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Early Life on nar Shaddaa

Eva grew up in the slums of Nar Shaddaa. She did not know her father as her mother did not remain with the man during the pregnancy. Her mother was a waitress at a club run by the Rusted Vibroblades a gang on Nar Shaddaaa. She spent much of her childhood alone in a hole in the wall apartment which her mother managed to maintain on her meager salary. As her mother was almost always working there was little guidence or company for a young Eva other then a beat up old R2 droid that her biological father had given Eva's mother as a gift before he left.

At the age of twelve Eva's mother passed away of illness as they had been unable to afford medical care which would have likely saved her life. Eva was alone and clueless, she had no source of income and soon found herself homeless on the streets with the clothes on her back and her busted up R2 unit... She sold the R2 unit in order to pay the rent on a room no larger then a closet... Desperate to sustain a place to live and be able to afford to eat she became a petty thief stealing anything she could get her hands on then selling it on the black market.

Around the time she turned fourteen a rather angry Nar Shaddaa gang caught on to Eva's schemes and assaulted her in a dark alley. They severed both her hands from the forearms down in a series of tortures which lasted until the sun began to rise..she recalls very few glimpses of the event.. They left her in a pool of her own blood for death's open arms.

Person after person simply walked past her in her sorry state, those from Nar Shaddaa had learned long ago that they were often better off looking the other way.. Eva was fortunate in that an incognito Jedi Knight happened to pass by.. he took her back to the place he was staying and gave her enough medical attention to ensure she survived, though during this time period she lapsed in and out of a comatose state.. When she finally awoke she was at a transit terminal with a chip for 2000 credits in her pocket that had not been there before..enough to get off the smuggler's moon.. She never even received the name of the Jedi who had saved her from certain death but she felt an eternal gratitude towards him and a great respect for the Jedi..

Teen Years - Taking the path of the Jedi

With the help of the Jedi she left Nar Shaddaa.. ending up with a pit stop on Tatooine where she took a few odd jobs here and there tracking down Droid's who had gone missing or malfunctioning.She tried to stay away from slicing as much as she could as she felt she had a second chance to turn her life around, though she did take the occasional job... She tried in vain to kick her addiction to death sticks and spice but as she still was enduring much pain from the gang beating she had recieved she found herself unable to cope with the injuries without the aid of the narcotic..

When she finally did kick the habit she felt her senses increase rapidly, it was as if coming out of a long slumber... She felt the force, and knew she had felt it as a child too although as a child she did not recognize that which it was.. Soon after she learned of a Jedi Order, the Jal Shey of which she had met Knight's Sion and Wild... The head of the Order Lucas Atlantis would accept Eva into the Jal Shey as a Padawan to Knight Sion.

The Jal Shey would merge into the Jedi of the Ac'trayth and Eva would join them as well, she was learning rapidly under the watchful care of her Chiss Jedi Master. She would remain under his teachings for some time engaging in many missions, many of which she found hersef on the Sith hive world of Korriban, at one point even being captured and subject to Sith torture. She also took part in the battle of Onderon assisting those who opposed the Empire by acting as a field medic.

As part of her trials she was to venture to a remote Sith controlled planet alone, it was there that she was expected to gain entry into the Sith Library. She found that her path was blocked by the spirit of a Sith Lord who demanded that she desecrate the corpse of the Lord's fomer Master in order to gain entry. Rather then complete her mission she burried the corpse of the Sith Lord's Master and left the grave unmarked in hopes that others would not desecrate it in the future.. Though she had believed she had failed the objective of her trial as she did not gain entry to the Library..the Ac'Trayth granted her Knighthood.

