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Felina Maria Antonia Sia. She is a Princess, Politician, Queen. Felina Sia is from the Royal House of Sia. Felina is 3rd in line for the Throne of Naboo. Felina was the first and last Prime Minister of Bothawui and it's systems after winning the position through elections. From her famous royal family tree including such famous names like Calliope Quan the former Fel Empress, Tiffany Vandergraff the former PGA Chancellor and even Hyacinth Janick the former Queen of Onderon, comes a great legacy that Felina hopes to continue. Felina Sia is former Queen of the NTF forces, its planet of Corulag and all NTF worlds/systems included and ex wife to the Viceroy Drake Wade through whom she had their daughter, Kida Sia, and son Alexander Wade.


Early Life

Felina Sia spent her life being raised by Queen Talia Kristan of Bothawui as a girl. It was when her mother Princess-Regent and would-be Queen of Onderon Amidala Sia died, that she was brought to the very young Queen at the time to be adopted. For most of her young life Felina spent her time inside the Bothawui Palace studying politics and the arts of diplomacy. It was during this time that Felina was unknown to the Galaxy, her existence a mystery. Thought to bring about greater focus if she wasn't known or interupted, Felina never left the comfort of the Palace.

Throughout Felina's training at a young age, it became her goal to achieve great respect as a politician. Even though Felina was a Princess at heart and in blood, It was politics and diplomacy that drived her. Felina Sia began to show great levels of intelligence at a young age and she continued to shine as her mother Talia Kristan watched from a distance. It was at the age of 13 when Felina had finished her training that she became her mothers official protegé.

Watching from a distance unknown to the Galaxy, Felina Sia noted her mothers every move, action, interaction and reaction. It was critical that she do so in order to better acquaint herself with the taste of politics. During her protegé years Felina was taught never to run from a fight and to always stand her ground, it was this firm attitude that would assist her in later years.

Always curious to who her real mother was as a girl, Felina searched for her family through several archives and it was this strong willed nature that would establish her as a leading lady when she finally found her family tree. Although she discovered her famous family bloodline and the grand legacy that came with it, Felina never lost loyalty or that daughter love for her adopted mother Talia Kristan, it was their friendship that set the standard for families throughout Bothawui, only increasing Felinas popularity amongst the people.

Life as a Princess

Bothawui City Park

Like most Princesses, Felina Sia was incredibly beautiful and had very long hair, a trademark of most Princesses, and one she maintains. Spending her life in the Palace at Bothawui suited her well and life was good. She would study, eat, enjoy and befriend. Life couldn't be better.

Felina would spend most mornings bathing, brushing her long trademark curls and admiring the beauty of the City from her window that towered over most other buildings. During this time, Felina would find herself being treated to daily cosmetic treatments such as massages, regular hair treatments, both pedicures and manicures and even facials. Due to the nature of the cosmopolitan planet of Bothawui, these were expected. It was also expected of the worlds leaders, royals and other high profiled planetary figures to reflect the planets beauty, not only in their work but in themselves. Something that Felina did with skill.

Being a Princess was what most would call the dream life. Living in a Palace, having brilliant clothes, jewelry and other accessories. Grand dinners, balls and events amongst other things. Although such was not without daily work and routine. Felina had it all, but she lacked the one thing she wanted the most and that was somebody to love her. Neither did she have friends. Due to her high profiled rank and title, it was expected from her to promote the government, their will and the people as a whole before herself.

Bothawui Elections

Felina Sia for Prime Minister

Loyal to Bothawui, her mother and the Council that acted as the leading government of the Planet, Felina became a popular candidate for Prime Minister when her mother Queen Talia Kristan stepped down due to the Monarchy being removed from Bothawui. It was then that Felina would emerge into society.

When the time came for Felina Sia to make her grand entrance into the world of Bothawui and make herself known to the galaxy, she did so with both elegance and vast knowledge of politics and diplomacy. She captured the hearts of the people with several campaigns that promoted equality, safety, beauty, brilliance and power.

Felina Sia would travel all around the Planet promoting her campaigns and the reasons why she believed she should be Prime Minister. Felina went so far as to serve meals to the homeless whom she promised a place to live should she win elections, Felina brought attention to worldwide causes and charities and amongst her achievements Felina had given money to help build schools, shelters and places to eat where they were needed.

