Dravil Ord is the son of a Morrelian Mandalorian of a little known clan known as D'ael'mor, his mother died in Child Birth shortly after giving him birth to him. He was raised on a small backwater forest world taught by his father all the skills needed to survive in hostile enviroments and all the skills needed to be a cunning tacticion and a brilliant scout/soldier. Shortly after Dravil came of age and took the Verd'goten sucessfully passing. Soon after Dravils father went beserk chasing him through forest in a blind rage, Dravil using the skills he learned growing up managed to lead his father into a trap ending in his Father's death which Dravil never forgave himself for believing he was the cause of it. Searching his father and his camp he donned his fathers armor and left to explore the galaxy.

Detailed LifeEdit

Early YearsEdit

Dravil (Originally named Tiberius Cutter D'ael'mor) was born to Vyrr D'ael'mor a Morrelian Mandalorian scout and mercenary and Raene Seer a Echani/Human working aboard a cargo freighter. At this point in his life Vyrr has come across a ancient sith war sword as a reward for one of his missions years earlier. The blade had began to warp his mind feeding it paranoia and rage. By the time he found Raene he brutally beat her and raped her capturing her for himself he tossed her into his ship and carried her around for nine months in the hull of his ship. After the birth of his son Vyrr merely decided to kill the woman and spaced her corpse. Taking his new born son he headed to a forest world in wild space where he raised Dravil for the next 13 years in all the skills he'll need to survive and thrive as a Mandalorian. Dravil soon faced his Verd'goten in which he passed with flying colors. Dravil lived as a adult Mandalorian for a week noticing his father acting stranger and stranger talking to a woman that was never there named 'Raene.' One night Dravil returned from gathering water in the forest when he saw his Father charge at him with a blade screaming bloody murder and taunting Dravil as he chased him throuh the woods. Dravil evaded him setting up a simple trap by slamming a sturdy branch into his Father's neck collapsing his traichea accidently. Dravil watched his Father die his last words being 'I killed your whore of a mother.' Dravil took his Father's armor from his corpse donning it before walking back to their camp and searching through it coming to find his families antique .48 enforcer pistol. 300 credits and a strange looking sword. Taking the sword he left and transversed the forest for two weeks before by chance stumbling along a small pirating vessel. Meeting up with the crew he was immediately captured.

Escape and Travelling the galaxyEdit

Dravil was captured and horrendously beaten after days of abuse his armor and weaponry was sold to a merchant along with Dravil waking up in the hold of the Cargo ship Dravil feined illness til' the merchant approached him with medicine seeing his chance Dravil jumped up and knocked him unconscious beating him violently before collecting his things and deciding to take the cargo ship for himself dropping the merchant off on the nearest station showing mercy. Deciding to take the name Dravil Ord viewing his old name as dishonourable he became a wanderer travelling the galaxy in bulk slowly the blade that had corrupted his father overtook his mind he slowly began getting more and more paranoid......then he felt insane amounts of rage soon he began hearing voices and hallucinations. Not much after this Dravil whiped out a platoon of TCT troops in a blind fury caused by the blade and fought two Jedi for a sith holocron. Realising it was the blade causing him to go insane he broke the holocron and spaced the blade into the maw before he experienced a form of withdraw after 15 years with the blade it warped his mind twisting his guilt to it's whims soon he began experiencing hallucinations more and more frequently seeing everyone he's ever killed shoutin at him, jeering him. Eventually he decided to become a Merc soon after being diagnosed with Cancer. Dravil shruged it off and continued to travel before being adopted into Aliit Dralshy'a.

Personallity and TraitsEdit

Dravil stands at around 6'0, weighs around 165 pounds without armor, post cancer his face looks slightly gaunt and sickly. He is independant in personallity and quiet, when he does speak it's usually to explain his philisophical point of view or to say something Sarcastic.

OOC FactsEdit

  • Dravil is rped by Ford117 Resident
  • He is currently a Ve'verd but is seeking to gain admittance into either Socrass or Ordo.
  • He is a FFC preferred character but isn't adverse to Meter if need be.
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