Eriadu is a planet of the Star Wars universe.

On Second Life, a sim features the Banthastraat and Spaceport 99 on Eriadu.

Presentation Edit

Eriadu is run by the Eriadu Central Bureaucracy ("ECB") and is part of the Exarchate of the Lower Hydian.

The ECB has made a variety of trade deals, most notably with New Tibannopolis orbiting Bespin, Haruun Kal (Pelek Baw) in the Al'Har system, Alzoc III, and Naboo.

With the collapse of the Imperial Republic, the ECB began to coordinate regional defences with Bespin and Alzoc III, as well as seeking a military alliance with Bakura. With the annexation of Imperial Base 20, the Hydian Exarchate of Eriadu emerged as a regional power along the lower Hydian Way.

While Spaceport 99 on Eriadu has a reputation for lawlessness, in reality the ECB's reputation for superb regulation of the regional trade lanes has led to an increase in trade revenues throughout the entire region, a marked contrast to the upper Perlemian and the lower Corellian, which continue to be disrupted by war, rebellion and rampant piracy.

Eriadu is also a port of call for both the hyperdrive fuel Supertankers of Reecko the Toydarian's fuel fleet and the large Treasure Ships of the galactic trade fleet.

Recently, Droid Workers Collective #99 received a contract for a joint venture project with Bespin Engineering to construct a shieldship to conduct mining operations in the Nkllon system. Droids from all across the galaxy have been reporting to the Eriadu industrial zones to perform deep space work in Eriadu space.

With the continuing chaos in the galactic core, many large pirate armadas continued to ply the upper Perlemian and upper Hydian hyperspace trade lanes. The small but potent naval forces of the Eriadu Exarchate joined with the PGAF and the Onderon Astran Dynasty to mount a punitive expedition against the major pirate fleets under the command of Huttila the Hutt. Moving their forces outside the lower Hydian region, an Eriaduan naval task force effected a rendezvous with PGAF and Onderon local forces near recently ravaged Kuat and began combined operations against the pirate armada to clear the trade lanes from Corellia to Onderon and Velmor.

Three Movements, with variations Edit

There are three broad political movements that help describe Eriadu's current internal political situation:

Anti-Tarkin, Anti Xenophobia Movement Edit

Although the first colonists to Eriadu were confirmed xenophobes, the xenophobic attitude of most Eriaduans began to go out of style with the fall of the Palpitine Empire.  By the time the Imperial Republic began to wane, Eriaduans had developed a more open attitude towards other species, motivated in part by the desire for trade revenue.  The return of Vladimir Tarkin the 6th from the Unknown Regions sparked a determined anti Tarkin, anti Xenophobia movement across Eriadu.  The past Tarkin legacy was repudiated, and citizens councils spontaneously arose across the planet. The movement culminated with the ritual destruction of the great statue of Wilhuff Tarkin in the central plaza of Eriadu City.  While opposition critics maintain that confirmed xenophobes were sent to harsh re-education camps, there is no record of this in the voluminous ECB  historical archives.

Progressives vs the Tradtionalists Edit

In the past, Eriadu was a planet of mountains, forests, oceans and seas. The first colonists, eager to compete with the core worlds, embarked on a program of rapid industrialization that left the surface of the planet polluted and cluttered with industrial sites. Much building was done without heed to aesthetics, and without prior planning.

In the contemporary period, a reactionary movement has formed that wishes to reclaim much of the natural environment, as well as the planet's historical past. The excavation of the ancient Banthastraat is one of the focal points of discussion and conflict wihin the ECB. Banthastraat is an ancient trade street, and at its terminus is the site of one of the first interstellar trade ports on Eriadu. Now that the Banthastraat is being excavated, there are many that wish to simply build over the site with newer, modern materials, while the traditionalists seek to preserve what has been uncovered. This conflict within the ECB has been going on for over a century, and accounts for the cluttered and incomplete look of the Banthastraat. Many political groups, movements and forces have clustered around issues related to the Banthastraat excavations, forming what is termed "The Banthastraat Movement."

The Anti-Force Movement Edit

Closely aligned with the Xenophobic Tarkinists is the Anti-Force Movement. Proponants of this movement seek to ban all force users on Eriadu. The ECB is resolutely pro-light side, and is working to suppress this movement. The Anti-Force movement is also considered to be the work of several off-world Imperial Pretenders.

