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The Myrkr Massacre

Ducar Gaton was born Drexar Kurs'ade to Mandalorians Zerga and Ailee. It was a remote outpost on the planet Myrkr, comprised of a renegade clan of true Mandalorians that refused to follow the antics of self-proclaimed Mandalores. Instead, they chose a simpler life; one that sought to bring honour and prosperity to their people, rather than death and destruction.

While the Mando-Republic Alliance, established by his father, had been designed to protect their trade routes within the Inner Rim Territories, the unlikely coalition spawned a confrontation with local factions. Though the Republic had promised increased security to the region, when the altercations escalated, they failed to commit substantial support.

The strike was sudden. A task force of elite Ubese mercenaries had penetrated the Mandalorian defences and mounted a surprise attack on the surface. The battle was short and the consequences, for the outpost, were severe. Within two days, the entire Mandalorian clan was defeated, and exterminated. However, two known members survived. Deep in the forest of Myrkr, Drexar and his father witnessed the attack from afar. Enraged, Zerga prepared himself for a violent infiltration. However, given the circumstances, his revenge was impossible.

Paranoid about the overwhelming presence of bacteria on the planet, the Ubese chose not to remain on the surface for long. Obsessed with his honour, Zerga abandoned his son to pursue the Ubese off-world. Three years later, at age eleven, it was apparent that Drexar had adapted to the wilderness, alone, and had done so quickly. Those years were unexplainable. With each passing day he became attuned to nature and its cycles. He was, for that time, as animalistic and wild as the creatures around him. However, this feral existence would not last a lifetime.

Captivity and Escape

His removal from Myrkr came quick, one afternoon, when a small band of pirates had discovered him during their search for abandoned goods near the old Mandalorian outpost. A young, healthy, and incredibly strong Epicanthix would fetch a high price in Hutt Space, or so they thought. However, their journey would not go uninterrupted.

An explosion erupted on their ship. Most of them were killed instantly, less a few that fought to the death in the brig. Zerga had returned to rescue his son, but during the escape, was fatally wounded. Giving Drexar his armour, and his ship, he set his son on an automated path to Dxun.

Acclamation to Dxun

Glimmering in the ageless cavity of cold space, the glint of defiant stars spewed streams of silver down upon the wild green of Dxun in an entropic symphony of light. It was a world wrought with life, wild and untamed. Arduous and fierce, a large Boma prone upon the fresh ground, eyes focused in astute observation of its surroundings; an image buried within the eyes of a young Mandalorian hidden in the brush, silently stalking a species dangerous even to his ancestors.

A sudden dilation, slow and sinister, swept those menacing eyes instantly. Contact was made, the rite had begun. The beast was set into motion, met with the quick draw of the Mandalorian, who unleashed his blaster in a fiery rage, but to no avail were these scolding bolts of plasma. They produced mere burns against the thick-skinned ridges of the fleshy colossus that pounded forward like an unstoppable force.

His eyes widened, hidden by the black of his visor, as the Boma trampled forward, snapping the undergrowth beneath its massive claws. The blast of his burners echoed throughout the forest, but a moment too soon. The beast had stuck hard at him, missing its fatal blow, but thrusting its bone-hard head deep into the worn armour. Hurling through the air violently, the boy came crashing to the ground some distance from the hostile creature. There was darkness, but only for a moment."

Stunned, he pulled himself from the ground slowly. Unlike so many other fights in his past, he knew this one was real. As vivid to him as childhood fantasy, he envisioned himself skewered by the monumental teeth; chewed and torn, no more than food for a mindless titan. It was a fate he would not accept. His eyes opened, focus regained, as he pulled away his helmet and turned back to the awaiting beast. There was now the smell of blood.

Discarding his blaster, he slid his hand across the pooled blood at his nostrils, smearing the red of his wound over his mouth. All the fragmented thoughts ceased, now there was only action. In an unanticipated defiance, he set his body forward, charging at the beast with untamed strides. His heart was the tempo of his war song, pumping hard on the toxicity of survival.

