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Faultline is the only son of Krotaar and L'uki Starr, a couple of smugglers from Naboo. The small family lived in the slums of Theed, were both Krotaar and L'uki used to do jobs for the many gangs operating in the planet. Fault was given his peculiar name by his mother, since according to her "he caused earthquakes every time he cried".


Krotaar: "This little one has changed our lives forever."
L'uki: "Yeah, honey. For the better."
― Faultline's parents.


Early years

Faultline's birth was accidental and unfortunate for L'uki and Krotaar, however both assumed the responsibility of raising him. And so, the kid could enjoy a happy childhood. Despite his parents' illegal jobs, Fault attended school, made friends and he went out playing with them just like any other kid.

Force sensitivity

Faultline didn't show any noticeable signs that he was Force sensitive until he had a fight at high school when he was fourteen years old. While fighting the other kid, he accidentally pushed him against a wall without even touching him. This brought him some trouble, but eventually became a thing of the past.

However, a Sith Lord from one of the gangs L'uki and Krotaar used to work for sensed Faultline's connection to the Force after the event. He became very interested in the kid, and even contacted his parents so their son could receive the training that would "help him control his power". L'uki and Krotaar told the Sith that they would tell Faultline and prepare him for his new life. They did just that, but instead of handing him to the Sith they put him in a spaceship on his way to Yavin IV, with hopes that he would receive proper training from the Jedi.

An unseen tragedy

Eventually, the Sith Lord visited L'uki and Krotaar again, demanding to take Faultline with him. When he learned that the kid had been sent to Yavin IV, he brutally murdered both parents and burned down their home. Fault wouldn't know of this until years later.

Becoming a Jedi

Finding a Master

A fourteen year old Faultline arrived on Yavin IV with hopes of joining the Kalway Order of Jedi. His first acquaintance was Master Atlantis, who guided him through his Hopeful tasks. After some time on the moon already as a Force Adept, Fault finally found someone willing to teach him: Kronantus Jokar. Unfortunately, Master Jokar already had a Padawan and his busy schedule eventually prevented him from keeping a second one. Despite this, Master Jokar taught Fault the very basics about being a Jedi, and helped him built his apprentice lightsaber. Also Master Jokar's Padawan, Trakker Carrde, became one of Faultline's best friends in the Order.

After a few days, Master Sari Khandr took him as her Padawan, although this didn't last too long. Faultline had reached the second level as a Padawan when Sari left Yavin IV on an urgent mission, so once again Faultline had to wait for another Master who was available and willing to train him. After a month, Master Atlantis took him as her Padawan and started his training over.


Faultline training with his apprentice lightsaber.

Faultline didn't learn much from Master Jokar. It was with Sari with whom he really began learning about the Jedi Path. He focused on physical training and the use of the lightsaber, since he wanted to become a Jedi Guardian when the time came. Master Sari also taught him how to fly and flight combat.

When Fault started his training over with Master Atlantis, he already had pretty good martial and lightsaber skills. Also, during the times when he had no Master, he used to go to the wilderness every day to train by himself. And despite he had chosen the Guardian Path, he developed his Force skills a lot as well.

First real fight

One day after assisting nurse Ko Paini in the Enclave's medbay, Fault saw a strange man standing a few meters in front of the building. The stranger introduced himself as Darth Misertus, and the Padawan realized that he was a Sith Lord. Misertus asked to see one of the KOJ Masters, but Fault didn't know said Jedi Master. After that, the dark sider stated that he had traveled to Yavin IV in order to finish his mission anyway, but didn't go into detail about it. Right thereafter, he ignited his red lightsaber. Ready for the worst, Faultline did the same thing. He knew that he would probably lose the fight and even die, but he wasn't afraid of the Sith.

The dark sider made the first move, throwing quick and fierce lightsaber strikes at the Padawan. Faultline was able to block every of them except from the last one, which sliced his right forearm. The young Padawan fell on the ground and screamed in pain. Right when the Sith was about to finish him, Master Dro Plund intervened after having sensed the duel from afar. The Jedi Master could surpass the attacker in combat easily, so the dark sider escaped. Faultline was taken to the medbay by Master Plund, and then he was implanted the cybernetic part of his missing arm.

Learning the truth and resisting the Dark Side

Faultline and his Master travelled to Naboo so he could visit his parents after a long time without seeing them. When they arrived to the place in the slums of Theed where his home used to be, Fault noticed that the building looked different and the people living in it weren't his parents. Atlantis suggested exploring the city for a while and try to find out if they had moved.

