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For the dark side clone of Aenanya Riaxik, see Vashara Vendoss.
For the original Aenanya Riaxik, see Aenanya Riaxik.

FC-112 was the second Force-sensitive clone of Jedi Master Aenanya Riaxik. This clone, like all the others in her series, had all the memories of the original Aenanya, and genuinely believed herself to be the Jedi Master, unaware she was secretly used as sleeper agent, first by the Sith and the Salacumi scientists.


After, his fall to the dark side, Darth Vendoss wanted his two daughters to follow him down the dark path, and after years of trying to persuade them, he decided the only thing left was the make clones of them. Vendoss created several clones of Aenanya, his eldest and three clones of Aeva, all with the original templates memories. Wanting to gain an upper hand against the Jedi, the first clone was named Vashara Vendoss, and was trained as his apprentice. Unknown to Vendoss, one of his scientists sold, the second clone in the series to Salacumi scientists, where she was then used as both their spy and to give birth to a force sensitive super soldier. After, the child Vashara Raixik was born, the second Aenanya clone was left to bleed to death; her body was later recovered by the New Jedi Order, only for them to discover she was a clone, and the original Aenanya Riaxik, must be out there somewhere. Aenanya's second clone was given a proper burial with a few knights and masters giving their respects; it remains unknown, if the New Jedi Order found information on the second clone's daughter, or if the original Aenanya knew of the child.

Powers and abilities[]

The second Aenanya Riaxik clone, like her sister, has the same force powers as any other Jedi, whether its increased speed, telekinesis, telepathy and empathy, which she used in her brief time alive to help people.