After the huge success of her several campaigns that spread throughout Bothawui, Felina had finished her protegé years under the former Queen Talia Kristan. It was during this time that votes were being counted and Felina Sia had won the lifetime position as Prime Minister, leader and head of the Bothawui Council that governed the Planet.

Assassination Attempt

Felina with the Blade Squadron and Sith on Bothawui

Once Felina Sia had gained the role of Prime Minister, leader and head of the Bothawui Council that acted as the leading government of the Planet, there was much talk of rumors behind the scenes. It was talk amongst the Sith and other dark side users that before Felina Sia had become a candidate for Prime Minister, that she was going to gain the position no matter the votes due to the title being simply handed over by Queen Talia at the time.

It was said that both Queen Talia and Felina were working for a higher power and as such were being slotted into the roles given to them as an act of establishing control over the Planet by unknown forces. With such a rumor spreading amongst the Holonet like wild fire, the Sith attacked Bothawui in large numbers and attempted to both kidnap and kill Felina in the name of giving power to the people.

Coming to Bothawui in large groups of men, the Sith broke into the Council building within the City Plaza due to the City being under construction. It was here that a large fight broke out with Felina being escorted away with the Sith. When the Blade Squadron arrived inside the building they attempted to stop, arrest and destroy the Sith menace. During this time Felina would make her exit by jumping out a window and boarding her royal speeder.

With the Sith calling all forces, the Blade Squadron called in GAR and in turn the Tetan Empire arrived on the scene to help support Bothan forces and remove the Sith from the system. With the mission successful, the Sith left and Felina returned to her post. It was then made clear through means of interview via the Holonet that the rumors were not true and that Felina had gained her position through fair election. There is also no higher power and the Bothan Council work as a team with Felina leading their every move in peace and calm.

Problems in the Council

Felina Sia inside Bothawui council building

Felina Sia spent alot of time after the assassination attempt updating the security and the safety of her people in Bothawui. She felt that if the Sith can cause a small invasion so easily then what is stopping them from doing so again in the future. With this in mind Felina made it top priority to improve upon the military functions within Bothawui and that of communication with allies.

Not only were Bothawui seeing their fair share of problems but it seemed the Council did too. With Felina growing impatient while she tried to make results in a political sense amongst the Council, it's members started to neglect their roles within the Government. Having to postpone the gathering of the Council for the third time Felina took more severe steps.

Tasking one of her hardest working Councilors to support her decision, Felina set about to investigate the problems apparent within the Government and solve them for the sake of Bothawui.

Promoting Bothawui

Felina during an interview on Bothawui with the Blade Squadron

During her time on Bothawui it became clear that promotion of the Planet was urgently needed. To help Bothawui return to its former populated glory, Prime Minister Felina Sia made many interviews to be posted onto the Holonet where readers would be able to remain updated as to the state of Bothawui, its going-ons and the people living there. Felina thought it important that she made herself clear during such times, to the public viewing said interviews that she had taken her position as a great light during shadowy times.

Felina Sia wanted nothing more than to become a voice to the people, to encourage education, culture and the joys of daily life and to improve upon and solve any and whatever issue the Planet faced. During her time promoting the causes of Bothawui, she brought much recognition to the Planet, for its grand beauty and its appealing civilisation.

While promoting Bothawui Felina crafted many events to help raise awareness of the Planet and its people and to help establish Bothawui as a true power within the Galaxy. Such an event was the Grand Dinner that she organized. The Grand Dinner was held upon Bothawui and hosted by Felina herself. Many of the Galaxies planetary leaders, politicians and other high ranking officials would attend to meet, discuss and even form new alliances and friendships. Felina would hope that such events would help to bring about a sense of appeal and allies, and maybe even bring new tourists to the beautiful Planet.

Council Change

Felina Sia outside the un-finished City Government building

With the continuing decline within the Bothan Government/Council, Felina Sia AKA Prime Minister Callia, took it upon herself to summon emergency powers for the sake of the planet and to maintain the safety, population, history, culture and Galaxy-Wide information tracking units for the better of the world and its systems. The change came about after the 'Grand Dinner' where heads of state and royalty gathered for political reason.