However, before they had the chance to ask any of the locals, they ran into who seemed the same Sith who had cut Fault's forearm off: Darth Misertus. The dark sider made his appearance quietly and had a brief conversation with him and Atlantis, telling them what had happened to L'uki and Krotaar. It turned out he was the one responsible for their deaths and the destruction of their home. The evil Sith Lord had been waiting for the chance to confront Fault far from Yavin's Jedi Enclave.

The Padawan became enraged after hearing the truth. He ignited his lightsaber and thought about how he could possibly kill the murderer of his parents. Misertus could sense the anger and hatred in him, and decided to try to lure him into the Dark Side instead of killing him. After a few moments of tension, helped by the words of his Master, Faultline finally turned his lightsaber off and refused the dark sider's offer. Disappointed, the Sith quickly jumped on the Padawan while drawing his lightsaber and stabbed him in the chest with it. Fortunately, Atlantis was able to intervene quick enough so that the wound wasn't lethal, saving her apprentice's life. The Jedi Master fought Misertus, eventually forcing him to flee. Once they were out of danger, she healed Faultline with the Force in order to give him some more time, then quickly took him to the medbay on Yavin IV, where he could fully recover.

Last steps as a Padawan

Faultline's Knighting Ceremony at the Kalway Order of Jedi Temple.

His near-death experience in Naboo, along with the emotional toll of finding the truth about his parents, helped Faultline grow as a Jedi in a way. He felt guilty for what had happened to them, and this made him unable to fully let go of the past. However, he gained a deeper understanding of the Jedi Code, since he felt strong emotions that he couldn't allow to become an obstacle in his life. And he didn't.

As soon as he reached the fourth and last level of apprenticeship at seventeen years old, he began completing all of the corrsesponding tasks, such as creating the ligthsaber he would use as a Jedi Knight, or the Flight Trial. He also gave his Padawan lecture, about the difference between the modern titles of Lady/Sir used to address Jedi Knights and the traditional Knight/Master ones.

After the lecture Fault successfully passed the Trial Of Knowledge, which was a test about everything he had learned as a Padawan. And so, his training was finally complete. A few days later his Knighting Ceremony took place, and he left behind his times as a Padawan. He was now officially a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight

Faultline as a Jedi Knight.

Faultline became a Jedi Knight at the age of eighteen despite all the obstacles he had to face. Although his training took place in the Kalway Order of Jedi and he was fully trained by Master Atlantis, the little time he had trained with Sari Khandr made him support the Traditional Jedi Path. And so, he considered himself a Traditional Jedi.

Jedi Guardian sub-path

Fault was now officially a Jedi, but he continued to study and train his skills even further. He had become a great lightsaber user, and so he decided to specialize in the Weapon Master sub-path. He worked on developing and perfecting Form V fighting style, ambitiously aiming to one day become of the best duelists in the Galaxy.

First Padawan

Not too long after becoming a Jedi Knight, Fault met Romily Alice, a new Adept in the Kalway Order of Jedi. After a few days of getting to know each other he took her as his Padawan, and with the approval of the Council he trained her in the Traditional Jedi Path. Ironically, during their training both began sharing mutual feelings, which made both question the prohibition of romantic love of the old ways.

They knew how they felt about each other, but decided to wait until Romily's training was complete before even kissing. It wasn't unusual among modern Jedi to develop feelings and start relationships, but it was definitely something new to them. So they took advantage of the situation, examined their own feelings to learn more about themselves, and about how not to fall from love to attachment so they could remain loyal to the Jedi Code. Eventually Romily was knighted, and both began a strong and healthy relationship.


It hadn't been very easy years for Faultline, but for once it seemed that the Force was with him. At twenty-two years old he had grown as a Jedi and as a person, and in the end even tragedy had been something to be grateful for. And life became even better when Romily gave him the news that she was pregnant. Nine months later both became the parents of a healthy baby girl named Ellie.

Ellie was raised in the Kalway Order of Jedi Enclave, and since she was very little she already showed strong signs of Force sensitivity. At the age of five she bacame Padawan to Daralis Vel, Fault and Romily's close friend in the Order.

Duel against Darth Draco and Romily's death

Faultline: "Please, don't do this to me. Don't die."
Romily: "There... there is no death... there is... the Force."
― Romily's last words.

Faultline and Romily facing Darth Draco.

Despite being parents, both Faultline and Romily still had Jedi duties. Fault had been tracking a dangerous Sith Lord called Darth Draco, who was known for kidnapping Force sensitive children and murdering their families. Given that this was close to his own experience, the Jedi Knight chose to be the one who would stop this Sith from committing any more atrocities and destroying any more families. His long search took him to Nilash III, where he hoped to finally find and arrest Draco. Since Ellie was in good hands back on Yavin, Romily decided to accompany her husband in order to assist him on his mission.

