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Trouble from the start[]

Elaine Corrino was born off world to her parents as they returned to the planet Mirial. Her parents ranking nobles amongst the people of Mirial landed at the time the planet was raided by an unknown group of females. The Raiders managed to get aboard the ship that the new born elaine and her Parents were on. With the ship took over both the young Mirialan and her parents were taken as hostages. The Girls parents were Ransomed, but because Elaine was not known to those paying the Ransom she was left for 3 years till her parents could regain her. These Raiders were from Dathomir and Elaine was raised from meer days old to 3 years of ago among these raiders who were from a fracture of the exiles of the clans on Dathomir known as the Nightsisters. When Elaine was finally returned to her parents she was still young enough, but it was obvious her time among the nightsisters had changed what she might have become. Instead of pacient and Serene like many of her Race Elaine developed into a bit of an amazon and tolerated little for those who did not live up to her expectations. While her own Parents were not the first to suffer her tempter they were the reason she was cast out to the stars.


Nan'ayee Lyn Teeubo, After joining the NSO

With her parents dead and she cast off from her home, but with all the fortunes of her family at her disposal Contessa Elaine Corrino traveled the other worlds wondering deeper into the the deep core. As Elaine had traveled inward towards the deep core she established a few homes on a few worlds as a safety fall back. Her families fortune keeping her well funded as she still held controlling interest in her families holdings and through a proxy made sure things remained well. During her stop off on a known slavers world she came across a young white Twi'lek. the Twi'Lek girl Nan'ayee Lyn Teeubo was taken under the countesses wing and given a home and a chance at a new life with Elaine. Elaine moves herself deeper into the and ddeper into the the deep core buying and selling a few homes over time, but eventually she leaves Nan'ayee alone at the home Elaine keeps and takes the private ship towards a Planet called Prakith following some odd draw and feeling she has about the Planet.


Elaine arrived on Prakith in her own ship and was let past the super star Destroyer in orbit of the planet for unknown reasons. Once she set foot on the planet side she starts to just explore and try to discover her need and attraction to be on this planet was. It did not take long before she discovered the temple but how could one miss it. The thing was entering the temple was not so easy and in an attempt to try and locate a way into the Temple she encountered A Female Twi'LeK that wore a cloak, her first encounter with Luneris and it was not a good one. The overbearing Luneris pushed and prodded Elaine with questions and threats. this had lead to a parting to other areas on Prakith for Elaine, but she eventually found her way inside the massive temple on the planet. It was while exploring inside she posts a familiar face or two and just quietly follows them to only be discovered and sort of held with out a place to turn by several of the order residing there. This group of sith included Luneris made sure she was not leaving and after a gread discussion Elaine was escorted with another that had been found near by to some one called Apparition.

Becoming Sith[]

After an introduction and what seemed mike a minor interrogation Elaine was inducted into The New Sith Order and spent her first days as a Sith Innate just trying to cope with learning what she could about who they were and why she even joined their ranks in the first place. Weeks were spent just learning what she could from each of the Various Lords and Masters amonst the NSO before she would find her self worthy of becoming an apprentice, but once she became an apprentice she became focused on learning the best she could and became more aware of the lurking darkness within her.

Under a Sith Master[]

With the drop of a knee and a sworn oath Elaine become an apprentice to Luneris. Time, sweat, pain, healing, and more pain became routine in elaines life under the watchful eye of Luneris. Elaine was rewarded for her Loyalty and steadfast learning of the Darkside with the painful removal of the marks of her Mirialan past past on her face and the sub-squint sith markings Luneris applied to the head of Elaine. Progress is tested but twice by Cain Rosenkreuz and the first test proved that Elaine had come a ways in her training, but she still lacked traits to be a lord of the sith yet. Elaine did manage to actually wound Cain Rosenkreuz but that was an easy thing for him to heal.

Elaine swears her Oath into Apprenticeship to her new Sith Master Luneris

After more training under Luneris there was a second test or lesson depending on ones point of view that happened with Cain Rosenkreuz. This test had occurred after Elaine had been talking or more or less arguing and wanting to inflict harm on another apprentice. Elaine was forced to team up and set aside differences to keep both herself and the apprentice from getting possible killed or worse. She and the apprentice had succeeded though it nearly cost them both their lives and got them both stuck unconscious being healed and recovering from that test and battle. It was during this recovery that Elaine had received her next gifted Tattoo on her body from her Master and it was a definite sign of what was soon to come.

Lady Ristiriita[]

The apprenticeship is over. Elaine Corrino is no longer as she was recognized as a Sith Lady in her own rights and is now called Ristiriita, Sith Lady. Now as a Sith Lord or Lady she had gained a new master, Cain Rosenkreuz. After several months under her new master and some training with him and even having entered and passed the tests of the Sith Tomb on Parkith, Ristiriita eventually gained a wanderlust that took her from her Master and eventually found her out in sectors of space just generally called the unknown regions.

Time in the Unknown[]