With a blazing flare from behind, he propelled himself over the beast, attempting to deliver a blow from the rear, but the monster whirled around with tumultuous form, knocking the boy to the ground with its massive tail. Without hesitation it opened its mammoth jaws and gobbled forward with its snapping teeth, wet and repulsive. For that fateful moment, he opened wide and lunged. Yet, in an instinctive retort, the boy took aim with his grappling hook, a last resort, and fired it deep into the creature's mouth.

The forest was quiet that night, arguable more than it had been in the past, or so the young Mandalorian would say; the creatures of the wild stayed away. Perhaps there was something spiritual about the liminal nature of this escapade, or maybe it was simply the burning flesh of a fallen predator that scared away the other creatures. One could speculate until the end of time, but for every experience there is a unique feeling that cannot be explained. Many beasts had been killed on Dxun, but this one lived on from within its conqueror.

Early Life on Ruusan


Following a brutal confrontation with a senior Mandalorian, Drexar was forced to leave Dxun and find another residence. However, his social skills were greatly impaired by his solitude on Myrkr. His completely random choice was Ruusan; a planet that he knew absolutely nothing about. Unable to navigate alone, he swindled his way onto a freighter bound for the planet.

It was not until his arrival did he realize that he would not be able to survive there. However, the freighter had already left and he was, again, abandoned. Fortunately for him, there were two Jedi interested in giving him a new home, Don and Kris Gaton. His adopted parents made him comfortable, for at least a while, and the lifestyle of the Jedi was appeasing. However, his naturalistic spirit could not be contained.

Initiation into the Arahim

Somewhat angered by the restrictions of the Jedi, and those of his foster parents, Duc had gradually begun extending his off-world activities; reaching out for new modes of income. With his limited expertise, conventional occupations were not achievable, but he found that his skill with a blaster was comparable. It was then that he found himself on Drall.

Initiated into the Arahim, an assassin organization funded and coordinated by the Separatist radical Iblen Kailiph, Duc found himself surrounded by other young potentials; including one who would become his blood-brother. In this highly competitive world, his life spiralled out of control, and when he chose to run away from the organization, they pursued him. This ultimately resulted in the death of his brother, an Arahim named S'vax. It deeply affected Duc.

The Moraavo Confederation

For some time, his life was sporadic. He had tried to make ends meet by attending the Coruscant Academy and pursuing a career as a soldier, but he was lacking a sense of home and commitment. It was then that he returned to Ruusan and his foster father, Don. He had hoped, with the guidance of his foster father, a Jedi, that a more tranquil lifestyle would shed light on his purpose in life.

Time passed and Drexar soon found himself in the employment of the New Order of the Jedi as an Antarian Ranger; the rangers were a paramilitary task force that Duc himself helped create. Prior to this he worked independently as a member of the Ruusan Federal Militia (Ruusan Guard). It was an occupation he was made for. With his skills and abilities utilized, Drexar rebuilt the fragments of his broken life around his new responsibilities as protectorate. However, like most plans, these too went astray.

While Drexar had graduated into his final level of apprenticeship, his public lecture on the ranger task force, given before his final trials, had brought forth an inward conflict. Feeling humiliated by a Jedi master present at his lecture, the old culture-war that had developed between him and the Jedi was soon reborn. A peaceful life on Ruusan was looking like a bleak future.

The Antarian Civil War


Following a conflict of interest within the Antarian Rangers concerning the organization's chartered rights and responsibilities, Drexar found himself at odds with the paramilitary organization that he had helped to build for the Jedi. Having hired several rangers himself, in private, he broke from the corps and founded a reactionary task force. This task force, though small, would combine with the Solonar Rangers, and several other militias to form the Solonarian Alliance (Solonari).

In his eyes, the Antarian Rangers represented a direct threat to the people of Ruusan, due to its easily corrupted infrastructure. He had sworn an oath to protect the planet from all dangers, and to obey the Jedi Council, which was, in his mind, justification enough to challenge the autocratic tyranny he witnessed. However, the conflict would be short-lived. In fact, the civil war never saw a single battle, though its impact was profound in forcing Duc and the Solonari from Ruusan.