Elevation to council Knight and first marriage- Later teen years

It was not long after that despite being a young Knight herself she took on a Padawan, Jilea Legionary. She was hesitant to do so do to both her youth and the feeling's which Jilea had expressed to her as well as her own feelings..,yet with so few Knight's left she felt that it was somethng she must do if the Jedi are to be able to stand up to the looming threat posed by the Sith as well as the tyranny of the Empire... She has also suffered great setbacks as of late: fellow Knight and friend Vilda to the Sith, as well as one of her closest friends Wild Cote…who left the Knight's in oder to find his own way but has lately seemed to be spending more and more time on Vjun and Korriban.. these losses, and the shadows which spread through the galaxy she remains hopeful that the light will find it's way through and pierce the darkness.

Eva's efforts in the Ac'Trayth would soon elevate her to the status of a Jedi Knight on the Council, finding herself in a rather awkward position of having authority over some she considered her elders. She at times doubted her abilities as a Jedi after having given into her emotions and entering a relationship with Jilea Legionary who had by this time become a Knight himself... Not long into the relationship Eva became pregnant, and the two would not wait long to marry in a private ceromony on Dantooine conducted by Master Kohime who the two would ask to serve as godfather to their yet to be born child. She had not wanted to become tied down to a relationship or a child as she felt that would interfere with her duties as a Jedi Knight yet could not ignore her feelings for her fellow Jedi... Feelings that she knew could very well be their undoing.

Jedi Adventures - Young adulthood.

Much of the Sith's efforts had been to corrupt Master Lucas Atlantis, a man Eva considered a dear friend. The Jedi would have many conflicts with Darth Dolor during this time.. At one point Lucas seemed to fall for Dolor romantically but this was soon ended when Jedi as well as Imperial's apparently killed Dolor on Onderon.. Since then Lucas has become distant from the Jedi spending his time with Atticus and other Imperials. His actions have caused Eva quite a bit of pain, with Master Watts stepping down from the Council and Master's Hykova and Lightfoot dead the Ac'Trayth had begun to lack leadership. Master Lucas had sworn to Eva, promised her he would help her only to turn his back on her as well as the rest of the Ac'Trayth leaving them wondering where his loyalty stood, to the Empire? to the Sith? Despite the feeling of betrayal she would push on, though young as a Jedi she felt it would be up to her to ensure the future of the Ac'Trayth with the help of the remaining Knight's.

Also during this time period Onderon had been plagued for several weeks by a Darth known as Zerafon. He had left a corpse with a note on it outside the Ac'Trayth Temple, a note which detailed his twisted agenda.. Through the following weeks he would torment the Ac'Trayth, Sakura and Padawan Koona would be part of his games, one's which left Sakura mentally unstable standing on the line between darkness and the light and being tugged in both directions... All the stress regarding Lucas, Wild, the inner and external conflicts would cause Eva to have an emotional, mental, and physically breakdown. She collapsed in the ruins in the jungles of Onderon and laid in a comatose state for several days. As she started to come around Dark Jedi descended on the Temple, one's which worked for the Dark Ancients Master Zerafon... In her condition she could put up no fight and surrendered herself to them... She was tortured by Zerafon and infected with a toxin that would slowly eat away at her internal organ's over the course of seven days.. What strength she had left was used to project a force barrier around the womb which carried an unborn child.. When she did return to Onderon healers from the New Order would fulfill her request in removing the child from her and placing it in a incubation chamber where it would have to remain for the last few months of it's development, despite the risks to herself she would not let the toxin effect the child... Zerafon had told her the only way to get the antidote was to play a series of Zerafon's twisted games which seemed to directed at further corrupting Sakura.. The Jedi tried to trick Zerafon into thinking they were playing his games but he either did not buy it... or did not live up to his end of the bargain... Eva was barely holding onto her life, efforts by the New Order of the Jedi healers, Sir Sion's force crystals, and other friends efforts such as Boba Fass and Shiri did extend the time she had but could not purge the toxin completely... only Zerafon had the answer and time was running out.

