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DCS2 is a Combat System created by Dimentox Travanti. It stands for Dynamic Combat System, it was first limited to the dark/gothic universe under the name Dark Combat System, then it became more versatile and was renamed.


Current Version

  • DCS2 - v2.45.11

Current Price

  • L$75


DCS2 is configurable at sim level but multiple sims may have the same configurations.

Configurations are not compatible each others. They differ on the hit rate, the powers, the class and the character leveling.

Current configurations

(sorted alphabetically)


Main article: DCS2 (LME)

Used on Little Mos Eisley since september 2008.


Used on Ord Mantell.

Rampant and GalacticUnity

Main article: DCS2 (Rampant)
Main article: DCS2 (GalacticUnity)

Used on 'Galactic Unity' regions.


Main article: DCS2 (GalacticAeon)

Used on some former 'Galactic Unity' regions.

Previously used configurations

YavinIV configuation was previoulsy shortly used in january 2008 on the Yavin IV and The Rock was used on Mos Espa before beeing replaced by ZXCS. GoldenBusinessArea6 was in use on the short living sim Taspir III.

Falkor was used in Little Mos Eisley before being replaced by LME configuration.