Furthermore Felina/Callia sent a notice out to the members of the Government and that of the viewing public in the form of a holo-projection for people to witness the mass change in Government structure that would greater benefit the Planet. The speech was as such:

As you look deeply into the holo projection before your very eyes....a young woman would emerge into sight, her outfit silk white and adorned in chromium accessories, her long curls hanging over her shoulder and down her torso......It was Prime Minister Callia AKA Felina Sia..... "Greetings Councillors, Ambassadors, Senators, Politicians and the general public.......As Prime Minister of this planet I was elected to support, defend and maintain throughout Bothawui the protection, culture, history, education and our civilization as a whole........So far I have tasked many with diplomatic missions, events and even the arrest of Sith for the protection of Bothawui.........I have organized events to establish the population of Bothawui and more...........I come to you today to inform the people that due to the lack of interest and activity within the Council and because of the decline in political awareness I have summoned emergency powers to re-structure the Government for the sake of smoother process and results..........No longer will the councillors vote, but worry not, the people shall have their say to maintain democracy, the Councillors will instead act as advisors to give input, opinions, advice and guidance with the decisions I make in order to still hear the voice of the people and their wants, the Council shall now be known as the Advisory Council..........To ensure the continuation of trade and commerce, I have created new roles for those that desire such to direct trade and commerce to ease the process of such throughout Bothawui under my order with the advice of the councillors, the voice of the people.........There will also now be a role for Foreign Affairs for Councillors to deal with issues and tasks revolving around such.........Not only that but there will now be three available roles for Vice/Deputy Prime Minister to rule in my absense under my directions.......Both the foreign affairs and the trade and commerce roles shall respectively have three positions available also, this I believe will make political, diplomatic work for the government easier.......Amongst these roles are still the original titles of Senator and Ambassadors.........I hope that with these changes that the planet of Bothawui shall have faster results and to a greater effect.........I thank you all for your continuing support and trust and I hope that I can continue to serve my lifetime position with the love and affection of you the people.......Thankyou......" The woman gives a pleasant smile and very slowly she begins to fade from the holo projection giving a polite wave......

Felina Sia/Callia in her office

Renewing Alliances

With her current leadership and authority, Felina/Callia thought it best to renew the alliances associated with Bothawui and its current allies in order to better acquaint herself with the demands and wants from said allies. In doing so she would also promote Bothan awareness and that of the planet by making said renewals a public viewing upon Bothawui, this also falls into the category or promotion as Felina continues to support her Planet and its cause.

During dark times within the Bothan Council with arguments from both the Prime Minister and the Councillors, the Prime Minister would ask that the renewal be postponed and in spite of her absense the Councillors went ahead with the renewal anyway even though their decisions would mean nothing with the recent change in the Government structure, the Prime Minister needed to make the decision. Also during the renewal that the Councillors had done without the permission of the Prime Minister, they had taken the concept of a public renewal and done such an event within the shadows of the council building away from public eyes.

With this taken into account after a recent notification, the Prime Minister who was now angered at the spite of the councillors would arrange a meeting to fly to Bakura in order to finalise the renewal and make changes to it should their need to be any. Also during such a meeting, the Prime Minister would then discuss the future of the two planets and how they would work together for the best of both worlds.

Political War on Bothawui

Felina in Bothawui council room

During the time period that Felina/Callia had removed the voting powers of the Councillors it was becoming increasingly apparent that they were angered by such a motion. One Councillor in perticular worked long and hard to turn many against Felina seeing her as the female version of Palpatine, a power hungry human that had no true knowledge of the Bothan people. This was not true to any extent. With the increasing darkness that began to consume the politics of Bothawui said councillor tried to spite Felina and her actions by taking matters into her own hands, something a councillor could not do.

Felina only had Bothawui's best interests at heart and knew that with the recent decline within the council coming from the same councillors that tried to turn against her, that emergency action must be taken. With the councillors neglecting their roles, the fate of Bothawui was uncertain and Felina did as she was elected to do as leader and summoned emergency powers for the better of the planet and it's people. Felina removed the voting powers from the councillors in order to create faster and much needed results to greater extents. This act was only temporary until the time came that the councillors could be seen as fit to continue their duties.

With the growing political war/civil war, Felina also acted as Senator of Bothawui attending Galactic Senate meetings and representing Bothawui while an official senator ceased to exist. Doing this, she voted amongst the other senators on serious topics within the Senate for the better outcome of the Galaxy and began to fear the decline in diplomacy as it became apparent the Senators preferred military options to investigations.