The Founding of the Covenant Restored - Young Adulthood pt II

The Jedi did manage to capture Zerafron at some point.. and Jilea, would stop at no length to gain the antidote he needed in order to save his wife, allowing himself to use even the darkside.. No one is quite sure how in the end he managed to get it, yet Eva's life would be saved.. Though the child who would be named after Jilea's father and Eva's favorite Jedi, Soline-Ulic Lekach would be born crippled and mute, with several other birth defects do to the exposure to the toxin. Some would say the events would forevor change Jilea though, his path from that point one of much controversy. It wasn't long after that Jilea would feel that the Ac'Trayth did not appreciate his work as he had taken a very active role in keeping the Order functioning. Master Kohime and Jilea would have a falling out over this, and Jilea left the Ac'Trayth.. Eva was very torn on all of this, but she choose to remain with her husband and with him they would form the Order of the Jedi Covenant, intending to take a more aggressive stance against darksiders then the Ac'Trayth had. They'd soon after be joined by many familiar Knight's such as Bane, Sion, Wild, and eventually Master Lucas Atlantis.

The Covenant would quickly expand, two Knight's from the New Order joining it in Vilda Kazyanenko as well as Jys Tebut. It would at first be based on Onderon. It often engaged in conflict against the Sith of Korriban, often doing what they could do to interfere with the plans of Darth Imida as well as a strange shapeshifter from the past of Master Atlantis. Jilea would quickly pledge the Covenant's support to the effort's of the RLF.. He would also accept the title of Viscount from the nobles of Onderon, Eva would refuse the title she could gain as his wife. The Covenant would also begin acting as Onderon's security force, though this became an area of dispute among the order as Jilea officially established a policing force yet Eva would not take part in it. Eva was concerned Jilea was becomming too ambitious, but kept most of her concerns to herself. Eventually the order would also set up an enclave on Coruscant in order to monitor the Empire..during this period they had many run in's primarily with the Imperial Knight's. The Covenant's ranks would continue to grow, it saw it's first Padawan knighted in Shiri, and Eva would become the first Knight of the order (who had not been a Master previously) to reach the title of Master. It also attracted an experienced Jedi Master Salem, and many young promising Padawan's such as Eloun Tadro, a former 'indentured servant to the Hutt's and Leon Decimus a darkside user who Jilea had converted, as well as many others at it's height having nearly fifty members and even establishing a Council with Master's Atlantis, Lekach, Vilda, Salem, and Knight's Jilea Legionarry and Jys Tebut, though some having served on the council at seperate times, Eva having been the Council Master, though many choices seemed to be made by Jilea alone, which some Knight's of the Covenant would take issue with at times. At some point Wild would be exhiled, and Eva's former Master, Sion would leave, the two being Jilea's most vocal critics. Sometime during this span of time Eva would enter a confict with a Darth Crayden who she would kill, yet say little of the event to anyone following..

The RLF and the war against the Empire and Jilea's death - Young Adulthood pt III

The Covenant would be extremly active in multiple campaigns and battles against the Empire, Eva would often be found on the front lines fighting with the clone troopers from Bakura, the New Order from Ruusan, the unlikely ally of the Exchange and of course the RLF soldiers, she herself being a Jedi Advisor to the faction. She would be shocked though to find Master Azlum Grimlock aiding the Empire, protecting the Empress during one of the RLF attacks on the Imperial Prison. As the tide of the war started to turn on the Empire, it was thought that the Empress had been killed when it truth she defected.. Eva never believed in the sincerity of this defection, instead seeing it as a desire to not be on the losing side of a conflict and letting someone else take the fall for the actions Talmerith had taken as Empress including the prior invasion of Onderon. When the Empire finally was defeated on Coruscant it was Ardonis who would take that fall and be declared a war criminal by the newly founded People's Galactic Alliance. Atticus, the husband of the Empress and former Imperial Knight had been named the interim Chancellor The Covenant was pretty outspoken of their desire for another Chancellor and the election's would be pushed in which many ran, including former Ac'Trayth Master Kohime, as well as Selkisto, the Commander of the RLF. Selkisto would win the election to become the first Chancellor, and Kohime would become the Vice Chancellor, this new Alliance would include Dac, Rhen Var, Bakura, Velmor, and soon joined by Rothana and Talu

