The forest Moon of Endor is a satellite of the giant gas Endor.

One sim currently recreate areas of the forest moon in Second Life. Here are the current and former sim by order of opening (though not the order of initial conceptual design).

Endor's moon (Iperborea) Edit

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Ewok village in the trees of the Endor's forest. Many people lived in and had a shop.

A cantina, waterfall, and a training area was reachable following the catwalks.

A jedi order camped nearby.

Under the screen Edit

The sim was open on the first quarter 2008 and most habitue are italian speakers. it was closed at the end of 2008.

The Forest Moon of Endor Edit

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The Forest Moon of Endor

The ewok village in the trees

Description Edit

The Forest Moon of Endor, a terrestial moon of the gas giant Endor, is a lush planet rich in flora and fauna.

With a breathable atmosphere the moon supports the sentient species of Ewoks and Yuzzum. Major exports include medicinal goods, food and Rokna fungii.

Trading takes place high above the forest moon on board the trading orbital station. Here you can find purveyors of many fine goods and was the natural extention of Salfur's Trading Post before it was destroyed as Imperial troops retreated from the remnants of their occupation.

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History Edit

This sim opened in the first quarter 2008.

Endor Edit

Short lived place on April 2008 near Byss. Few trees and several buildings for a Jedi order.

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