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In Star Wars Insider 87, John Ostrander describes the Fel Empire as "not as inherently evil [as the earlier Empire], but still not a republic, not a democracy. It's the rule of the few, or the one, over the many. It has a lot of strengths; it has a substantial amount of weaknesses. It values power more than anything else."

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A public address that was broadcast during the Revenant Armada's invasion of Coruscant.

A grainy video link buffers and begins to synch up.
Various scenes flash in a montage.
The viewer will see varying scenes in which large clusters of Jedi, Imperials, and Clones crowd around a specific place of note. Arguing.
An authoritative baritone begins a voice over to the mixing of clips.
"What you see are the best of the Republic, ..."
Imposing Jedi and well adorned clones are flashed through a shaky helmet mounted recorder.
"... and they have decided the galaxies fate."
An avian-eye's view reveals the Revenant forces consolidated in the Memorial, defiling it with lewd and capricious ornaments.
"The Republic refuses to advance any further. They have gained as much territory as they wish... informing the Fel Empire it is our responsibility to seize the Palace."
The view switches to a compilation of Imperial Forces fighting Revenant Marauders.
"Without Republic reinforcements, taking points of interest were hard pressed. Though through the sacrifice and blood, our people seized the generator of the Palace."
The tone becomes slightly sardonic and wry.
"It is then that a PGA Colonel enters the room, and sabotages our efforts. Insuring the Revenant taking control of the point once more. You see, the Republic has no intentions of ending the Revenant threat once and for all. Though all are followers of the light side of the force, they have decreed in their collective wisdom that the Fel Empire would be far worse than the murderous and rapists of the Revenant."
"The last two adages to describe the Revenant are in no way an exaggeration...they have literally recruited extensively from Fel prisons. How then, does the Fel Empire garner the worst opinion, yet remains the only faction solely focused on ending the Revenant threat."
"I implore all PGA citizens, to demand answers from your leadership. We, shall continue as we have. We will not rise to PGA sabre rattling and deliberate ambushes on our troops in the field. We remain fixated and determined to ending the threat of the Revenant, and indeed, all slaves of the Dark side."
The feed is cut immediately
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