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After the battle of Ruusan, the Sith troops left the planet even if they were undefeated. Trying to clear this paradox, and wanting to know the state of the Sith Empire, the reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide jumped to the imperial space, They first met the Taral'ari on his temple of Rhelg which explained them his view on the Sith philosophy, but to few on the military affairs. They decided to continue to Byss, the capital of the Empire, managing to arrive at time for a general assembly a trooper told them about. The people they questioned on Byss declined to reply their questions on this topic, they referred to their superiors, and eventually to the emperor.

When the meeting started, they waited patiently the guards allow them to pass, then entered in the room, walking between two rows of Sith dignitaries.

"Byss Orbit, SSD Ravager: In an interview after the pullback of his troops from Ruusan, the Emperor Validus affirmed they weren't necessary any more, the planet having been freed from the oppressive Jedi extremists and the executions would only have concerned terrorists. According him, the Jedi declined any attempt of a negotiated peace. He refused to range over Dromund Kaas, evoking privacy and security reasons."

— Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide, reporting



Emperor Validus and his court, interviewed by Daana and Rakiko

  • General NC-304: "Thank you Sergeant. I will take them from here"
  • Daana Kira nods at the officer she saw earlier on the bridge
  • General NC-304 nodded to the reporters, "This way"
  • Rakiko Lowtide looks at the crowd and takes a deep breadth.
  • General NC-304: "These two are the reporters. Daana and Rakiko."
  • Daana Kira walks carefully between the Sith of the assembly, impressed to be in the middle of so many powerful people.
  • Rakiko Lowtide looks around and stand professionaly "Greetings everyone."
  • Emperor Validus: "Welcome. The Empire is always pleased to meet the galactic media."
  • Rakiko Lowtide tries to stay calm in his talk "It's an honour for you to have us."
  • Daana Kira curtsies when coming close of the throne, hoping its the right think to do in the etiquette
  • Emperor Validus says, "I have heard you've already interviewed my Executor.", he points to the red-skinned humanoid dressed in gold and blue.
  • Sable Ashbourne: ~~ her eyes rested on the Taral'ari a bit~~
  • Major Stipe salutes sharply and comes to attention facing the general
  • Calithlin Torok nods to the two reporters respectfully, having enjoyed their session quite thoroughly.
  • Darth Arcana (Nicodemus Dreamscape) looks at these reporters with a steady gaze, as they address the Emperor.
  • Rakiko Lowtide nods and looks over to Taral'ari. "Yes. He was kind enough to give us a tour of his home and to explain a philosophy of the Sith."
  • General NC-304 nods to the major
  • Daana Kira turns head head to the Taral'ari they meet earlier for an interview and issues a light smile to him, then she turn more seriously to the emperor and nods "Yes, majesty, he make us the honour to anwsers our questions."
  • Emperor Validus: "There is none better suited to explaining the philosophy of the Sith order."
  • Calithlin Torok grins, reflexively taking a subtle bow from the neck in response to the Emperor's praise.
  • Rakiko Lowtide: "Before we begin out reason for being here, are recording or holovideo recording allowed?"
  • Daana Kira crosses her arms then unfolds them along her ips "he did it very well, the interview we recorded should be scheduled very soon"
  • Emperor Validus looks to a portion of his wristband containing the vague lines of code from LEGION. After a few button presses, he nods to the reporters, "Recording equipment is no longer suppressed. You may record."

Ruusan pushback[]

  • Daana Kira does a step forward to ask her first question "Majesty, the people wonder why your troop left the ground of Ruusan where they were undefeated, leaving it back to the Jedi, could you give us the reason?"
  • Rakiko Lowtide unstraps his hand holocam from his leg and raises it up panning around the room as he steps back.
  • Emperor Validus: "Of course. The Empire did not travel to Ruusan in force to conquer it... we were liberating it from the grip of the oppressive Jedi religion. Did you know they suppress all emotion in their followers? Quite sad.. but I digress. We left as our job was complete, peace and order had been restored."
  • Rakiko Lowtide then zooms in on the emperor for his answer.
  • Emperor Validus: "An interim government has been left in our stead, which shall monitor the Jedi population and make sure they do not get out of hand again. After all, we would not wish to exterminate the Jedi, merely reeducate them to become productive citizens."