When the two Jedi Knights landed on the planet, both immediately realized that the Dark Side energy there was intense. Draco's presence on the planet was obvious. They entered a large building that seemed to be some kind of facility, but it looked empty. However, it wasn't. Darth Draco was waiting for them inside.

Darth Draco thinking about how to stun Faultline again.

The Sith didn't hesitate in igniting his double-bladed lightsaber and attack the two Jedi after having threatened them. The duel was long and intense, and Draco seemed to have mastered lightning abilities, since one of his powerful Force Lightnings stunned Faultline for several minutes. Romily managed to avoid the lightning attacks and kept fighting the dark sider. As the duel between them both progressed, the Sith was analyzing Romily's technique, and after every blade collision he was closer to defeating the female Jedi Knight.

Faultline and Romily cornering Darth Draco.

The battle took them to a platform in the highest floor of the facility, where Draco was decided to kill Romily. His attempt was thwarted by Faultline, who joined them back right on time to save his wife. In that moment it was two versus one again, but now the Sith knew how to break Romily's defense. He just needed to get rid of Faultline again for a few seconds. Both Fault and Romily threw a series of quick strikes, but the dark sider managed to block them all without too much effort. Then he found a weakness in the male Jedi's defense and took advantage of it in his counter attack. In fact, he had a good chance of killing Fault at that moment, but Romily threw her vest to his face, temporarily blinding him. Faultline didn't miss the chance to attempt to stab Draco in the chest. However, the Sith managed to avoid the attack, only getting hurt in his shoulder. He pushed Romily with the Force and jumped in order to use a desperate but powerful Force Lightning against Faultline, but the Jedi jumped as well and struck Draco with the lightsaber before he could do anything. Romily stood up and made a front flip, landing behind the dark sider so he was threatened by both sides.

Both Jedi attacked again, and this time there wasn't any different result, since Draco managed to block all of the attacks despite being injured. He pushed Faultline with the Force, attempting to throw him off the platform. The Jedi fell on the floor but managed not to fall down. Romily attacked the Sith while he was focused on Faultline, but he quickly turned around, and with a violent movement he broke the female Jedi's guard with one blade and stabbed her in the stomach with the other. When Faultline stood up he saw Draco retiring the blade from his wife's body. The Sith stared at Faultline and teased him while anger started to grow in the Jedi.

Romily's last moments.

Faultline tried to calm down, remembering the Jedi teachings, but in front of him there was his dying wife and the person who did that to her. He turned his lightsaber off and jumped on Draco, punching him over and over again. Then he grabbed him by the neck with one hand, and with the help of the Force he lifted him and violently threw him off the platform. The Sith died once he reached the floor. After watching him falling down the facility, Faultline hurried to aid Romily. He tried to convince her to leave that place as soon as possible and return to Yavin so she could be healed, but she refused convinced that she wouldn't make it. In her last words, Romily asked her husband to take care of their daughter Ellie, and let him know how much she loved him. Finally, she used her final breath to comfort him with the last line of the Jedi Code. After she died, Faultline took her body back to Yavin and organized a private funeral that only he attended to.

First duel against Lord Sterben

The days following Romily's death were tough for Fault, but specially for Ellie. The little girl had just lost her mother, and her training wasn't yet advanced enough for her to be able to deal with it the way her father could. Fault tried to spend as much time as he could with his daughter, and be with her through those hard times. However, this eventually started to take a toll on him, since he basically didn't do anything else. He just attended Ellie's training sessions with Daralis and then spent time with her afterwards, day after day. Having noticed this, Fault's close friend Knight Cammy Fayray decided to take him on a small trip to Bespin, so they both could get some quality fresh air among the clouds. They had a couple of drinks together in Cloud City, and Fault could finally escape from the routine and have some good laughs.

Unfortunately, the pair couldn't enjoy for long, since they were interrupted by a heavily amored Sith Lord. The dark sider threatened to kill both Jedi Knights if they didn't leave the planet. Obviously, Cammy and Fault weren't intimidated by him, and so the Sith summoned a powerful Force Storm that destroyed the cantina in a matter of seconds. Faultline was able to resist the attack, but Cammy got injured by it. The armored man ran towards the female Jedi in order to finish the job. He kicked her in the face and immediately thereafter he slashed her torso with his red lightsaber, making her pass out. Fault rushed to prevent him from giving the final blow, but the Sith quickly threw a Force Lighting at the male Jedi, throwing him against a pile of crystals that used to be bottles moments earlier. The dark sider told both Jedi to head back to their Enclave and warn them that Lord Sterben would wipe them all out. By the time the authorities appeared, Sterben was already gone. Both Jedi Knights received urgent medical assistance, and by the next day they could return to Yavin IV to tell the Council about Sterben's threat.