Supposed Death on Myrkr

Defeated and shamed by the reprimand of those he had come to respect, Drexar, like most Mandalorians, would not suffer the long-standing shame. He had lost his purpose; the lifestyle he built his new world around was now gone. He felt betrayed by everyone around him. Unwanted by the Jedi, and marked a dissenter of his former corps, Drexar made an honorable decision. In response to his losses, he recalled his forces from Ruusan and made for Myrkr. He knew that without further support from the Jedi his own survival was bleak. Having heard that war had broken out over Republic trade routes in the area, Drexar took the initiative; and Ubese-Solonari conflict would follow.

Though Drexar was quite the tactician, and an exceptional warrior, he and his team were unable to defeat the Ubese. The battle raged on for days, but the Solonari were picked apart by methodical crossfire. In truth, they stood no chance: As his brothers fell around him, some of the best rangers he knew, Drexar could not resist being afraid. He saw his end in the eyes of the fallen. Their rolling white agony seeping into the dark spiral of death's immortality. He took aim, but from the side a buzz of electric caught his attention. It whizzed toward him like the sunrise; an incandescent globe of light, wrapped in the arcing beauty of its fatality. There was a loud crack, and then nothing. Everything was black.

Second Captivity

Though many had assumed, and heard through word of mouth, that Drexar had died in the battle, this was obviously not true. He had blacked out when a blast cracked his armor and threw him into the brush. It would probably have been better had he died there, as compared to the terror he would have to face.

It was a repeat of history. Drexar was again made a slave at the hands of vile individuals who used him for purposes most abominable. At the time, he was 15 years-old. However, after about a year of this unbearable captivity, Drexar's freedom came when his master died. Though there was a dispute over his freedom, he was released eventually on Tatooine.

The Winds of Change

For some time, Drexar was living a half-life. He travelled from place to place and, in an attempt to forget his past, intoxicated himself as often as possible. He probably would have killed himself with this lifestyle had someone not intervened on the docks of Ruusan; a Jedi, but not one of the local order. This encounter would lead Drexar, for the second time, away from the planet he seemed to gravitate towards.

Learning that Drexar had near completed his training, and sensing his potential in the Force, he was offered the opportunity to finish his training as a Jedi on Rhen Var, which he did. However, as expected, the lifestyle was not for him. A small detachment of Mandalorians had arrived on the planet for fueling and Drexar caught a ride with them to Onderon. There he became a personal escort and scout for a Mandalorian named Graedis Lurmo, who was heavily involved in warfare.

The Mandalorian Restoration

The formation of the Mandalorian Restoration began on Talus with the meeting of several opposed clan leaders, each poised to embrace an inevitable declaration of war between themselves. The conflict, which had spawned from a serious of disputes revolving around their own cultural differences, seemed ridiculous to those who believed that kinship was their fundamental bond. It was apparent, no matter how unfortunate, that family and tradition were suffocating in the hollow grasp of ideology and ambition. As the prideful leaders shared their threats, the hope of unification slowly evaporated.

However, Drexar, who was brought along as an escort, interrupted the conference with an ultimatum; that the present leaders would consider the cause of their dispute, and agree to destroy it before they do each other. He suggested, in his impromptu oration, that the phantom aggregate, elusive as it seemed, had been dominating Mandalorian culture for centuries, and deduced that economic turmoil, caused by endless years of exploitation and cultural imperialism at the hands of the Republic, and former Empire, had adversely altered their traditions and beliefs. He proposed that, should the quarrelsome leaders eliminate this cause and still wish to pursue their course of war, only then would it be pure in its intention.

After some deliberation, the leaders consented to this suggestion and proposed a temporary alliance, seeing as their new threat was a sizeable one. This alliance was named the Mandalorian Restoration by its creator. Drexar, having been accredited with the idea through merit, and assuming responsibility should it fail, was sent to locate a tactical stronghold for the movement elsewhere. It was not long before he found himself atop the snowcapped mountains of Rhen Var, where he had dealings with the local Jedi, an ideal location for a secure camp and capital.

