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Dro Plund was a Kel Dorian Jedi Master. He was the second person to reach Jedi Knight within the Kalway Order of Jedi. Later in his life, he attained the rank of Council Master and Lead Sentinel.



Dro was born on Dorin in 200 ABY, he was of the species Kel Dorian. Dro was abandoned after his birth to a local orphanage, however, at the age of 10, the elders of the Baran Do tradition. For ten years Dro was part of this society, learning the ways of the Force through them. During this time Dro made many friends and even learned of the fate of this parents, he found out that he was actually a mistake by his parents, but they did not want to kill him.

Early life[]

Dro eventually found Coruscant where he wandered around, he was looking for a Jedi Order to join, as was the wish of his Master from the Baran Do. He Left Coruscant not happy with any of the orders there and headed for Yavin where he started to look around and explore. He found Kalway Order of the Jedi, they had recently migrated to the planet Yavin and were seeking members.


Dro Plund decided to apply for KOJ after he settled down on the planet. He was accepted into the order and Master Moonsoo took him on as her apprentice. She said he had great potential and would do well.

Dro excelled as a padawan achieving good results and marks it was during this time that Dro uncovered that he was a good pilot and a good Sentinel. Dro was confident in his piloting abilities after one day training his with Flight Instructor, they were both attacked by a rogue ship, it was up to Dro to take care of this enemy ship and he did just in time to save his Flight Instructor.

A few days later on Yavin, while he was cleaning the medbay he felt a great disturbance in the force and ran to find his Master Luvbutton Moonsoo. He told her about what he had felt and they went and searched all over Yavin looking for this injured person, they found him lying in the ruins he was half dead, so as his Master ran back to get a stretcher, He spoke to the injured man as he tried his best to heal him. The injured man recovered and thanked Dro for healing him.

A month later, Dro and fellow padawan Moy were on a mission accompanied by Master Moonsoo. During this mission, he along with his Master and Moy had to defend a cargo ship from being boarded by 3 unknown pirates. The pirates did successfully board but were fought off by the Jedi who were luring them into traps and using their skills to defeat the unknown pirates. All three of the pirates were fought off the ship and retreated, they continued on there way to Ruusan and managed to make it with all the equipment they had to deliver.


When Dro was knighted he was also given Golden Wings, Silver Wings and a Flight certificate. He did well in his flight fighting skills and was named one of the first Ace's of the Kalway Order Of Jedi.

His time as a Knight was not the most easiest one with Starbase Omega claiming that he stole a bomb and put a bounty on him for it. A few weeks later Sir Plund decided to hand himself in...when he did he was followed by two Republic Knights who broke him out and knocked him unconscious...the Master Kunta Scribe forced painful images into Dro's mind that of betrayal from KOJ and unloyalty of KOJ. From this he underwent a lot of confusion when he was a Knight. He was told by the Masters of the order that he was overly aggressive and quick to jump at the sith. However, throughout this time Dro had taken on two padawans, Conrad and Bo'relli. Conrad was fully trained to a Jedi Knight under Sir Dro and Bo'relli was taken on just before Dro departed from KOJ.

Leaving KOJ[]

After a few months Sir Plund left the order under the reasons of it being corrupted by the dDrkside...this was not the real reason thrugh....as he left due to the fact that the order was not loyal and never really helped him. Soon after he left he went and found Kunta Scribe...who accepted him into Republic Knights and promoted Dro to Master. Dro's time in Republic Knights was a short time as the Grand Master of the order was killed shortly after he joinnd leaving the Grey Jedi group in complete and utter choao the order disbanded shortly after but not before Dro was able to train his padawan Magnus to a grey knight.

Corellian Jedi Order[]

After a few months of roaming around, Dro stumbled upon the Corellian Jedi Order. He applied to join and was accepted in as a Jedi Master. The order was small but Dro liked it, he took on a padawan who was simply known as "Baby" he never knew why she was named this. Dro stayed within this order for months, but in tr,uth he was missing KOJ.

