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Early Life

Eyla was born into luxury in the Inner Rim Territories, the Hapes system in the Hapes Cluster, specifically on the planet Thrakia. Growing up she had little or nothing to worry about often her luxury set a strong foundation for her to fall back on incase of troubled times. Her father, who was a rich businessman made life seem perfect for young Eyla, who was growing up to be the spoiled brat her parents wanted her to be. Unfortunately for the young Hapan her parents became victims of a star ship crash when she was only 7 standard years old. Naturally, Eyla was terrified but her troubles did not end there, when she finally settled back and began accepting the fact that her parents weren't going to return her older brother, Kiit came to the scene and took their father's fortunes, banishing Eyla from their family's home just incase she, some day ,decided to attempt to take her rightful fortunes back.

Life on Nar Shaddaa

Eyla, now homeless and starved, travelled to the Mid Rim, specifically to the planet Nar Shaddaa where she settled in the slums of the lower city. Life in the slums proved to be most difficult for the young Hapan, she was, at all times, exposed to danger from the local authorities and thugs, not to mention the dangerous malfunctioning droids left off from traders and alike and the need of resources such as food and med packs. She fought her way to survival by stealing from the local authority. Eventually one day, while travelling to the upper parts of the city an Imperial recruiting centre caught her attention. Eyla, after being put through a couple of tests by the recruiters, who eventually discovered that the young Hapan is, in fact, Force-sensitive, was sent to Coruscant to await training.

Training on Coruscant

After arriving to Coruscant and finally leaving the wretched slums of Nar Shaddaa Eyla was supplied with a lightsaber, proper Imperial Guard armor and an apartment in the Upper City. Her training for the most part was simple for someone with her experience of surviving. It didn't take long for them to sent her to Rori where she now serves as an Imperial Guard in hopes to one day rise up in the ranks and join the Imperial Knights.