Coming back to Bothawui the council continued to spite Felina while she asked the renewal of the alliance between Bakura and Bothawui be postponed. In her absense the councillors gathered and 'falsely' renewed the alliance between the two worlds. Angered by this act of spite, Felina traveled to bakura to renew the alliance officialy. During the false renewal the councillors ceased the power to vote as taken from them by the prime minister, not only this but the councillor of foreign affairs was also absent whom's duty it was to form alliances and the entire council had not 'voted' as they should have.

It became apparent that the councillors were being directed by one in perticular who's words had poisened the meaning of council and the leadership of the Prime Minister Felina/Callia. Coming back to Bothawui to solve this crisis Felina met with the one directing the councillors and her foreign affairs councillor who was also angered by supposed enemy of Felina. The councillor behind the acts of spite had given the Prime Minister a datapad revealing a vote to remove Felina from her position. Such a vote would not count due to the fact that only three members of the council had voted, the councillors did not have the powers to vote, the vote was not publicly announced and that only the Prime Minister had the power to host gatherings of the council officialy, leaving the political attack from the councillor empty.

Seeing that the councillor had then openly declared political war against the Prime Minister and any who supported her, Felina removed the councillor from the council and had her removed from the planet. The councillor who had declared such a war stated that the Prime Minister had been found guilty of treason and no longer holds the title of Prime Minister as voted by the council even though such a vote was empty inside and out and the fact that service in the senate is until death or resignation and Felina refused to resign and would fight for what she believes in.

With this in mind, Felina discussed with her supporters that remained in the council and left for Kathalon to seek support from the Empress who gave it wonderfully. Felina remained in Kathalon where she had been given a room of her own and would only fly out to Bothawui to clear things up with the military of Bothawui whom still served her as she still held the title of Prime Minister. The military would protect Bothawui and Felina herself, meanwhile Felina/Callia would prepare a speech to ensure the people of Bothawui that her actions were for the best effects of the planet and its citizens. Felina had been given three days to resign her position by the individual councillor that she ejected from the council and if she did not resign she would be forced from her position and arrested by the individual whom promised to do anything in her power to do so. Felina remains strong at heart and mind and continues to lead her people into a brighter future.

Talking to the Public

Felina preparing for the Speech

When the time came for Felina Maria Antonia Sia, to emerge from her office within the politics of Bothawui to fight her side of the political war, she did so successfully and with elegance. The speech was as follows upon the Holonet....

Felina Sia AKA Callia, sat comfortably in the chair of her office as the hologram slowly lit up. It was clear that she had been crying prior to the speech as her once pale cheeks were red with dry tear streams. She caught her breath and looked up into the hologram to address the public with pretty green eyes that complimented her ginger curls tied up into a natural looking style. Adorned in chromium silver and pink fabrics to give a sweet appearance. She spoke in a youthful, girly yet firm voice while she looked directly into the device…

“Friends, Allies, Bothans, Humans, Jedi, Politicians, Neighbours, and members of the Public…

I am not here to steal from Bothawui, I am not here to take away from their beautiful planet, I am not here to declare myself complete and utter ruler of Bothawui or its systems, I am not corrupt, dark in nature or even violent, I too am born on Bothawui and therefore it is one half of me just like its inhabitants; I am Bothan.

I might not be Bothan in race but Bothawui is my home and a beautiful, precious and truly magnificent world it is. Its people are incredible, they have a curious nature about them that is fascinating and it does fascinate me completely. They look at the world like no other, they see bright lights and colourful images that they believe they can shape and morph and what is amazing, is that they do and they create something unique and precious and it becomes part of their culture and their history and they won’t let anybody destroy that for them and I dont want to. I admire them for that so much, it displays their strength as individuals and their will-power… for that I applaud them gracefully.

When councillors ceased to function after I scheduled three gatherings for the government of Bothawui to vote on topics at hand over the space of three nearly four weeks, Bothawui began to decline and the planet risked falling into darkness. To avoid this happening I took emergency power and took away their powers to vote in order to bring back the established state of Bothawui’s former glory which I had done with quick pace.

I did not intend for this movement to be permanent or dark in nature, I simply had Bothawui’s best interest at heart and that of its people. I do not wish to start either a political or civil war within this most pleasant world. I want democracy, diplomacy and above all, I want peace. I did what I did to avoid Bothawui falling into the wrong light by taking up power into my own hands and moving Bothawui forward as any leader is expected to do so, while my council did not. I do not want to blame people, I simply speak the Truth.