Not long after the RLF had defeated the Empire on Coruscant, the newly formed People's Galactic Republic would allow the Empire to remain on Coruscant though under the control of Chris Novastar who had aided the RLF at one point, his wife of the Fel line would become the Empress.. yet the PGA retained control of much of Coruscant outside the palace district, and the Exchange for a time controlled undercity. The Covenant by this point had fully moved to Coruscant with it's enclave housed in the PGA Building.. Though during this time of peace is when the greatest pain in Eva's life would occur.. Jilea was rather known for being one to charm other women, rumors had always floated around about multiple partners, even including Onderon Royalty.. yet Eva had remained loyal to both him and their child, Soline. It was the final straw when she discovered his infidelities with a Zeltron whose advances had first been on and rejected by Eva.. She left Jilea taking Soline with her.. Jilea had always walked a narrow line between the lightside and the darkside some would say Eva's influence had been the one thing that had kept him from going to far. With this turn of event's he blamed the Jedi, he blamed the PGA, and he blamed her.. he destroyed the Covenant enclave on Onderon leaving several Padawan's wounded, he then sought to do the same on Coruscant but he was captured and handed over to the PGA. He asked for Eva or at least their son to see him as he faced trial, yet she could not bear to see his face..his betryal had done something the horrors she survived on Nar Shaddaa could not do, it had broken her spirit.. she questioned everything during this time. Jilea would be declared a traitor and was being moved for trial when an assassin's blaster would put an end to his life, the assassin being his former Padawan Leon who had also once more fallen to the darkside. The blaster bolt seemed to be intended for the Vice Chancellor Kohime, yet some witnesses would say that Jilea threw himself in front of it.. During the event Eva was only a few hundred feet away in a garden just below the balcony from which Leon had fired from. She did not have to look to know, the force bond she still shared with Jilea was cut off in a flash.. and she knew, and she was not able to cope with this, at that very moment she attempted to end her own life.. the newly elected Chancellor Selkisto happened to be nearby and would rush her to the medical center..

Failure to cope and end of the Covenant. - Young Adulthood part IV

After Jilea's death her condition would worsen for a while, she did not want to talk to anyone, and when she did she would usually simply break down and cry. Many of the Jedi would cover up how severe her emotional response to Jilea's death was, claiming she had become ill.. Few outside the Covenant Jedi and the Chancellor would see her for some time and when she finally seemed to be making an improvement she seemed to have forgotten everything.. She believed everything was fine between Jilea and her, and that he was still alive.. again the Chancellor would act in a parental role as he made her aware of the truth and spent many night's speaking with her helping her recover. In time Selkisto would adopt her as his daughter, and she would come to admire him a great deal and often come to him for advise..However she never was fully the same after Jilea's death, there was always a sense of sadness to her that had not been there before but with the help of many, Master Salem, Chancellor Selkisto, and her Padawan Eloun she would manage to make it through the worst of it and be able to continue as a Jedi and the Council Master of the Covenant.. Her emotional response did show she had a weakness with attachment, though she never gave any indication that she allowed the dark side to influence her..

The Galaxy was stable for the moment and Eva would focus on the Covenant as well as raising her young son, though do to the young age in which she had him..he had never quite been comforable with her role as a mother..  By this point she had seen her second Padawan reach Knighthood in Eloun and had begun training a third in Aquilous.. Being single turned out to be very anxiety inducing for Eva. She had many suiters ranging from such unlikely canidates as a Sith Trooper who would bring her flowers and candy claiming she would be his wife.. to many fellow Knight's and various others. The attention was a bit overwhelming for her, Jilea had been her only love as she had met him while very young.. The galaxy at a relative state of peace she would also merge the Covenant with the  smaller Old Jedi Order despite many objections from various Knight's, several of them resigning, many feeling that Grand Master Azlum Grimlock was not someone they wished to follow.. yet Eva was tired, exhausted.. the stress of running the Order without Jilea -- combined with the whirlwind downfall of her personal life had become too much for her and so the merger would take place.

