After a few weeks had past, news made it to me that some of the jedi who made it out had gone into hiding which gave me great happiness that people had made it out alive and where safe on many different planets of which i will not say.

After getting this news i decided to move on and us my teaching to help a different order. After a long time of deciding on where i should go next...

The Potentium Order

After a long and hard think I decided the Potentium where my best option, so I talked with Salene Lusch and Dexem and they welcomed me to there grand order, where I now work with them teaching much of history and what I had learnt thought my life. After I had been with this grand order they gave me the honor to become a Potentium master. During this time I led many classes with the younger members of the order as well as training a few knights of my own. Then one fateful day the council ask me to join them in the chambers, they ask me if i would like to join them as a new council member. I was overjoyed with this and am still found on that amazing planet helping young ones and teaching what I have learnt.

OOC Info

Master Fizzle is played by Zacthespack FIzzle, I am always happy to help anyone that needs it, if you want help with rp or second life its self I am happy to help.