  • Daana Kira raises her hand a bit doing a circular pattern when speaking "some of your officers told the prisoners of war were executed without a trial, could you explain it in the context of a liberation war?"
  • Rakiko Lowtide also moves around the room, catching the expressions on each person's face.
  • Emperor Validus: "War is always unfortunate and the last measure. These prisoners you speak of were dangerous terrorists who devalued life and were unafraid to kill men, women and children without remorse. Execution is tragic.. but the only sentence we can give such individuals."
  • Lady Matraya (Marymac Dougall) frowns at the media and keeps her attention on the Emperor
  • Winkie Lilliehook starts to feel mildly ill... residue effects of an atmospheric poison... and wanders off for fresh air*
  • Darth Arcana (Nicodemus Dreamscape) had no expression on his face save a focused gaze.

The Jedi and the peace[]

  • Daana Kira continues her question, not wanting to insist on this one even if she believe the answers was a bit short, "Many Jedi stated the war could never stop as long as the Sith would exist, are you open to a diplomatic solution at the problem of the galaxy?", she adds after a short pause "instead of a pure military one..."
  • Emperor Validus explains for the reporters, "You see, when the rest of the galaxy think of the Sith... they have been conditioned by the Jedi and others to think of evil, oppressive, figures who slaughter and conquer. The ancient Sith were like this, perhaps, but the Empire only wishes to bring peace and stability to a chaotic galaxy. The Jedi of Ruusan on the other hand... left their citizens to their fate and retreated underground during the occupation, despite their claims of being defenders of the people."
  • Rakiko Lowtide moves the came back to the emperor his face calm as he works and nods to Daana's question "Some Jedi have indicated that a diplomatic solution could be found".
  • Emperor Validus continues, "Of course. We always look for a diplomatic solution and you shall find Imperial diplomats to be the finest in the galaxy. My Hand, Darth Destius, is one such diplomat as is another of my Hands, Darth Aeon. The Jedi however always draw their lightsabers when we attempt to converse... and they call us the barbaric ones."
  • General NC-304 tilts his head, "If I may add to your statement, my lord?"
  • Daana Kira looks at the officers having talked, expecting he'll be allowed to speak.
  • Emperor Validus: "Of course General."
  • Darth Destius [ Torsteinn Elvehjem ] nods slightly at the compliment given but the Emperor is in flow so he will not speak at this juncture.
  • Rakiko Lowtide moves the general into the frame, after having looked like he was about to jump on something the Emperor said but then thought better of it for now.
  • Sable Ashbourne: ~~ she crossed her arms loosely across the abdomen her expression was stoic ~~
  • General NC-304 nods to the Emperor, looking back to the reporters, "As the Emperor has said, the Jedi cast this Empire in a dark light, spreading slander and vile words. However, in recent events over the past few years, we have been the docile ones. We have had to defend this very planet from the siege of many of the Jedi, such as the ones on Ruusan. They have become the predators, a disturbance in the balance of peace. During some of our diplomatic runs, few of which I have participated in myself, we had been attacked without provoking them. They have now seen to it to attack us on whim. Let it be known that we are not the offenders. We are merely taking the Jedi's place as the defenders of peace. As they have failed in their duties."
  • Lady Matraya (Marymac Dougall) muttering to herself "they follow a life of lies."

  • Daana Kira nods at the general's talk, she has seen some Jedi acting aggressively and can see what he means, but it wasn't the case of all. She stops moving her hand and holds her head tail-talking, she asks facing the Emperor "You're talking about the Jedi of Ruusan, do you have a special grief against those one or is it shared with all the other Jedi orders? Also is there Jedi group you're working positively with currently?"
  • Emperor Validus says, "You may think these hollow words, from a being whose outward appearance is terrifying. I wish to assure your viewers that even as I suffer from advanced age and disease, I struggle to bring order to the galaxy and am forced to wear this lifegiving equipment which gives me such a strange appearance.", he places a hand over the box on his chest, "I am no more frightening than any average Imperial citizen."
  • Emperor Validus ponders the question a moment.
  • Rakiko Lowtide zooms in trying to capture the regality of the Emperor against the backdrop to show him more as a regular person.
  • Emperor Validus answers shortly after, "We believe the religion of the Jedi to be a twisted form of our own, rather than the opposite which they would have you believe. We are free, they are oppressed. We feel emotion and attachment, they are forbidden. We seek order and selflessness. They seek glory and selfishness. The Jedi are not to be exterminated, as I said, as they are like... wayward brothers and sisters. They much be reeducated."

