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Finglas Lorena is a Twi'lek Jedi Master Consular at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. More specifically he is a Jedi Researcher and spends most his time on other planets researching various items.


Younger Days[]

Twi'lek Clan Cinn at Tython Jedi Temple. Finglas BR, age 4.

Finglas Lorena was not always a Jedi, in fact he barely knew of Dantooine or the Jedi. He was born on the planet of Ryloth, as most Twi'lek are, to the Cinn clan. This particular clan tended to have skin ranging from dark reds like Finglas and his father to a burnt orange color like his sister and mother.

Finglas however just recently found this out because as a small child of 6 he was kidnapped my Mandolarian slavers, for reasons he has yet to find out Finglas was a specific target by the mandolorians so he was the only one taken at the time. On the way back to Mandalore, the Mandolorians stopped by Kashyyyk to capture some Wookiees for their strength, but underestimating the rage of a Wookiee the Mandolorians were attacked by the kin of those they captured. Seeing young Finglas they took him in as their own and cared for him. Over the next few years Finglas lost the memory of his family name and so adopted that of the Wookie clan Lorena that had taken him in as his surname.

About 11 years after living there Finglas was only used to Wookiee lifestyle, with the exception of being allowed in the sacred hunting grounds for the Wookiees. Around this time A Jedi Master had come to Kashyyyk on a mission to search for a Sith Lord, he recalls talking to the Master, the Jedi Master told Finglas that he was destined to do great things on the faraway planet of Dantooine where he himself trained. He also told Finglas something that he will never forget, he said "Being a Jedi isn't about helping others, its about listening to the Force and doing what is right."

Being a Jedi fascinated Finglas, and this idea the Master told him was intriguing. He from then on aspired to be a Jedi, and the only planet he knew of where to train, Dantooine.

Finglas, now a student at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.

8 years later he finally found transport to Dantooine and has been a Jedi there for almost 4 years working his way through Student, Padawan and finally Knighthood up to his current title of Jedi Master.

Life on Dantooine[]

Finglas started his life on Dantooine at the Jedi Enclave as a mere student where he met a few people that have been his friends ever since. His fellow students Adri'lok and Balmung were his closest during his Student days, for a short time Finglas and Adri'lok, a blue Twi'lek, were dating but that ended after the trio became padawans.

Padawan Finglas and Adri'lok in Dantooine Fields.

Finglas was taken by Jedi Knight Dinila the day of her knighting. She trained him in the first section of the training but then went missing on a mission that sent her off world. For a month Padawan Finglas was without a master and sought out training where he could. From Master Sha'ira he trained with his lightsaber, From Masters Laura and Ravenclaw he learned the ways of the Force. Finally Master Laura, recently added to the council, took Finglas as her Padawan along side her current Padawan and his friend, Balmung.

Padawan Finglas and Balmung on Dantooine.

This brought the two closer and they soon thought of each other as brothers in the force rather than mere friends. The two were knighted just a week apart. Around this time Finglas found two other close friends in Synitry the Zabraak and Minako the Human. They were close to him but then dissapeared as well as his old friend Adri'lok. After taking his first padawan Tante, a shitavanen, Finglas went with a group of knights and masters to the planet Ziost to fight the Sith group there. The Jedi lost, luckily with no one killed, but Finglas and Bianca where captured by the Sith Princess Nevla.

When Bianca and Finglas were thrown in the cell they came across another Jedi from Yavin IV. She proceeded to fight Nevla when Finglas and Bianca got there which ended in her life, afterwhich Nevla decided to spend some time torturing her two new residents, she broke Bianca's leg and cut off Finglas' right Lekku, nearly killing him and knocking him out. To this day Finglas believes that if not for the will of the Force he would be dead. Nevla merely laughed and walked out leaving a guard on duty at the gate.

A few hours later Finglas regained conciesness, half dead he tried to escape and force pulled the guard into the wall, but due to him being weak he only managed to break the guards helmet. At this particular time to Finglas' dismay, a Sith Lord walked in, this of course was not surprising seeing as he was on a Sith planet, but this Sith he knew. It was the Zabraak Synitry. Finglas had heard rumors that she and Minako fell to the dark side but he refused to believe it, now the proof was before him.

Synitry cursed the guard and the other memebers of this sith order for not putting Finglas in a Force retainment cell, she then by saber point moved Finglas to such a cell where he hung for three days in pain, unable to use the minor healing abilities he knew, unable to scream in pain from his wounds and missing lekku, Finglas thought he was going to die.

Sir Finglas captured on Ziost.

Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Balmung refused to leave his friend on Ziost at the hands of the Sith. He had organized three seperate rescue parties but still being weak after the initial defeat none had succeeded. After about a week of torture and starvation, both in food and Force, Nevla released Biance and Finglas back on Dantooine, both unconsious, with only the reason of being bored with them now.

For the next week Finglas was in a coma, Bianca had already been healed and gone but Finglas sustained much more damage. Sir Balmung had scrambled every able body to work on Finglas day and night, bandageing up his wounds and putting a cloth stub on the cut lekku. A week after admittance, Finglas finally awoke, but this was not the end of the healing. He was placed in a machine that would somewhat regrow his lekku, part biology from cloned parts of his DNA and machine. This was by far the most painful procedure that Finglas had ever or ever will experience, so painful that it knocked him out for another three days. The next three days he spent in a bacta tank, the fluid keeping him sustained and alive. When he awoke he was released but was in a wheelchair for a week. His regrown lekku was heavy and wrong, it took some getting used to and the circuits showing on the outside did not make that easy.

Finally up and around Finglas discovered that in his absense Tante, his padawan, had gone missing on a trip to the Shitavanen world. He finally took on a new padawan, Lyssia, who reminded him much of himself.

Sir Finglas with his Padawan Lyssia.

This padawan, which he was glad of, made it to knighthood, where in the same ceremony Sir Finglas no longer wore the title of Jedi Knight, for this day he became Master Lorena. The two had celebrated with drinks at La Cantina Bloomiata, the cantina at their Enclave. Balmung, who had been a Master since just after his recovery had also come among a few of the Masters that Finglas had worked with since he got to Dantooine 3 years before. Today Finglas mostly does research missions, he has yet to take on another padawan but has been considering it. He has done many lectures on some of his findings and many of his findings have yet to be finished to be researched.



Sir Finglas, Padawan Lyssia and Sir Arth in the Abondoned lab on Dromund Kaas.



Medical Information[]

Known allergies None
Previous injuries Lekku cut off and replaced
Previous surgeries Lekku Replacement
Location of artificial body parts (if any) Right Lekku
Midi-chlorian count 6,832 per cell

Former Padawans[]

Tante Wak

Lyssia Perian

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