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Baroness Eris Drakmar is a Tetan female Noble as well as a Galactic Diplomat and Trader. She was married into the Tetan nobility and retained her standing and title even after her husband died mysteriously. 


Early Life

Born in space on her Father's trade ship Eris was born with space legs. She never felt comfortable staying on a planet for to long before getting the urge to go back into space. Even at an early age she knew what she was good at. Mixing Sensuality a natural cunning she was able to get out of and even into trouble if needed. When she was only seventeen her father became ill from extended exposure from radiation and chemicals. Her mother retired to tend to her father and she was given control of the family business.

Expansion of Trade

Eris used her wiles and family connections to increase her profit and notoriety. She expanded her clientele to include Spice, Human trafficking and even Black Market deals. During all this time she still maintained her neutrality and that became one of her best qualities aside from her natural beauty. Eris also grew the Trade Fleet from a few transports to a wide variety of vessels each equipped for different trading commodities.

Baron Drakmar

Because of her extended dealings with the less desirable people in the galaxy she eventually drew the attention of the Republic. Her transport was blockaded in Tetan space and inspected. They searched the ship from stem to stern and never found what they were looking for. They still detained her for questioning and took her down to the capital planet. There she was questioned by Baron Drakmar for three weeks. Within that time she never gave up what she was hauling nor for who or where to. The Baron was impressed with her loyalty and in turn hired her. They needed a neutral party to smuggle weapons over enemy lines to their troops in a far off system. She agreed to help them in exchange for diplomatic immunity. The Tetan government agreed to her terms. Little did they know that was her plan all a long to stop her ships from being searched.

The Art of Diplomacy

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The Growing Foot Hold in the Rims

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Marriage of Convenience

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Mysterious Assassination of Baron Drakmar

To be added...== Skills, Traits and Abilities ==


Slavers Whip: Hangs coiled on her hip until needed. When drawn the whip emits a constant electroshock sound. The Whip has three base settings, Punish, Stun and the third is rumored to kill. Each setting also had adjustable settings to adapt to species and thresholds of pain.

Combat Training

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Merchant and Diplomatic Fleet

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Appearance and Other Details


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