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ESCAPE is a SWRP story, set in Star Wars Galaxies & Second Life. Set is various points in time across years of Star Wars Canon timeline, it is infact an RP story, which will feature real, everyday members of the community in the cast and production team. This page will be updated regularly with information on the story, characters, locations and plot developments.

The Idea


STAR WARS - SECOND LIFE - Promo Teaser Trailer

ESCAPE Promo Trailer

ESCAPE is about a shuttle crash on a mysterious Imperial controlled planet. The series on YouTube ran for 2 seasons with a total of 13 episodes all shot in Star Wars Galaxies. A 3rd season was planned set after the planet's movement. However this never happened due to various actors in SWG leaving the MMO, as well as not enough views on YouTube. The overall story set at the time of the series was planned to run for 4 seasons in total. But the production has moved over to Second Life for ease of story telling abilities and set design. The story of ESCAPE has now changed from the original planned into a new exiting movie setting. The Trilogy of movies planned By TWINE LIGHT MEDIA was set to become some of the biggest & most complex of any Machinima projects yet made inside Second Life. But due to budget as well as a number of issues with making 3 movies about this story, we felt it would be better to create a new series rather then 3 movies.

[UPDATE] As of Aug.2011, TwineLightMedia are now producing ESCAPE from SE1EP1 as audio stories only due to Second Life's recent lagging for Kerian Twine, as well as other projects he's doing. The show will play out as planned, but without video aid.

The Pilot; Arrival Part 1 will broadcast on YouTube October 2011.

The Audio Adventures

On Aug 7 2011, TLM released a video asking for casting on the series for a pilot for release around Xmas 2011. Many have come forward and a pilot is in the works as we speak read for October or sooner 2011. The pilot will feature only a couple of members of the story. TLM are concerned the audio adventures won't do the show justice as it was wirrten for the visual effects, but because SL isn't easy, audio is the only step. The show will hopefully run for 3 suscessful seasons and END the way we've already planned it to.

The Pilot stories, Arrival Part 1 & 2 will feature the characters Liam Taylor and Graziak Clone arrive on the mysterious shores of the planet, unnamed yet, and work together to find out why. We hope the audio will feature enough informaiton for the listener to imagine they were there. Episode's 1 & 2 will actually lay out alot of mysteries not only about the planet and who may inhabit it, but the chracters themselves. Each episode will feature a monologue from the P.O.V of Liam Taylor as if he'd already left the planet. For audio, you need as much aid as possible in the script to help the audience imagine the planet and characters. So with monologues, we can achieve this.

Season One will run for 17 episodes

Season Two will run for 18 episodes

Season Three will run for, hopefully, 22 episodes and the special final story.

The Crash

The reason behind the crash won't be told until the final season.

The New Story

The new ESCAPE storyline is starting completly from scratch, intorducing new characters and plots into the story. Some characters from the previous old SWG ESCAPE series may appear, but in a new format and their past/alternate character storyline won't be part of this timeline.

The story will follow a shuttle crash on a mysterious unnamed planet somewhere in the Outer Rim. The survivors must come together to face an ancient evil that is about to be unleashed upon the galaxy.

ESCAPE will have alot of mystery and unanswered questions that will feature in every episode. Either here or on a new wikia will each episode be laid out in detail for reading, continuaty, life facts and events within the show.

Time Travel

In Star Wars Canon stories, Time travel has never been easy to control. its been a mear accident that has never really worked out. In ESCAPE its no different. What ever happened, happened. The story of ESCAPE is like Mace Windu & the Secret of Tet Ami.


For each season of ESCAPE, Twine Light Media are producing ad campains to promote the show.


1. * Arrival Part 1 - Two strangers find themselves falling hundreds of feet above an ocean of an unknown world.

2. * Arrival Part 2 - Liam discovers something strange on the beach & Graziak goes missing.

3. * The Chance of a Lifetime - Liam is captured by "the unknowns" and offered a chance to go home.

4. * What He Did - Liam discovers who killed the mother of his child.

5. * From Across the Ocean - A strange noise is heard from above and 2 new faces arrive on the planet.

6. * The Nightmare Forest - The Blue Orb shows up again and leads Liam on a wild journey.

7. * Same Faces, Different Places - We discover the 2 new arrivals are hiding something, and Liam wants to know what.

8. * Another Day at the Beach - The survivors are once again confronted by "The Unknowns" but this time, one is killed.

9. * The Truth - Liam is told why he was brought to the planet.

10.* Everything Changes - After revelations about something from his past, Liam discovers another survivor from the shuttle.

11. This Is Where It Begins - 1 of the new faces disappear and Liam tells Graziak a secret.

12. A Change in the Ranks - The Unknowns manipulate Graziak into killing the two new faces.

13. The Flashback - The new shuttle survivor tells Liam and Graziak about his past and the reason for being on the shuttle.

