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The Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers, often abbreviated as the Enclave is also sometimes called the Kendalaran Sorcerers, Sorcerers of Kendalar, Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith, and even, by some of their enemies, Death walking.

A few years before Rokur Gepta wiped out the Sorcerers of Tund, two far-ranging sorcerers discovered the Rhid-Kendalaran Nebula and, even more importantly, the Force nexus on Kendalar V.  Upon their return home, they met a small splinter group of Sorcerers who believed a prophesy that their people would be wiped out once they accepted a stranger into their midst.  Between the explorers, the prophet, and a master of Sith Alchemy (who fortunately had a generous side helping of charisma), they managed to sway enough of sorcerers to their belief that, by the time Rokur Gepta devestated Tund, killing everyone on the planet, the splinter faction was already halfway to the Unknown Regions with a small fleet of civilian, ex-smuggling, and decommissioned military ships.  They founded the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers on Kendalar V, which remained their home and place of exile for more than 250 years.


Concerning the fall of Tund

The following account is taken from Valermit Mindseer's account of the fall of Tund and the founding of the Enclave which he wrote for the Archives of the Dark Lords of the Sith on Byss.

The final death of the true Sith?

It was somewhere around the year 5 BBY (sources disagree on the exact year) that the ancient Sorcerers of Tund, who had been reclusive and hostile towards outsiders for millenia, made the world-shattering mistake of inducting a powerful and treacherous outsider into their Order.  This darksider later betrayed the Sorcerers of Tund, killing them and all other life on the planet with a powerful weapon of unknown origin.  Some sources said this happened the same year that he joined the Order; others suggest that it took a few years.  Regardless, those few who knew of the surviving Pureblooded Sith on Tund believed them to have been wiped out in this genocidal assault, and the sudden and otherwise inexplicable disappearance of the Pureblooded Sith "magicians" who had, for a time, entertained numerous crowds around the galaxy with mind-boggling illusions and tricks seemed to corroborate this belief.
In reality, the Sith species had not been totally wiped out, though this was not to be revealed for a good 270 or so years afterward, when one of their number was discovered by Imperial forces apparently imprisoned onboard a pirate vessel in the Nilash system.  What happened to the Pureblooded Sith Magicians?  Where did they disappear to?  These are questions that still interest members of the Sith Order even today.

Prophecy of darkness

Less than a year before the future destroyer of Tund arrived on the planet, one of the Sorcerers experienced a strange vision.  He found himself, he said, standing in the center of a field covered in dead bodies, lit by a flickering greenish glow.  He searched the planet for any surviving lifeforms, but found only corpses, none other of the Pureblooded Sith having survived.  Eventually, upon returning to his home, he found a stranger of humanoid form whose features were hidden beneath a mask.  The stranger grew larger and larger, a terrible shadow stretching out across the entire sky, evil laughter emanating from it as the Sorcerer saw his fellow Sorcerers come to life, only to die once more in terrible agony, their bodies contorting in the thickening greenish haze.

This Sorcerer was the Prophet Âchurnas Foreseer, a True Sith mighty in the Force who, according to legend, could manipulate even the distant future.  He has been described as a Pureblooded Sith of average height and slender build, with a retiring disposition and a quiet voice which could, nonetheless, be heard clearly even at that distance at which a shout fades into obscurity.  He was known among his peers for his great power, and many suspected him of scheming to gain absolute power over the Sorcerers just as Karnak Setsu did nearly 4,000 years before.  Whether or not he really sought this is unknown, but he did warn his fellow Sorcerers of his vision.  Most dismissed it and ended up welcoming their soon-to-be murderer, but a handful of Sorcerers felt that safety was the better part of valor.

A few of the Sorcerers had been traveling about the Galactic Empire, putting on magic shows and picking up credits and gossip everywhere they went.  They were soon joined by Âchurnas and those of like mind with him, including the Sorcerer Kendarln Sirestep and his wife, the future Kissai Huntmistress Rhidaesiuth Sirestep, who had just recently returned from an exploratory venture into the Unknown Regions.  Upon learning of Âchurnas' vision from the future High Sorcerer Nawair Highmind, under whose guidance Kendarln had been initiated into the mysteries of Sith sorcery, Kendarln and Rhidaesiuth offered their assistance.  These four Sorcerers (including Âchurnas) hatched a plan to create a place of refuge in case the disaster of Âchurnas' vision should indeed overtake the Sorcerers of Tund.  They began buying up starships at auction using the credits gained from their shows and the two explorers' sale of several starcharts, soon amassing half a dozen light freighters, smuggling vessels, and decommisioned warships.  At the same time, they began feeling out other Sorcerers whom they felt were likely to agree with them.  Thus, they recruited Saihaz, a Pureblooded Sith engineer of Zuguruk descent who was strong in the Force, and whose especial interest in droids had caught Nawair's attention.  They also discovered Khomtum Broodwarker, in whose veins some of the last drops of ancient Massassi blood were to be found and, although he had proven unable to grasp most of the mysteries of sorcery, they recognized the advantages that might eventually be coaxed from his descendants through a judicious application of Sith alchemy, in which Nawair was particularly skilled.  They also recruited several other Sorcerers and their families, until more than a dozen Pureblood-controlled vessels roamed across not only Imperial space, but also some parts of Wild Space.