So Dro went back to Yavin, where he seen a small re headJjedi gran master recruiting Jedi to her order, he looked into it, and seen that it was based on the planet of Aurilia, he had never heard of this planet but went with her. It was here where Dro got one of his most promising students. He taught her and was impressed with her, howeve,r she disappeared for a few months. Dro was worried, he searched everywhere looking to find his most promising student but gave up. The Jedi Order of Aurilia fell through and Dro returned his attention back to the Corellia Jedi Order. The CJO decided it was going to go through a name change and changed into the White Moon Jedi Academy. Dro still missing the old days of being in KOJ. He then decided to reapply for it.

Return to KOJ[]

"Sometimes being a defender means you need to attack first if its in the best interest of the greater population and safety of them."

— Sir Dro

Dro returned to KOJ on one condition, that he return as a Jedi Knight. With a cheerful heart he did this. Coming back into KOJ he learnt of an old friend of his demise. He was sad at this but quickly found joy in seeing some of the people she taught and them teaching others. Dro also learned that his old padawan Borelli had turned to the dDrkside, this shook Dro into disliking Human Jedi teaching alien padawans. Dro then took on a human jJdi padawan named Ken. Although Dro did not fully train Ken he trained Ken for the last two stages of being a padawan before he made knight. After Ken, he then made a pack with a fellow knight that they would try to teach all the alien padawans. With this, he took on the alien adept of Krelith. Dro would spend hours and hours ensuring that his padawan stayed on the right track to becoming a Jedi knight. After months of work. Krelith was ready, he had excelled every trail he was given. Dro watched as Krelith was his forth padawan ever to make Knight. Within the same Ceremony, the council summoned Dro forwarded and Mastered him.

Master Dro Plund

Kalway Order of the Jedi Master[]

For a few months after Krelith made Knight, Dro did not take on a padawan, instead, he began to instruct padawans in the ways of the force, without taking one on as a padawan, however, he came across a male padawan who he saw potential in and took him as his padawan, that padawan was Kronantus Jokar. Dro spent heaps of time with Kronantus, as he taught him the ways of the Jedi, eventually, it came time to Knight Kronantus, and Master Dro did, he was happy, this was the 5th padawan that he had knighted.

Soon after, major conflict broke out among the Kel Dorian people. Master Dro Plund was assigned by the jedi council to go and bring peace back to his homeworld.

Kalway Order of Jedi Council Master[]

"You've been around longer than me Master Dro so I can give you this question with the understanding you have the wisdom to at least grasp it. Do you ever question if its all still worth it? How many times do we have to lay it on the line only for the entire galaxy to turn against us when they feel its right? We've bled the same blood in the same mud defending this moon from Obsidian Dominion and the like. The dangers of the darkside have been shown time and time again and yet we still lose ground, people and governments still side with those would destroy what keeps the galaxy whole. Nev'la and Rhaaka died out of sight of the rest of the galaxy but the weight of their sacrifice was heavy. Is it still heavy even if I am the only one who feels it? Maybe the only one who really cares?"

— Sha'ira Luroon

"I do question it. Then I look back at our teachings, and realise, that while the whole galaxy may be against us, we do this for the Force and for the galaxy. We don't do it for popularity polls, opinion polls or the fashion of the time. We do it, so that the galaxy is a better place, for the next generation of young people. For the friends in the galaxy, we have made, who will have kids. So that those kids can have a future, of democracy and hope. I have lost, many friends. My dearest friend Sir Moy, is missing, presumed dead. Other friends of mine, have made sacrifices the same as Nev'la and Rhaaka, however, the galaxy won't know. The galaxy, is somewhat better off not knowing. We as jedi do not seek the limelight and praise of others. The Jedi are the heros that the Galaxy deserves, but not always wants."

— Dro Plund

Lightsaber Training[]

During his lightsaber training, he learned Form IV as well as form II. He trained under Master Moonsoo and started training with other knights to adapt his lightsaber skills.


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  • Became a Jedi Knight.
  • Senior Jedi Knight.
  • Republic Knights Master.
  • Corellian Jedi Order Master
  • Jedi Of Aurilia Council Master
  • Kalway Order of Jedi Master
  • Kalway Order Jedi Council Master
  • Lead Sentinel of the Kalway Order of Jedi