"I will make those falsely claim to be but a memory. They will submit to their worst nightmares and begging for death, but deny it to them. Those that are enemies will die by our hands."

— Darth Nytraya

Biography[edit | edit source]

Eleora Tigerpaw is the twin sister of estate head to House Tigerpaw Baal Tigerpaw. During the fall of Onderon, Eleora was on Tatooine trying to persuade the local Hutt and crime lords, to agree to a treaty. But when Eleora arrived a back in Mos Eisley to her shuttle to take her back home, when the Hutt's had double crossed her. A bounty hunter fired at her and she was lucky to role out of the way, sensing the incoming attack. But by rolling to safety, had destroyed her vessel to escape Tatooine.

The encounter[edit | edit source]

Eleora Tigerpaw was brought into the fold of ODO by Lord Aeron (played by Darth Ecano) who had gave her glimpse into what true sith are supposed to be, this Sith Lord this Lord Aeron had charmed Eleora Tigerpaw that she turn her back on her family House Tigerpaw, had witness Lord Aeron discipline another acolyte for not bowing in the presences of his superiors, Eleora learnt only to fast. That the weak are meant to survive while the strong lead. This was her beginning of the path for a future…

Surprise visitor and uninvited guest[edit | edit source]

Lord Aeron guided his Master to the throne room in which Darth Morsus sat, and moved off to the side before introducing "Darth Morsus, this is my Master, former Jen'ari and powerful sorceress, Lady Ciera." he said as he motioned to his Master humbly. Darth Morsus watches the expected Sith Lady walk in and immediately stands up straight and makes a slight bow towards the Lady, "Welcome to our station. I was expecting you. Please by all means, follow me to the meeting room where we can comfortably talk." he says while stepping of the podium.(Data Corruption...Error can't load)

Acolyte Vs Acolyte demonstration of power[edit | edit source]

Eleora Tigerpaw was fed up with being the look as mere weakling because she was female that delighted in history of dark magic and potions. But even her fimble powers didn't frighten a mere peer. It as it was of old struggle of power between of sith acolyte to another. the domination of wills at it is called only the strong would survive in regards to her belief of the sith. Time and time she tried to prove she was superior to Creangar but got brushed off as being something of that was best forgotten.

The departure of Tython[edit | edit source]

Having seen the truth of Obscurum Dominion knowing that it will fail and become nothing but echo. Eleora Tigerpaw leaves Tython in search of new master. A far better one, and Order that will up hold it's promises of her training. Eleora sets her course to mid rim core worlds, travels between Dromund Kaas, Byss, and Coursant. Eventually settling on Malev IV to study from the Shadows as she observes, ODSL, but she was than approach by Lady Zyrah to join the Order.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Eleora is biological sister of BALAZRO Tigerpaw that is on second life. They had decide to make it family thing on Second life. So that they could develop a strong bond as sister and brother.

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