The Armada Crisis Years - Adulthood

The Armada and their triumverate of Darth Absyssus, Occidion and Ikiryo had quickly gained influence and the support of many prominant Sith. They would hi-jack the Rendilli Shipyards from the PGA then use them to create a massive fleet. This fleet would be used as the Armada invaded Coruscant.. the Fel Empire was easily defeated, the only location which did not fall to the Armada was the PGA Embassy, the location at which Eva fought in the massive battle, though it was only a matter of time and the PGA would retreat from Coruscant leaving it under the hand of the Armada.. Some ground would be recovered in later battles, the PGAF and an Imperial Remnant struck back, though the PGA seemed intent on ensuring the Imperial's captured no ground of their own. Coruscant was torn into three sections, most of the planet under the control of the Armada and their civilian government in the Tetan Empire, while the PGA had carved out a slice.. the Imperial's were eventually able to gain an outpost but nothing significant, and the undercity remained relativly lawless.

At some point during the crisis-- Eva's young son Soline would fall into the hands of the newly emerged Revenant Armada. She engaged on a mission to rescue him, confronting Darth Abyssus on a remote planet and attempting to negoitiate the release of her son, yet she would return without him.. Soline would not be returned until some time later when the Sith seemingly willingly let him go, though she suspects that they have in some way tampered with him making him more prone to do their bidding.. They also cured the defects which he had at birth, furthering her belief that Sith Alchemy had been used on him. The Armada also captured the Fel Empress Calliope Janick.. the daughter of Eva's adopted father who Eva had considered a sister. During her capture she was interrogated, and when she returned the injuries suffered in interrogation combined with childbirth would cause her death.. Eva was devastated by this, blaming herself in part feeling she should have been on Coruscant instead of Talus.

She would return to her Jedi duties, focused fully on training her two new Padawan's, Jude and Sabiya. Forming what she felt were strong bond's with the both of them as she passed on what knowledge she held. Many of her problems and flaws stemmed from a torn heart something which she would be prompted to learn Vaapad from Master Mass Questi in hope's to resolve some of those emotional struggles before it was too late.. Though as time passed Eva felt herself growing more and more distant from the Old Jedi Order as they became increasingly restrictive which contrasted with her free spirit outlook.. The rise of the former Empress Talmerith Jael as a very quickly elevated Jedi Master did little to ease these concerns as Eva had no trust for the woman.. She felt she was ignored as a Council Member, that the entire Council was ignored and that all choices were made by the Grand Master Azlum Grimlock and Master Talmerith Jael.. She finally decided to stand her ground on an issue to prove her point to herself that the Jedi Order had fallen far from its intents. The incident caused her to quickly be relieved of her council duties as she would not comply with the Grand Master's wishes. She would then leave the Order and enlist in the special forces of the Tetan Legion wanting a full break from the Jedi.1

The Tetan Years - Adulthood pt II

She would form a close bond with many of those in the Tetan Legion.  It was here she'd meet Aztech, Octar, Storm, Velic, Keith Richter and Dorien Starstrider.  She was never very good at keeping things platonic and had a brief relationship with a few of these men and then ended up marrying Dorien.  Dorien had been someone she had fought against during the RLF-Empire war and they where polar opposites with him being very Imperialistic, strict and disciplined as well as prideful to the point many considered him arrogant.  Eva on the other hand was free spirited and relaxed. 

Her time in the Tetan's was filled with several wars.  She fought against the Byss Sith Empire, the Trade Federation, the Confderacy and the Mandalorians.  She saw actions in several dozen battles and reciveced several wounds despite the majority of these battles being victories.  Eventually she could take no more war, seeing too much suffering she felt the anger setting in and the darkside trying to take control of her, for a time she would vanish from the grid with no one hearing much of a word from her other then her husband.