14. Its about Time - Graziak finds out the reason he was brought to the planet.

15. Naboo Sundown - Graziak's girlfriend leads him on a chase through the jungle leading him to a possible way home.

16. Mystery on Tatooine - In a flashback, we discover that our 2 characters' lives have intertwined before.

17. Time of Your Life - The Unknowns try to stop Liam and Graziak leaving the planet by destroying their transport. Graziak meets his fate while Liam gets in contact with an apparent ship en route to the planet. (This episode also marks out first FLASHFORWARD)


2.1 Everything Begins

2.2 He's our You

2.3 The Tatooine Rockie

2.4 Home Time

2.5 Origin of the Plan

2.6 Returning to the Crash

2.7 Him

2.8 Oceans and Galaxies








2.16 Everything Ends Part One

2.17 Everything Ends Part Two

Characters from the Old Show in SWG

List of characters of the old show set in SWG.

  • Lyder Norris, a spy of the Rebel Alliance & survivor of the crash. Was resuced on day 14, 1 hour prior to movement
  • Graziak Kloon, a smuggler that was killed by Lippe on day 2
  • Orad Kloon, a former friend of Lyder who disappeared on day 5. It is unknown where Orad is due to the movement
  • Hypt, an Imperial that brought Lyder to the temple. He was ordered to carry out Code 14-90. What happened to him once he moved the planet, is unknown
  • The General, an imperial officer stationed in the Temple. He hands out the orders. He remained in the Temple at the time of movement.
  • Commander Harris , unknown but works for an unknown Sith Lord. he informed this Sith of Code 14-90 being suscessful just after Lyder crashed on tatooine
  • Lope the Wookie, unknown but knows about Lyder and the planet
  • Unknown man on Endor, communicates with Lope and retreated to safe house just after Lyder's appearance on Tatooine
  • Havel Norris, Lyder's wife who rescued him from Titan One prior to the movement
  • James Harrison Norris, Lyder's stepfather who left him at the age of 8 to join the Empire & Titan One. He was ordered to leave the planet prior to the movement, it is unknown if he made it.
  • Malaki, the rebel spy who came to the planet to rescue Lyder. As far as we know, he made it to the mothership prior to the movement, it is unknown if he went back
  • General Shiraz, controlled an unknown station on Titan One.
  • Apex, an Imperial scouter who was asking about Command 52 and was nearly killed. Whereabouts: unknown.


The Empire

The Empire is the centre of the SWRP series and movie, ESCAPE. They occupy a planet called Titan ONE, that orbits Dathomir. It is unknown how long the Imperials have been on Titan ONE, but at some point, a shuttle flying to Dathomir breached the atmosphere of Titan ONE, causing a crash. The Imperials reported those who crashed dead, and a story went out that the shuttle was never found. They lost control when Lyder, a passenger of the shuttle and possibly others managed to escape the planet with a Rebel spy Malaki. Titan ONE's location is currently unknown, due to its ability to be moved from a location.

The Rebel Alliance

The Rebel Alliance is part of the SWRP series & movie ESCAPE. Not much is known of the Rebel Alliance at this current part of the timeline, but they are aware of Titan ONE and arrive there to rescue survivor, Lyder Norris. Malaki seems to work for them, as did Lyder did at one point before quitting. They are set however to become a huge part in the Trilogy of SWRP movies. Their role however is unknown as of yet.

The Wookie Clans

The Wookie Clans are a group involved in the SWRP series & movie trilogy of ESCAPE. They role currently is minor. They have appeared in, so far, 2 episodes of the series. Their home world of Kashyyyk where Hypt lost his arm, and Code 14 - 90, where Lope, an unknown Wookie, was on Tatooine at the moment of Lyder's Escape Pod crashing in the desert. Lope seemed to know alot about him and the planet. He was very worried at Lyders apperance and took photos of him, before retreating to an unknown safe house. The Wookie Clans are set to become an important part of the SWRP Trilogy of movies.

The Jedi

The Jedi are part of the original Star Wars movie Canon, and a very minor part of the SWRP series and movie, ESCAPE. They haven't actually appeared in the series yet, but might in the Trilogy of movies.

The Mandalorians

The Mandalorians are a minor part of the SWRP series & movie, ESCAPE. Their role within ESCAPE has yet to be shown. However, their first apperance was in Code 14 - 90 where Commander Harris appeared to an unknown Sith, reporting to him of the planets movements.


  • Titan One, The Planet in which the series is set.
  • Tatooine
  • Imperial Ships
  • Emperor's Temple
  • Exar Kun's Temple
  • Space
  • Dathomir Space
  • Yavin Space
  • Tatooine Space
  • Theed Castle, Naboo

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