Political Structure Edit

Eriadu has a highly variagated political structure. Below is a synopsis of each layer of governance on the planet and in the lower Hydian region:

Exarch Edit

The Exarch is the local term for a regional governor, combining the powers of governor and Grand Moff. The Exarchs are hold-overs from the old Imperial system, now falling by the wayside in the wake of the imperial fragmentation. There are several Exarchates along the lower Hydian, including the Hydian Exarchate of Eriadu, headed by Exarch Tesserian, and the Bespin Exarchate, headed by Rhialto, Exarch of Bespin. Recently, Queen Nepthyss of Bakura has also been named regional Exarch. On Eriadu, the Exarch is answerable to the Eriadu Central Bureaucracy ("ECB").

The Eriadu Central Bureaucracy ("ECB") Edit

The ECB operates at the core of the Eriadu government. While considered inefficient and even incompetant by outsiders, the ECB is yet a political powerhouse, processing a huge amount of local and regional political information, as well as overseeing huge building and trade projects. The ECB is also responsible for local and regional diplomacy. The ECB is subdivided by various roles:

Prognosticator: Prognosticators are responsible for project planning, trade arrangements and diplomacy. Prognosticator are responsible for drawing up the three year plans that guide internal and regional development, trade and diplomatic relationships.

Ajudicator: Adjudicators are responsible for ensuring that all bureaucracy rules and regulations are met by the Exarch and the Prognosticators. Adjudicators are also responsible for ensuring that bureaucratic procedures are kept within the bounds of the many Eriadu historical Constitutions and revisions to historical Constitutions. Adjudicators are required to review all Three Year Plans, diplomatic initiatives, trade and building projects proposed by the Exarch and the Prognosticators. While occassionally there arise Adjudicators of great power and perspicacity, in actuality most Adjudicators are simply ignored.

Autocrator: An Autocrator can be anything from a project manager for local projects to a full-blown military dictator in times of emergency. The powers of the Autocrators are limited by many of Eriadu's constitutions, and are subject to review by the Adjudicators.

Military Attache: Military Attaches are given broad discretionary powers within the military command and control structure. Military Attaches are often from external powers (GAR, PGAF, Imperial Remnants, local Mandalorian Alors, etc). Eriadu has several treaties in place with Bakura (GAR), the PGAF and Onderon, as well as the New Republic Alliance ("NRA") and the New Imperial Regime ("NIR"). The Eriaduan military has a very wide variety of units, ranging from local militias to established stormtrooper units left over from the Imperial period, as well as whole Mandalorian clans. The Eriaduan navy is composed of two dreadnaught class battleships, more than a dozen heavy cruisers, at least two dozen medium cruisers, dozens of corvettes and several hundred to a thousand short and medium range fighter craft. Several former pirate clans have been incorporated into the Eriaduan navy as scouts and commerce raiders. Eriadu also relies on the naval forces of New Tibannopolis for regional defence efforts.

Jedi Advisor: The ECB seeks and recruits Jedi from a wide variety of Jedi Orders to act as advisors to the ECB and the Exarch. The Eriaduan government is committed to staying on the light side and maintains a united front with the Jedi against the Sith and the dark side.

Bureaucrat: Bureaucrats are responsible for all the operations of the ECB. Known as fierce political and bureaucratic infighters, disciplined and assiduous bureaucrats can come to wield a great deal of power within the ECB.

The Trade Board Edit

The Trade board is composed of representatives of the largest trade fleets as well as representatives of the Intergalactic Banking Clan and several Ralltiir NAGs. The largest trade fleets represented on the Trade Board are Captain Tesserian's Galactic Trade Fleet, Starsider Shipping, Sabra Shipping (in receivorship to the Galactic Trade Fleet and the IGBC), the Nakamura Conglomerates mining enterprises, Reecko's Fuel Fleet, and the local tibanna collection fleet stationed on New Tibannopolis orbiting Bespin. Droid Workers Collective #99 also has a voice on the trade board. The Trade Board advises the Exarch and the Prognosticators on all matters related to trade. As Eriadu relies on trade for much of its sustencnce and income, the Trade Board has a very powerful voice within the ECB.

