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"We dont need weapons, the weapons need us."

— E-3415 "Flash"

E-3415, nicknamed "Flash", is a clone trooper who serves in the Grand Army of the Republic. He is an genetically-modified clone of Jango Fett.

21st Platoon / Alpha Squad

E-3415 was trained by one of the first female Drill Sergeants , called Jerek .

After a brawl in an Cantina Pvt E-3415 was moved from the 21st Platoon to the 501st Platoon , where he got a lot of formal drill , than he joined the Military Police Division of the 501st.

501st Platoon

While a mission on Endor E-3415 fell out of an LAAT , he was missed the first time.

On endor he found an abandoned base with a working communication system. He contact the GAR to get rescued , but the whole rescue mission failed. The leading LAAT was hit by an IED while landing near the base , just a few troopes survived. While the survived troopers searching for cover they run directly in the next trap , all died.

the second LAAT had more luck , they landed and secured E-3415.

After the mission E-3415 was moved to the 501st Reserve as Private First Class.

724th Platoon

His first actions in the 724th where in the Gamma Squad , afer a couple weeks he got his promotion to Lance Corporal.After 2 mounth he transfered  to the Omega Squad , but just for a couple days.

He got promoted to Corporal and served as Squadless 724th trooper for a few patrol's.

E-3415 "Flash" with Corporal Colors

On an Mission at Ruusan he lead a fireteam when the GAR engaged a group of sith and some sith troopers .He lost his half fireteam in the first minutes of the battle , he killed two sith troopers and severely wounded an Sith , than he got seriously injured at the try to safe his last wounded fireteam member. His last mission was at Byss , where his patrol walks into an mandalorian ambush , all troopers that where on Byss got  seriously injured.

After a long time in a bacta tank he transfered to the 333rd.

333rd Platoon

After the transfer his rank changed to the naval rank of Petty Officer 3rd class , he became LAAT Copilot and Gunner.

After a few mounths his CO transfer him on a venator class star destroyer ans Navy Seal / Bording Unit.

E-3415 leading a patrol on Dantooine

Than ,some weeks later he got promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class and got transfered back in the flying unit again , his time as Squadron Leader beginns.

On a fly mission as Air Support for an ground patrol his LAAT crashed on Dantooine , but he had luck and just got slightly injured .

His last mission for the 333rd was to secure the the Princess of Bakura while the PGAF attacks.

He waits with his LAAT on the top of the palace but the princes didn't comes up.. After 30 minutes of waiting a group of PGAF troopers showed up on the roof and shot his LAAT down , while this crash E-3415 lost both of his eyes.

In the following time in the bacta tank the 333rd got resolved and the 403rd was formed.

403rd Platoon

When E-3415 left the bacta tank there was no 333rd anymore , so he was a 403rd trooper now , in the first time he keeps the position of Squadron Leader but cause the 403rd had no officer he became formal XO and than formal CO of the 403rd but the council choose a trooper called A'den as new 403rd CO.

Back in the 21st Platoon

E-3415 "Flash" in armor with 21st Platoon addons

After the decision of the council he transfered to the 21st again so he was called Sergeant now , he became Squadleader of the Alpha Squad , but on an patrol he lost contact to the group , he moved to the LZ but his group was gone already.

E-3415 Flash kissing his mandalorian girlfriend

Status M*I*A