Restoration of the Jedi Order. - Adulthood pt III

It wasn't until Eva was found by Jedi Master Hoggil Torok that she'd return to action.  The Jedi Master would inform her that he was her father and that she was of Kiffar lineage.   She would have the Clan marking's inked onto her by him as she decided to embrace her culture now that she was finally aware that she had one.  She would also meet Hoggil's Padawan's and other Knight's and end up one of those pushing for a restoration of the Jedi Order as she was unhappy with the Order lead by those on Yavin.  Many old friends and Jedi of prestige would end up joining forces with the order, some of these being both her former Master's in Sion as well as Master Questi who had taught her an unorthodox fighting style.  When the time to choose a council came up so did Eva's name.  She would surprise many in the room when she declined the position and cited her difficultly with emotions as not being an example she wished to set as a member of the council.  She did seem pleased though to finally see a Jedi Order lead by those she felt capable and would do justice to the name of the Jedi.  This would councide with the restoration of the Republic in which she also found many old friends and allies.

Strange behavior - Adulthood pt IV

Eva would go missing for some time not long after the restoration of the Order.  No one is quite sure where she had been for several months and when she returned she seemed to display a very strange condition.   She did not seem to remember anything about the Jedi, the Sith, or the Force.  She does remain force sensitive but seems to have forgotten any skills she learned other then passive one's such as empathy.  People she knew had their roles altered in her mind and others forgotten.  The rest of her memories seemed to be there but hazy and at times warped.  She was found working in a club in the lower levels of Bakura and so far no explanation as to how she got there in the first place and why her mind seems to be suffering from some disorder.  The Jedi did make attempts to retrieve her but she seemed terrified of them believing them to want to kidnap her.  With her mind in this state she saw the Jedi as a cult. This would be hard on many she knew, perhaps none more then her former Master Sion who tried to retrieve her while fighting an entire club full of mercenaries, bounty hunters and bouncers who believed they where protecting Eva from the Jedi. This would leave the Jedi little choice but to remove her from the Order.  She displays many strange traits such as being easily startled, freezes up, has panic attacks and anxiety.  These are very different traits then she'd normally display as she was perhaps one of the more mouthy, combat experienced and fearless Jedi in recent history.

During this time she also left her husband which she explains for one of the reasons she works at the Club as she felt extremly restricted in the relationship to the point she seems to have felt her status was more as a prisoner then a wife.  Unlike the first marriage where the end traumatized her the end to the second seemed to relieve her.  Though the chance exists that this could have something to do with her current disorder.

She seems happy however for the most part and enjoying dancing as well as bar tending and interacting with the patrons of the Purple Lotus Club.  Yet the fact remains that a war is occurring between the Republic and the New Sith Order and few Jedi Master's remain, the Jedi are understandingly frustrated with one of them seeming to be suffering from some form of mental disorder or mind control though seem to have stopped efforts to recover her or discover the cause.


  • Eva used a single bladed green lightsaber in her time in the Jay Shey, Ac'Trayth, Covenant and Old Order. She later switched to an orange blade.
  • Eva was one of the youngest Jedi ever to be elevated to the status of Master.
  • She is a master at Ataru, and also uses Vaapad.
  • She has the skillset of a slicer from her youth.
  • She has served on the Council's of three Jedi Order's: The Ac'Trayth, The Covenant and the Old Jedi Order.
  • She has trained four Padawan's to Knight status - Jilea Legionarry, Eloun Tadro, Aquilous Velinov, Sabiya.
  • She speaks with a thick Nar Shaddaa slums accent, butchering her basic. (think creole)
  • She can speak some Mando'a, she can understand Binary, Huttese, Dosh, Rodese, Shyriiwook and a little Sith.
  • She's been known to likely be the most foul mouthed Jedi ever.