The Popular Councils Edit

Popular Councils are routinely formed in response to a perceived lack of political representation on Eriadu. While the ECB gathers talented individuals from across Eriadu, the lower Hydian, and beyond, by its nature it is not a representative body, rather, the ECB operates as a Bureaucratic Meritocracy. The Popular Councils have spearheaded a number of political movements, seeking to influence the ECB, including the Anti-Xenophobia Crusade and the Banthastraat Movement. Political operatives within the ECB are not above forming and using the popular Councils to furthers themselves and various political and social agendas. External powers and groups as well have been known to be working to manipulate popular political movements to influence the ECB.

Whatever may be said about the Eriaduan political system, the ECB has provided a great deal of local and regional stability along the lower Hydian, especially in times of rapid political and economic change. As the galactic political landscape continues to evole, there is still a great deal of room for the expansion of the Eriaduan political system, and Eriadu, as a regional powerhouse.

The ECB and the lower Hydian Region Edit

The lower Hydian in this context can be defined both in terms of the Hydian Way as it leaves Coruscant in the direction of Eriadu, the planets affected by the trade along the lower reaches of the trade route, and the political situation of the systems relying on the lower Hydian for trade and intersteller communication.

As the conflicts in the galactic core grew in size and destructive potential, many regions and sectors sought to distance themselves from the repercussions of these many conflicts. The lower Hydian region was no exception. There were several key systems in the rise of the lower Hydian as an independent region:

Eriadu, at the center of the many trade routes, with its large bureaucracy adept at developing and regulating regional trade.

New Tibannopolis, the largest orbital city around Bespin, transformed into an economic powerhouse by the System Engineer and Exarch Rhialto.

Pelek Baw, on Haruun Kal. A meeting place for Jedi and seekers of many sects- a city steeped in the ways of the force, willing to reach out and work with her neighbors to guide the entire region through difficult times.

Bakura, with the powerful GAR, constantly seeking political hegemony over the region and to prevent incursions by the Revenant Armada.

Naboo, with its fantastic luxury cities like Keren receiving luxury goods from the region and the splendid Royal Court, jealously guarding her neutrality while seeking greater trade with the lower Hydian.

Alzoc III, home of the Talz and the Talz World Council, and the metal and mineral riches of the system. Nominally part of the PGA.

As trade within the system continued to grow, the role of the ECB began to evolve along with trade within this region. Seeking specialists from across the entire region, and then from across the entire galaxy, the ECB emerged as a regional political entity, regulating and coordinating trade, diplomacy and even military forces across the entire region. The growth of the ECB as a regional regulating and coordinating agency led to the development of a regional condominium, featuring mutual trade and a coordinated defence posture, under the auspices of the powerful regional Exarchs.

Other entities that were to have a strong influence within the region:

The fuel fleet of Reecko the Toydarian- the largest hyperdrive fuel fleet in the galaxy, delivering fuel, tibanna gas, water and industrial waste solvents across a huge swath of the entire galaxy.

Several Mandalorian clans, including the Beskar Buy'ce and Kata'alor, which although remaining nomadic, were to have a powerful influence on regional trade and politics.

The White Moon Jedi Order- a small but influential band of wandering White Jedi, dedicated to following the Pure Path of the Force, who travelled the across the entire area spreading their teachings.

It was from within this region, with its many interconnected parts, that there arose a series of some of the most remarkable events in galactic history.


Recent activities include:

Multilateral trade agreements with New Tibannopolis, Haruun Kal and Harlequin Station.

Various initiatives to stabilize the carbonite trade.

Trade agreements with Onderon and Corellia.

Alliance with Royal House Castagnaide on Corellia, support for Corellian forces in the Corellia-Thyferra War.

Several Eriadu trade and industrial initiatives have come under review by the PGA and the Banking Clan, leading to a partial suspension of treaties and charges of misrepresentation.

New Embassies opened on Corellia and Bakura.

Diplomatic mission to the Jedi enclave on Dantooine.

Consultations with NOJ and other Jedi Orders on Ruusan.

Joint Venture Shieldship Construction Edit

The Eriadu droid-works and orbital construction facilities entered into a Joint Venture agreement with New Tibannopolis' Bespin Engineering , Nakamura-Dysson Mining and Power Systems and Droid Workers Collective #99 to build a shieldship to assist with the mining of hredium, kammris and dolovite from the planet Nkllon in the Athega system. After failing to meet significant deadlines the Joint Venture project was forced to make major concessions to the Droid Workers Collective and seek addition funding from several Ralltiir Neimoidian Accounting Groups ("NAG's") to meet the completion final deadline and avoid defaulting on the investment package and special funding given by the Coruscanti Sector-88 Branch of the Intergalactic Banking Clan.