((To be continued...))

Political structure

Ruling Council of Sorcerers

The rulers of the Enclave
Rank and Class Title/Position First Titleholder Current Titleholder
Kissai Master Alchemist High Sorcerer of the Enclave, Dark Lord Nawair Highmind Tsoirrim Highmind-Forseer
Zuguruk Sorcerer Overseer of Planetary Defense, Ruling Councilmember Saihaz ????
Zuguruk Sorcerer Overseer of Fleet Maintenance, Ruling Councilmember Saihaz ????
Massassi Sorcerer Warmaster of the Enclave, Ruling Councilmember Khomtum Broodwarker/Bloodwalker ????
Kissai Prophet High Prophet and Keeper of Knowledge, Ruling Councilmember Âchurnas/Âchulnas Foreseer Notsmû "the Fearbringer"
Kissai Huntmaster Master Tracker, Ruling Councilmember Rhidaesiuth Sirestep/Silvestep ????
Kissai Sorcerer Admiral of the Enclave Fleet, Ruling Councilmember ???? Tigathisse Foetreads
Caste leaders
Kissai caste Massassi caste Zuguruk caste
Kissai Prophets Massassi Sorcerers Zuguruk Sorcerers
Kissai Hunters Massassi Warriors Zuguruk Master Engineers
Kissai Sorcerers Kendalaran Juggernaughts Zuguruk Head Medical Officer

The Enclave is ruled by the High Sorcerer, who by law must be a Sith Alchemist, with the assistance of the Ruling Council of Sorcerers.  The Enclave is divided into four castes based on the caste-system of Sith'ari Adas' time: the Kissai (Sith magician/priest) caste; the Massassi (warrior) caste; the Zuguruk (engineer/medical personnel) caste; and the grotthu (slave) caste.

Each caste except the grotthu caste is represented on the Ruling Council: the Kissai caste has three representatives on the Council, plus the High Sorcerer is traditionally of the Kissai caste (though one High Sorceress came from the Zuguruk caste); the Massassi caste has one representative on the Council; and the Zuguruk caste has two representatives on the Council.

Each caste is further divided into three parts based on the main classes represented by it, and it is led by its representative(s) on the Ruling Council with the aid of the most powerful and most experienced members of the caste.

Concerning titles and ranks

The normal form for addressing a member of a particular caste is to use their caste name followed by "-caste" as a preface to their name.  Thus, a Kissai-caste Sorcerer is a member of the Kissai caste who chose to follow the path of Sorcery.

The "-caste" is dropped for the most powerful members of a caste, the ones who pretty much embody the ideal of what their class should be.  Thus, a Kissai Sorcerer is not only a member of the Kissai caste who chose the path of Sorcery, but one who has actually mastered the art.  While the titles "Zuguruk Sorcerer" and "Massassi Sorcerer" may seem to be exceptions to this rule, they actually are not.  Each caste has its own unique approach to Sith sorcery: the rare Zuguruk-caste Sorcerers focus mostly on healing and technological applications such as Mechu-deru, and the Massassi-caste Sorcerers focus more on direct applications to battle such as Battle Meditation, Battlemind and the iconic Force lightning, while the the Kissai-caste Sorcerers spread their studies out across a much wider spectrum with a focus on research, development, navigation, and, especially in the case of the prophets, Farsight, though their combat sorcerers and healers are also to be respected on the battlefield.

Members of the grotthu caste are not addressed by rank, except in rare circumstances (such as a slave overseer, who is probably well on the way to earning his or her freedom), nor are they commonly addressed by name: they are merely called "grotthu".

Enclave doctrine

The Enclave does not officially recognize the existence of the Force: rather, the idea of the Unity is taught instead.  They reason that the Light side and the Dark side cannot exist because that would split the Unity into divisions, thus making it no longer the Unity.  And if it is not the Unity, then how can so many powers of both supposed alignments interact with each other and even negate each other?  This doctrine bears a certain resemblance to the Jedi and Sith views of the Unifying Force, although the Enclave doctrine recognizes the importance of keeping an eye on the here-and-now much like the teachings of Living Force adherents.

The Dream-weaver has privately indicated a recognition of slight leanings in Light and Dark directions based on intentions and the specific use to which a power is put. She has also stated that only a tiny handful of Enclave members, including High Sorcerer Tsoirrim Highmind-Foreseer and herself, are truly balanced and thus able to fully realize their potential in the Unity.

Behind the scenes

The Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers originated as the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith, which was a central part of Valermit Mindseer's backstory.  It was intended to explain the existence of a Pureblooded Sith individual more than 250 years after the last members of his race were supposedly wiped out on Tund.