Upon declaring this territory, and having set the movement in motion, he encountered some resistance among his own kinsmen; dissention was threatening to terminate the noble endeavor prematurely. All in all, the future looked exceptionally bleak. However, the Congress of Rhen Var restored Mandalorian solidarity and, as a result, Drexar, barely a well-known scout, was placed in direct control of the entire installation, supported not only by his allied clans, but also by the native Jedi and their military forces. With the stronghold secure, and the movement revitalized, the Restoration and its proponents remained nestled peacefully in the white peaks of Rhen Var for some time.

However, seeking to expand his industrious appetite for the advancement of his own kin, Drexar altered the alliance to include the annexation of all Jedi territories bordering his own. He called this land Dromariya. This action, though unwarranted, provided further economic stability for the Restoration as the newly claimed provinces became the prosperous foundation of their mining efforts on Rhen Var. Though the Jedi continued to protest over the excessive cultural policies issued by the new king, any and all uprisings were eventually suppressed. Having secured their stranglehold on Rhen Var, the Mandalorians began to seek further expansion, on other planets.

Fall, Abdication, and Exile


Following the future annexation of Baa'ruka (which Drexar renamed Vorn'aloriya) and the assimilation of several Mandalorian clans, Drexar's nickname of Te Ad'ika Mand'alor became official, backed by clans Kurs'ade, Dai'lin, Parjai'an, Karr, and Tracinya, along with three treaties arranged between the clans, the senate, Servants of the Force and the Dantooine Jedi Order; he had gained recognition from the Jedi, five planetary governments, a number of military factions, and, more importantly, the galaxy's core economic companies on Coruscant. His next target was ideological. He knew that his titles of nobility, which presided over two intergalactic territories was not enough. He decided his next target was the planet Mandalore.

Though his initial incursion was a immeasurable success, there was a growing wave of resistance to his occupancy. As he carved into the terrain, Drexar found the political climate nearly unbearable. He was confronted constantly with military threats and attempts on his life. To him, it made little sense. Why would the Mandalorians not want a stronger grasp on galactic power? From his newly constructed fortress, Drexar would be able to coordinate a devastating force that would rival even the Federation. However, without the support of nearby clans, this possibility soon evaporated.

The symbolic rebirth of Mandalorian culture that Drexar represented was stunted and tarnished by accusations of tyranny. Frustrated, he violated a Federation treaty that prevented him from annexing further lands. This drew him into a direct conflict with the Federation. Instantly, Drexar, "friend of the Federation," had been labeled "an enemy of the Republic."

As expected, Drexar was no match for so many opponents. Between the domestic raids on Mandalore and multiple assaults on his foreign territories, the Mandalorian Restoration was on the verge of collapse. Its final moment came during an attempt on Drexar's life on Mandalore. While the Federation and local factions had only sought his resignation, a secret Sith plot to assassinate him was underway. This plot was known as the Poniard Plan, and was designed, like most Sith plots, to create further disunity among the presently unified Mandalorian clans.

During the siege of his fortress, Drexar attempted to flee in a shuttle; one that was secretly fit with charges. The hidden explosive detonated as the lambda shuttle hovered over the ground hanger, ripping away one of its wings and causing the craft to spiral downward. The durasteel shrapnel had killed the entire crew and serious wounded Drexar, who seemed helplessly unconscious. Much to the disappointment of the Sith, however, the shuttle endured the crash and Drexar was taken into custody.

In order to avoid his death at the hand of enemy Mandalorians, Drexar was transferred to a Federation facility and tried for his crimes. Though most of the charges against him were dismissed, Drexar was sentenced to exile and house arrest on Dantooine. He was forced to abdicate his reign, surrender his territories, disband his military forces, and never again set foot on Mandalore.