With the launch of the shieldship and its arrival on station near Nkllon, a significant new revenue stream was added to the lower Hydian region.

Coup and Takeover by the Metus Imperia Edit

The vast revenues pouring into Eriadu and the lower Hydian region were bound to attract the attention of overly ambitious and unscrupulous personages. Autocrator Trevor Ashdene had never hidden his tremendous ambition and overweening pride, coupled with a great resentment that came from years of grinding poverty in the factories and rough industrial districts on Eriadu. Seeing the rising dissent from the Eriadu Trade Board, Autocrator Ashdene called in his political allies from the Metus Imperia and overthrew the Exarch Tesserian. The two new Autocrator-Majors, Ashdene and Kaej Rael, continued to use the ECB and the ETB to goverrn the planet. Shortly after the coup, as a move to consolidate their power in the region, the Metus Imperia declared Eriadu the Regional Imperial Capital of the lower Hydian region.

Political Turmoil and Departure of the Metus Imperia Edit

Political turmoil erupted on Eriadu as Autocrator Ashdene attempted to impose martial law, abolish the Central Bureaucracy and rule the planet by Force and fiat. Declared unconstitutional and illegal by a number of Adjudicators, Autocrator Ashdene's government collapsed as the Eriadu Trade Board moved on the capital with a recently constructed droid army. Although the droid army was no match for the Dark Jedi of the Metus Imperia, with reinforcements from local forces and some Jedi allies the First Droid Corp was able to besiege the Metus Imperia in a large medical facility along the famed Banthastraat. After a truce and negotiations, Autocrator Ashdene and his followers surrendered to several Adjudicators with the promise of a fair trial. The Metus Imperia appeared to condemn Autocrator Ashdene's actions, and gave assurances that they would honor the truce. However, before the trial could convene, the Metus Imperia treacherously attacked, freeing Autocrator Ashdene and ransacking the trade district. Filling their ships with plundered supplies, the Dark Jedi left the planet for parts unknown.

Imperial Meddling Edit

At the height of the turmoil, rumors swirled that several Imperial special ops units had arrived on the planet and were acting as agent-provocateurs during the upheaval. These sightings could not be confirmed in the aftermath of events surrounding the attempted take-over by the Metus Imperia.

Assassination of Autocrator Ashdene (Revan Jafan) Edit

Following the Eriadu Trade Board's efforts to restore order, it was announced that another attempt would be made to bring Autocrator Ashdene to stand trial for sedition. Through several off-planet intelligence services it was learned that Autocrator Ashdene had been promoted to the rank of General within the Metus Imperia and had taken the Dark Jedi name "Revan Jafan."

However, before this could be carried out, news arrived that Autocrator Ashdene (Revan Jafan) had been assassinated by a bounty hunter on Tatooine while on a secret mission for the Metus Imperia. Several Adjudicators then launched an investigation into the circumstances of Autocrator Ashdene's death.

Restoration of the ECB Edit

Following the Eriadu Trade Board's stand down order to the First Droid Corp, the planetary government was restored to the authority of the Eriadu Central Bureaucracy. However, the Trade Board and their droid corp assumed a more active role in maintaining order, albeit from behind the scenes. Also, several regional powers, including the Bakuran Royalty, the government of Bespin, the government of Naboo and a shadowy band of mercenaries occupying Hoth, all began to take an interest in the stability of Eriadu as an important regional trade port.

ECB Move to Phelar IslandsEdit

At approximately the time of the invasion and occupation of Bespin by the NTF and the Disciples of Ragnos, the capital of Eriadu was moved to the city of Phelar in the Phelar Islands. Although it was soon discovered theat the city was slowly sinking into the Phelar Sea ("Sea of Conquest"), the ECB and the Trade Board begaan to expand their trade contacts once more across the lower Hydian region, and beyond.
Eriadu Test 001

Phelar City, Eriadu

The history of the Eriaduan factions within the Eriadu Trade Board and the Eriadu Central Bureaucracy are covered extensively in the later chapters of the Glitterstim Chronicles

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