By doing what I have done when my council did not, I have established awareness and popularity for the Planet Bothawui as it always should have been… I am not a power hungry human being with no knowledge of the Bothan race or their world for it is my world too and I have just as many rights as any Bothan. To declare who is fit to lead by the sorting of races, is simply racism. Does the fact I was born on Bothawui mean nothing because I am human, I ask you this. I love my people and I love my home of Bothawui, both are exceptional aspects of my life that I would mean no ill intention or bad nature that would tarnish either…

To conclude, if I have angered, upset or annoyed any member of the public, Jedi, Bothan race, Human race, politicians or even allies that I am completely and utterly sorry and I wish to declare that I am married to the people of Bothawui and only wish to serve them. With this said I am restoring the powers I took for the greater good back to the council of Bothawui and with this I am re-structuring the Government of Bothawui as an act of genuine, diplomatic, democracy for all because I believe the answer to peace is a right to speak up whenever one should feel it right. The following roles shall become instant in order to solve matters peacefully and they shall remain so for the maintenance of democracy and diplomacy and political ensurance. I hope that with all of this said that the people of Bothawui can put their minds at rest and live their lives in the knowledge that they are safe in all forms, shapes and sizes. Thank you.”

Felina gives a pleasant smile and is revealed to be crying by the end of the speech as the hologram fades and giving the public a final holopad of the new, fairer and better Government structure.

Council Structure as mentioned:

  • Councillor – votes on the council, represents a Bothan clan, up for relection every 2 years.
  • Non Voting Councillor – elected by council or appointed by the executive branch and ratified by the council, serves indefinitely until dismissed cannot vote.
  • Ambassadors – elected members of the council and elected by council who work to advise and assist their governments in a given area/planet/system or sector.
  • Senators – an individual member of the council elected by council into position who represented their planet, system, and/or sector in the Galactic Senate. They voice the decision’s of the council within the Galactic Senate. Serves for 4 years like the Prime Minister, no limits on how many terms they can serve.
  • First Secretary – Speaker for the house, in the event of council deadlock their vote breaks a tie, they represent the council to the ministers office, during times of war act as commander in chief, and is part of introducing bills to the council.
  • Prime minister – Elected by the council who take the votes from their clans every 4 years, no limits on how many terms they can serve, the prime minister can veto a major bill that changes the Bothan government, introduce new ones to be voted on, and appoints the cabinet, also is responsible for making public speeches and appearances, works with first secretary to direct resources in the event of war.

A Fresh Start

Felina Sia, Fresh Start

With the Political War somewhat diminished, the democracy was restored and peace was present once again upon Bothawui, for how long was yet to be seen. Felina continued to play her role as Prime Minister of Bothawui without hindrance and maintained the fight for Galactic harmony. With a fresh start came a new appearance and Felina stripped the ginger dye she had put into her hair and grew her natural shades of brown. While continuing to pursue a political career of greater importance and fame, Felina hosted several more Government meetings within Bothawui and even represented Bothawui's world and systems within the Galactic Senate in the absence of their Senator. With this fresh start also came change on the political side of Bothawui. Figures such as the Ambassador Bebe and Councillor Obie had resigned and Felina remained the last Human female within the Bothan Government. Over time Felina gained more loyalists to support her movements and her voice to ensure democracy and light was heard throughout the Galaxy.

With said fresh start came political gather and Felina hosted the Government of Bothawui several times. Within these recent gatherings it was the decision of the Council after Felina brought it to the attention of the councillors, to greatly improve upon the defence systems of the planet and renew many alliances and treaties and trade deals revolving around Bothawui and it's allies. With fresh starts also come fresh challenges and Felina faced another possible threat in the form of a mandalorian group taking residence in the local archives, something she would take to council where it would be discussed and concluded upon in a diplomatic manner. And even though Felina continues to shed light on political debate and discussion, a Controversy revolves about her. Some say she seeks power and in the coming future is prone to corruption while others believe Felina to be a woman of her word.

With fresh being the topic of choice recently, Felina Sia had become fascinated with investments. Felina had recently opened a royal palace on Tython and hopes to create her very own Palace and Gadgets company with which she will try to help the people the best she possibly can.


