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Dark Lady Evalla is a memeber of the Obsidian Dominion order as an Underlord and runs the Galactic Saber Tournament in the Outland Transit Station orbiting Lehon.

Evalla's Early Years[]

Evalla Taurog was born in Theed on Naboo to an upper class family who's father was on the Royal Advisory Council and mother was an artist. Also, a force user, once trained to be a Jedi. She has two brothers, one older, one younger, whom she is very close with both. She always had a difficult time keeping to what was expected of her as her proper up bringing demanded. Growing up, she seemed to fall to temptation often and her older brother was there to pull her back, covering for her most of the time. She attended Theed University as her family expected, to further her education. As she worked hard to please her parents, she always felt a darkness learking deep inside and fought to push it back down when she would feel it rising to the surface. After graduating from the university, she was seeking to find something to keep her mind from the dark thoughts that would find their way into her mind. Her mother wanted her to pursue the studies of the Jedi. Evalla just couldn’t bring herself to become a Jedi. There was something within her that just wouldn’t let her entertain the idea.

She met a man that introduced her to the Knights of the Potentium Order. They were an order that was not Jedi and she saw this as an opportunity to please her family. This did please her family and she joined the order. Evalla was delighted that her two brothers soon followed. She threw herself into training and running the saber tournament. She soon found herself promoted to knight and then Master. Her family was proud as she trained padawan after padawan, until one day, she was training with one of her padawans and she felt the long forgotten darkness rise again. As she sparred with her padawan, she found herself being taken over by the darkness that came on so quickly. She over took her padawan, swinging her saber over and over. Soon she stopped and was stunned to see her padawan dead at her feet. She stared at him. Oddly, pleased with herself. She suddenly understood what she had suppressed all those years and knew her true calling. A few months passed as she secretly took pleasure in killing each padawan she trained. She knew she couldn’t stay in the Potentium order any longer.

A New Path[]

Dark Lady Evalla

She turned to a sith she knew who took her in and made her part of his order and she left the Potentium to her families dismay. She studied the darkside and learned the darkforce. After rising in the ranks, becoming a sith lord, she took new offer from Lord Sinuous and joined the Obsidian Dominion order. She finally found her true place, her new home where she belonged. She ran her saber tournament from the Outland Transit Station that orbited the planet Lehon.