  • Daana Kira rubs her foreams asking a last questions about the Jedi "What is the best way, for you, to reeducate the Jedi, or in general to anybody opposed to your rule?"
  • Rakiko Lowtide lowers his cam and looks at the emperor adding a follow-up to Daana "And why do you think the Jedi's view has lasted so long?"
  • Emperor Validus motions with his hands as he speaks, "The Empire does not wish to trample of the governments of the various planets we assist. We help those governments establish reeducation camps where we calmly and gently teach these dangerous terrorists the error of their ways.", he pauses before answering the next question, "The Jedi's view has lasted as long as it has because their Master perpetuate it, teaching these lies and slander to the next generation... and the next... and the next."
  • Lady Matraya (Marymac Dougall) nods fervently to agree with the emperor.

About Dromund Kaas[]

  • Daana Kira folds her arms back on her chest, motioning her other hand "You're talking about camps, is one of this camp placed on Dromund Kaas? There is rumours about people disappeared and experiment on this planet, which is under your direct rule...". She stays elusive, not wanting to confess yet she visited the laboratory.
  • Rakiko Lowtide calmly films the scene his heart beating a bit faster he holds onto the holocam for security as he films those around.
  • Emperor Validus: "Dromund Kaas is my personal retreat and a highly restricted area due to the military presence in orbit of the planet. Even Emperors require a vacation spot, do they not? I cannot discuss what may or may not be on the surface of the planet for reasons of my personal safety, you understand. I can assure you that no prisoners are kept on the planet, there is normally no one there other than myself and a small garrison of troopers."
  • The corner of Darth Destius' mouth curls upwards infinitesimally at the mention of that planet but he assumes a mild and fairly neutral expression.
  • Sable Ashbourne: ~~ she looked as if she cared less about the discussion. when in fact she plucked emotions out of the air. the very aether around their guests. their edginess was duely noted. her eyes narrowed a bit.. ~~
  • Darth Rowe jingles a handful of war medals in her hand hoping the sound will prompt them to get on with it and go so that she may honor the brave warriors from the war.
  • Lady Matraya (Marymac Dougall) attempts to be as patient as possible.
  • Rakiko Lowtide looks around noting some anxiousness at the others and then looks towards Daana before focusing back on the Emperor to keep him on the feed.
  • Daana Kira pouts, not believing anybody would take a day of vacation there, she tries to know a little more with another question "There is also rumour you were helped by the Yuuzhan Vong, could you tell us more the nature of this support if any?"
  • Emperor Validus answers smoothly, "Of course. It is well known the Vong are masters of the flesh, so I enlisted their aid in helping to cure my condition. That is all."
  • Daana Kira tries to add quick "but this rumour stated a greater support of them..."
  • Rakiko Lowtide nods "Something military in nature".
  • Darth Trysios grins "that is why its a rumor"
  • Emperor Validus nods as Darth Trysios speaks up, "You should not believe heresay and conjecture, my friends."
  • Rakiko Lowtide smiles calmly and nods to the man having been reminded to obtain facts.
  • Emperor Validus holds up a hand, "Now, I shall have to stop you. For pressing governmental business must continue. Though you are welcome on our planet any time."
  • Rakiko Lowtide nods "Thank you emperor for indulging our questions we understand" and lowers his holocam back to his leg turning it off.
  • Daana Kira wanted asks another question crossing her arms but doesn't insist to not irritate the leader, she'll try to have the answer in another way "All right, thank you majesty", she says with a curtsy.


(Transcript recorded with Emperor Validus and Daana Kira's players agreement)