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Faragila Raiden is believed to be a force sensitive Human male on the other side of 50 years of age. He was a keen tactician and soldier and also the author of the large majority of Imperial Sith Military documents, from training to procedures. Also known as 'The butcherer of Corellia' after successfully leading an assault on a Corellian based Jedi order and destroying them and their remnants.


Not much is known about the Generals early life, there is speculation that he went under different names in his past, some ties to a family known as the Oceanlanes. What is for certain is the General came to Byss after the fall of the Praxeum order on Tython. It was believe that he had been exiled from the order and fell to the Dark side. He joined the Dark Lords of the Sith and became disciple to a Sith Hand known as Darth Moi'Rai. After serving as a disciple for some time the General was transferred to the Imperial Sith Military for unknown reasons. What is known is that Faragila quickly raised through the ranks, proving himself a capable soldier and leader, leading numerous assaults on Jedi, Clone and anti-Imperial forces alike.

His brother, Ben Raiden was appointed General, which is speculated to have helped Faragila's progression through the Command Ranks. What is known is regardless of his brothers assistance Faragila was a respected and revered military leader. Faragila held the position of General and was largely responsible for the Militaries ground forces often seen leading from the front.

Personality and Traits

Faragila wrote the Imperial Sith Military Code of Conduct, which consisted of traits he is reported to hold dear to himself. These traits were, Honour, Courage, Mercy, Honesty and Sincerity, Character and Self-Control and Loyalty. the General was known to be professional, and highly paternal to all of those under his command which has often lead to some of his greatest victories.