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Evangaline, or Eva as she preferred to be called, was born on Thustra her mother a prominent figure in there small village was a native of this world. Similarly, Eva's father was an unknown Shi'ido


Early Years[]

Eva Being unusually adept in anything she was taught due to her Holographic Memory, made her an easy target for the small restless village she had grown up in. None of this village had been known to be Force sensitive since the times of the Clone Wars and many considered it to be a form of withcraft.  This being the case, Eva grew up sheltered protected mostly by her Mother who was amoung the village council. 

Eva being ostracized by the majority of the villages population spent her days with her nose in the books. Most of the youngsters feared her as she showed heightened combat prowress even at the young age of 10. Even on one occasion Catching a Jedi offguard. Her Mother would often ask Eva her opinions and encourage her to practice this six sense she seemed to wield for several reasons. One of which being it was Key to her rise to Power.  It was then discovered that Eva possessed a Keen intellect and the unfortunate trait of Eidetic Memory, or, Total Recall. 

As the Years Passed Eva  became more and more reclusive until she was finally accused of Witchcraft by the Village Council, Her Mother was horrifically slain before Eva's Eyes and had it not been for the interference of a intrepid young Jedi She to would have been lost to the flames of intolerance. Eva under the protection of The Jedi who never revealed his or her identity to her, returned to her home under the shroud of night and took just enough for her to make do with. Items included clothes, the Family Savings, and a Small ornate wooden block that was a family heirloom.

Fleeing Thustra[]

The Jedi Who had helped Eva flee was unable to tranverse the Galaxy back to there home Temple, Sensing that Eva was Force Senesitive and would likely fall to the Darkside after what had occured to her mother, he arranged for her to travel by transport to the Moon Planet of Yavin IV. This however unbeknowst to the Jedi, presented a slew of incalculable problems for the Young Woman.  Still shaken from having witnessed the brutal death of her Mother. she followed the Jedi without thought, and Soon came to be on the Transport headed for Yavin IV.  While aboard the ship,  A group of Pirates boarded the Transport and threatened to Kill the passengers. Surprisingly and in light of the horrific events she had already witnessed Eva evaded capture, boarded the Pirate Vessel and Turned the weapons on the Transport. demanding the Pirates lay down there weapons or she would scuttle the Transport, which she had no intention of doing as evidenced later in an incident report. When The Republic Militia nearby was able to respond all the Pirates were taken from the ship  and there Hybrid Frieghter was to be impounded. To save on paperwork and as a reward for her actions. The Ship was Given to Eva who rechristened it "The Aviva" which many suspected was the name of her now deceased Mother.

Yavin IV[]

Yavin IV saw the earliest signs of survivors guilt in the young Woman from Felacat. She was often Seen in Public in the company of a young and Shy hopeful named Kira, a Miraluka. Upon There arrival on Yavin, the GrandMaster of the Kalway Order of Jedi Iria Tuqiri had sent both hopefuls to See to there admissions paperwork so that there Apprenticeships as Padawans could begin in a timely fashion, however this was a short lived endeavor as the Grandmaster was attacked by an unknown assaliant forcing Eva and Kira to hide in the temple.  Kira had passed out from exhaustion and Eva made sure to keep her safe and took her into the barracks for the night.  After Several Days, Eva eventually was taken in By The GrandMaster of the New Order of the Jedi Ayami Hatsumi. on the Planet of Ruusan, though she still makes frequent travels to Yavin IV to tend to minor Maters for her Master, and to visit Master Tuqiri whom she calls a friend.

Post NoJ[]

At the Time of the Fall of the NoJ Eva had been sent on a simple scouting mission to a small forest moon. Returning to find the order Gone without a trace. Finding herself without a sense of direction. Eva Drifted through the galaxy walking in varying circles for what seemed like a Lifetime. It was in this time that she began to actively search the Galaxy for Old Republic Artifacts. She had little success in this as it was kno wn that most were destroyed after the destruction of the temple on Coruscant by Darth Sidius.  However Eva maintaned hope looking for more links to her family and the hatred she had encountered on Thustra Her Search was not without merit as she uncovered a few small holocrons and found her way back to where it had all began for her.... Yavin IV was again in Sight. 

Leaving the Kalaway Order of the Jedi[]

After Studying and Training as a Jedi of The Kalaway Order Eva found herself calling the Philosophies of the Jedi into question. She Began to Find herself Weakened by the Actions of Others. She Began to Notice that Sedentary Nature of the Order. Her Resolve to walk the balance began to Weaken as She Found her Peers less and more insufferable Until Finally She Went to The Valley of the Force and Meditated for Several Days. Content to Walk the Line Alone  She became Known in nearby systems not by a name but simply as "The Faceless one" Abandoning her lifelong appearance in favor of something less notable she donned the apperance of the Sephi and did what she could to bring true Peace and Justice to those she could bring it to. For Some Time This Left her as Lawless Until she was met in meditation one fateful night by the First of her line, Keora Soulgazer. who cautioned her to the path she was walking. Realizing she was dangerously close to a fall She Hung up her light sabers and abandoned her garments content to live out her days as an average shop girl. Until one night in a fitful sleep the call of Coruscant beckoned to her. Like in Days Past she was once more ready to follow the guiding hand of the Force. She knew of an Enclave that had been built on Coruscant and as such Wether they recognized her in her Mastery of the Force or Not. She would Seek them out and see what they knew of the vision she had partaken of.

 Descent into Darkness - Birth of Superbia[]

Dreams Had Haunted Eva as a Padawan. She knew that one day she would face a great Darkness however it surprised her only how easily she welcomed it After Leaving the Kalaway Order of Jedi. With Yavin at her Back she found herself contemplating her next move, when she Felt the first real connection she had felt in the Force since her early days at the New Jedi Order on Ruusann. As such she presumed it was her First Master returned from the Force or whereever she had vanished to convince her to turn around. To Return to the Jedi of Yavin. Instead she was somewhat Shocked to have incidentally run into Darth Hellius. there was little words that were passed between the two for quite sometime. A Simple and Quiet UNderstanding. One day one of them would kill the other. And so Came the Death Of Eva SoulGazer, and the Birth of Superbia.


Eva has access to or carries on her person:-

  • Lightsaber x2
  • a Holocron of the SoulGazer Legacy's History
  • Comlink x2
  • Her Ship, The Discord. 
  • Personal Stealth Field Generator

Memorable Quotes[]

Regarding the Sith and the Dark Side[]

"Those who think that the Dark Side of the Force grants them limitless power are Mistaken, True Strength comes from Compassion and Mercy, even Selflessness. Not the twisted and misguided emotions of a blackened heart. Light always Chases away the shadows, and besides...Who wants to be in a Constant State of PMS. I mean REALLY, think it over eh."

— Said to a Sith Lord.

Random Utterances[]

"The Truth is that there is No Truth, There is Scientific and Mathmatical Fact and there is perception and perception, is only a fraction of the whole picture"

— Said to a Grey Jedi

"There are People, who will see you for what you appear to be, and there are those who will see you for who you are, These people they do not see with there eyes, yet they can See your soul all the same, These people are truly far to rare a breed"

"I do not Seek Honor. Doing the Bidding of the Force is it's own Reward"

"You will Tell me the Truth, either with your Words... or Your soul"