On the Horizon

While Drexar's defeat had been controversial for some time, the Mandalorian Restoration has been long forgotten. Questions as to the nobility, or tyranny, of his former actions remain unanswered. On one hand, Drexar had stabilized certain Mandalorian clans economically, and opened a new political arena for their participation, including a newly formed alliance with the Jedi. However, on the other hand, he had coercively stolen several territories from neutral factions, enforced on them a strict conformist legislature, and was possibly planning a large-scale war on the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

Presently, Drexar remains on Ruusan investigating the disappearance of his father from Dantooine. His path is unclear, perhaps even to him, but tough choices are ahead. Below are some general information about the character. This information may, at any time, be outdated, but I invite you to read it. Please keep in mind that being as I am an active player, I have the right to withhold certain information for the sake of the story.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Having grown up alone in the wildness of Myrkr, Duc has developed superior skills in hunting and tracking. These are abilities that his survival has depended upon. Added to these skills, he is also an exceptional marksman in long-range combat. Agile and elusive, his potential in the field of reconnaissance is endless. While the nearly indestructible beskar'gam may absorb the brunt of many attacks, Duc is still quite vulnerable to shock and impulse. He is certainly not an infantryman, despite his evasive nature; the fine line between close and far is where he is most exposed.

Relation to the Force

Despite his natural awareness, Duc has never publicly demonstrated any developed skills in the Force and generally speaks of such practices as mysticism, mainly due to his experiences on Dathomir. He believes the Force is mysterious, and ultimately supernatural. Thus, his view of it is more spiritual than scientific. When confronted about this, it is common for Duc to skirt the issue. This may, or may not, be due to his limited experience in the Force. Behavior and Mentality

Duc is both strong-willed and stubborn in his views. He is not weak-minded and not easily tricked, consequent of his growth conditions. Generally speaking, he is sometimes more animal than sentient, as he often speaks the language of instinct. However, his formal education and experiences make him formidable in the field of calculation and strategy. One thing is certain: Duc thinks, decides, and takes action very quickly. This tends to make him an enemies worst nightmare.

Public Interactions

Duc finds himself somewhat distant from others, due partly to his age, and also to his lifestyle. However, his ability to communicate is not hindered; he can strategize, explain, give commands, and convey his feelings with precision. His loneliness is spawned from his inability to relate with others. This is probably one of his main weaknesses. However, it is not easily used against him.

Additional Information

  • The claw mark on his helmet is from the boma on Dxun.
  • His blood-brother from the Arahim was the assassin Svax.
  • His mother, Ailee, was a officer in the Galactic Alliance.
  • He built the MRB-24 mounted artillery canon on Onderon.
  • He took down a rancor at the medical center on Ruusan.
  • His foster mother, a Sith, tried to kill him on Dathomir.
  • He has seven fake teeth - seriously.
  • He was a "personal" slave of crime boss Grava Primaal.
  • He was mere weeks away from becoming Senator Gaton.
  • He still owes banks on Coruscant money.
  • He has a weak spot for cheesy cantina music.

Out of Character Note

With respect to many other details in his back-story, especially those recently played out, this aspect of my character I like to reserve for RP only. If I told you everything about him there would not be much reason to develop it in character. Any further information must be obtained from him. Thanks for reading!

Regarding the "Mand'alor Issue"

Since Second Life is the land of rumours and misunderstandings, and the fact that I had also come back to find my site edited (without my permission), I would like to take this section to make a couple in-character facts as clear as possible. First, Drexar (Duc) never claimed the title Mand'alor at any point in time, in character, at all. He never called himself that, and he never accepted the title of "Mand'alor" at any point in time either. As I made clear in my Second Life profile, his technical ranks were Alor of Kurs'ade and King of Vorn'aloriya. In fact, his sole ambition was to become a senator through industrialization. The title (which was a nickname) that was bestowed on him (which originated with my friends, not me) was Te Ad'ika Mand'alor. This was meant as a term of endearment, hence the ad'ika which is unusually matched with Mand'alor. I never claimed the title out-of-character either. As for the uncalled for edit of my site – the facts above were role-played out and were not made up at all. Even those on Mandalore, which was a sim I owned. Ask the people involved. The only sections that did not occur in-character was his back story, from ages 1 to 11 years old, and the captivity periods which I was on break from Second Life. If anyone wants to edit my page again, please have your facts straight.