Second duel against Lord Sterben

It wasn't long until Lord Sterben arrived on Yavin IV to fulfill his promise. All alone, he raised hell on the moon, setting the wilderness and many parts of the Jedi Enclave on fire, and massacring dozens of civilians. Only minutes into the attack, he was faced by many of the survivors: Sergeants Cyrus Vale and K-9901 "Yora", Corporal P-1215 "Blitz", Privates J-5384 "Striker", CT-5052 "Jumpstart" and S-1936, bounty hunter Isen Schmitt, Sith Lord Neo Rage, Jedi Master Jesma Pearl, Padawan Lancer Mundi, and Knight Faultline. Together, they allowed other Jedi and members of Yavin Security Force to evacuate civilians and younglings, including Ellie.

Confident that he could defeat them all, Lord Sterben summoned a Force Storm that caused some damage but didn't kill any of his opponents. The soldiers opened fire at Sergeant Cyrus' command, and the rest attacked each from their side trying not to give Sterben any break. However, the armored dark sider proved to wield the power he claimed to have. He used his double-bladed lightsaber to try to eliminate the soldiers first, while stopping their projectiles mid-air along with the rest of his opponents with the sheer use of the Force. The Sergeants and their crew were trained enough to avoid getting killed once more, and with another burst of blaster shots they attempted to give their Force-user allies a chance to break Sterben's defense.

The fight hadn't been going on for too long, but everyone in it was already exhausted. Everyone but Lord Sterben. Realizing that his chances of being victorious were even higher than he had predicted, the dark sider made a mistake that eventually costed him his life: he became overconfident. He managed to keep deflecting all of the shots coming from the soldiers and the bounty hunter, as well as blocking every lightsaber strike that he received. Nevertheless, he was caught by surprise by a sudden Force Push from Padawan Lancer. The armored Sith could resist it, but right thereafter he got a Force Punch from Neo Rage that made him bleed behind his helmet. Full of rage, Sterben began to summon a more powerful Force Storm that would erase everybody in front of him from existence. Fortunately, both Isen and Faultline were behind him, wounded but still capable of fighting. The former fired a blaster shot that barely harmed the dark sider, but at least interrupted him, probably saving everybody. Before Sterben could even turn around, Faultline stabbed him from the back with his lightsaber, making the blade go through the armored Sith's torso. The soldiers took advantage of that moment to open fire again, riddling Lord Sterben and making him finally drop dead almost immediately after that.

Reencountering Darth Misertus

A few months after Lord Sterben's defeat things had already gone back to normal on Yavin IV, and the moon was officially a peaceful place again. Faultline could enjoy some quality time with Ellie, and the grief both felt due to Romily's passing seemed to be finally starting to diminish. One day Fault received a holo-message from an unexpected person: Darth Misertus, the same Sith who had murdered his parents, burnt down his old home, and attempted to kill him in two different occasions. The dark sider claimed not to be one anymore, and asked the Jedi Knight to meet him on Byss to discuss an important matter. Despite he didn't trust Misertus, Fault couldn't sense any deceit in his words. On the other hand, if for some reason the meeting ended up in violence, it would be his chance to finally avenge his parents. And so, he made the decision of travelling to Byss all alone.

The Jedi Knight arrived to the meeting point and saw that Misertus was already there. The former dark sider then proceeded to explain the reason of his call. He told Faultline that both Lord Sterben and himself belonged to a decaying Sith cult known as The Heirs of the Ancient Sith Lords, whose members claimed to be descendants of dark siders from the Old Republic-era. It turned out Sterben was their leader, and after his death there was just one remaining member: Misertus' old apprentice, Darth Jericho.

Misertus wanted Fault's help in taking Jericho's life and putting an end to the cult once and for all. The Jedi Knight refused, and so the former Sith told him that it was Sterben who had ordered him to kill L'uki and Krotaar if they refused to hand their son over, which they did. If the Heirs disappeared, he would avenge his family. However, Faultline still refused. Sterben was already dead, and in that moment he realized he was full of anger. He had been ever since Romily died. The Force had given him the chance to become a better Jedi by handing him a really hard choice. In the end, Fault chose the right one: he rejected Misertus' offer and let the Force decide Jericho's fate. And so, he returned home with his daughter. Ellie's laughter was everything he needed in order to find closure.