Felina on Bothawui


Felina Sia is both confident and fearless. Felina has a very emotional, caring, fair nature about her that she likes to display also in her work and brings it forth during political gatherings. Felina believes in equality, the maintenance of safety and the right to have an education from a young age amongst her people.

Felina Sia has expressed her love for the cosmopolitan nature of Bothawui and spends alot of time on her image believing that she as leader of said world should reflect the vistas, valleys and magnificent planet of Bothawui through herself and act as an inspiration to the people.

Felina has a strong hatred towards the Sith for their dark use of the force, their twisted nature and their cruel attitude towards life. This is everything she is against. Felina believes that life is too short to spend your days in the shadows and to do so is an act of crime.

Influence in Politics

Felina Maria Antonia Sia, has a great range of political achievements spanning over the course of her career. Some in the past have called Felina the perfect politician with a mix of emotional and thoughtful detail put into her work. Her political influence has caused some of Bothawui's most controversial moments such as when Felina summoned emergency powers as Bothan Prime Minister in order to take away the voting abilities of the Government members amongst other things. Her influence has also brought great awareness and publicity to Bothawui through a number of ways. Felina is known amongst the Bothan public as the politician responsible for several Government structure changes resulting in greater democracy and diplomacy for all, also Felina was the very first Prime Minister and leader of the Bothan Government after the Monarchy was removed. Below is a list of some of her achievements:

  • Renewing Alliances with Bakura and The Tetan Empire.
  • Establishing awareness, publicity and the popular former glory of Bothawui to the public via the Holonet and advertisement as the very first Bothan Prime Minister.
  • Giving permission to create the Bothan Government forums.
  • Hosting successful grand events for the Galaxies politicians and planetary leaders to come together and discuss.
  • Shifting the structure of the Bothawui Government several times for greater democracy and diplomacy amongst members of the Government.
  • Forming a strong relationship between the Government of Bothawui and the Blade Squadron and the Jedi Order NJO on Bothawui.
  • Successfully representing Bothawui within the Galactic Senate in the absense of a Bothan Senator and voting successfully on galaxy-wide topics.
  • Being recognised for great political work and being nominated for Vice-Chancellor to the Republic Senate.

Style Icon

Felina in her white gown for the Grand Dinner

Callia in Casual

From a very early age Felina Sia known amongst the public by her regal name, Callia, has always been a style icon. Many taking her picture have described her fashion sense as simple yet elegant. Felina is known for her pretty style and chromium accessories that she is always seen wearing amongst her trademark ginger curls. Amongst her most famous outfits she was seen wearing, Felina gained positive recognition through the holonet when she wore her slim, white gown for the Grand Dinner. Another of her simple, pretty gowns include her usual black attire. Where ever she goes, Felina continues to set the standard for any stylish leader.


Felina with her very long trademark curls down

Felina is known throughout the Galaxy for her never ending curls. It is her most recognisable feature that gives her identity away to any viewing individual. Throughout her lifetime so far, Felina AKA Callia, has worn several brilliant, natural looking hairstyles that have given her much media attention. From a young age while a simple Princess hidden away in her studies inside the Bothawui palace, Felina was known for spending time every morning brushing her irrisistable locks to keep them in top shape. Only now as the leader of Bothawui and stepping into the spotlight has she recieved well deserved attention for her silk-like curls that are unmatched by all. Becoming her trademark feature, a lock of Felina's hair has been estimated to be valued at 1.5million credits.

Force Skills

Felina Sia inherited her mothers force sensitive nature and as a result she has trained herself to wield the force to her advantage. Although Felina lacks expert training, She has spent several years preparing herself in the art of wielding dual lightsabers. Also, Felina has taken a rather unique path to teaching herself to use the force and as such has gained strange abilities.

  • Meditation
  • Telekinesis
  • Force Sense
  • Force Vision
  • Force Jump
  • Alter Environment


  • Felina loves to travel. She loves adventuring and exploring and spends alot of time looking at maps of places she would love to go.
  • Felina loves her very long hair and as such it has become her trademark. She loves to express herself by designing new hair styles to wear while adorning herself with lots of chromium jewelry.
  • Felina loves the high life and likes spending money, spoiling herself and her friends. Spending time in grand hotels, beautiful locations and living her life to the fullest.