Ellie's death

Unfortunately, the will of the Force doesn't always bring joy. Yavin IV had been suffering from occasional attacks from Nautolan people for years. Said Nautolans were corrupted by the Dark Side influence of a Sith Lord known as Darth Visage, who simply sent them in attempts to reduce the Jedi population. The attacks seemed to have stopped, until one day Visage appeared out of nowhere, leading the Nautolans himself. Faultline and Ellie were at the Old Temple chatting with bounty hunter Tersen Kast and her droid R2-1D when it all started. Both adults immediately tried to get the six year old Padawan to safety, but Visage stood in their way.

It was a duel as brief as intense. The masked Sith Lord defeated Tersen first by slashing her torso twice with his lightsaber. Fault made the next move as he ordered his daughter to run away and find help. The Jedi Knight attempted to keep the attacker busy in the meantime, but Visage bested him in a matter of seconds, slashing his chest and sending him against the unconscious bounty hunter with a powerful Force Lightning. He then stopped Ellie from running away by lifting her in the air with a Force Choke. He slowly walked towards the little Padawan and stabbed her through the torso with his lightsaber. Right thereafter, he simply dropped her and left the area in order to find more Jedi to kill. R2-1D was able to give both Tersen and Faultline some medical care, at least enough for them to survive their wounds before getting to the medbay. However, the droid couldn't do anything for Ellie. By the time Fault was able to pick her up, she was already dead.

After Ellie's passing, Faultline became a troubled Jedi. He hadn't fully healed from losing his wife, now he had lost his daughter too. His negative emotions never took over, yet they were stronger than ever. The Jedi Council stopped counting on him for important events or missions, which made him become unattached from the whole Order despite still belonging to it.

Duel against Dread Master Brontius

Two years after the tragedy, Faultline had adopted a Grey Jedi mentality. He spent most of his time working on his Guardian sub-path: the Weapon Master. During his training he realized that the Dark Side abilities his negative emotions brought were actually helpful in combat, with the proper control over them. He left Form V aside and became a practicioner of Form VII. The Jedi Knight firmly believed that he could use his pain to his advantage.

By this time he had become close to Padawan Zibeti Sprintus, a young woman with a dark past seeking the light in the ways of the Jedi. Her father was a very powerful Sith Lord known as Dread Master Brontius. Her mother also held the same rank, being known as Dread Master Jeviso, although she also used her real name: Lady Kesmas. The difference between both parents was that Lady Kesmas still loved her daughter, whereas Brontius wanted her dead for having joined the Jedi. Due to Zibeti's trust in Faultline, she told him about this issue since she feared for her own life. The Jedi Knight was cautious about it. Despite being more powerful than he was when Ellie died, he didn't want to act recklessly. However, one day Zibeti was temporarily possessed by her father in an attempt to make her kill himself. Thankfully, the Padawan survived.

After this event, without any further hesitation Fault began working on a plan in order to kill the Dread Master and keep Zibeti safe. Lady Kesmas also wanted her ex-husband dead, and so she became allies with the Jedi Knight. They both met outside some catacombs on Byss, where Brontius was hiding but expecting them.

Personality and traits

Faultline enjoying solitude on Yavin IV.

During his childhood and teenage years, Fault was never a problematic kid. He never looked for trouble, but growing up in the slums of Theed usually made trouble find him instead. Despite this, he was always a kind and honest person. Always willing to help those in need, and loyal to his own at all times. The ability to defend himself and others in a tough environment made him very confident, and sometimes even arrogant. Nevertheless, this changed after he was sent to Yavin IV. All of a sudden he found himself in a completely different world, aware that he had a power that he couldn't control yet. And so, this made him feel very insecure.

Also, his training was a humbling experience. Fault learned that as good as you are in any aspect, you can always aim to be better. Far from his home planet, he found something else to be loyal to. A new code, new people, and eventually a new family. In the peacefulness of Yavin IV he also came to appreciate sitting alone in silence, even when he wasn't trying to meditate. He would often seek solitude and spend some time on his own, sometimes remembering the life he had left behind and sometimes just enjoying the present moment.

As a Padawan and during the first years of knighthood he aimed to become a model Jedi, strictly following the Jedi Code without question. However, after the deaths of his wife and daughter he lost himself for a while, completely convinced that he had failed as a Jedi, as a husband and as a father. He developed a strong resentment towards any Sith, which turned him irascible and reckless. But mostly he developed resentment towards himself.