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Drask'al'nuruodo, or his core name Kaln, is a military strategist who has been through many groups and ranks. He rose from the depths of the Chiss government and some Chiss refer to him as a traitor. Kaln is experienced in combat also. Kaln seems to be extremely calm, but can be seen rarely in combat as a brutal warrior with no tolerance.


Kaln as a boy

Kaln grew up as a member of the second ruling family in the chiss government. His parents were both adopted into the family from a much lower family. Kaln was always told he had much to live up to, and his enthusiasm was very high. Through his years of learning he exceeded in education. He continued his highly achieving life until he was about eleven years old. In a horrific event His parents were murdered in front of his eyes as they approached a political building on one of their numerous off world meetings. Kaln was devastated. a funeral was held and he was put in possession of his uncle. Kaln seemed to not care about achieving a high rank in the Chiss government anymore. At 16 Kaln was reported to have disappeared from his uncle's residence.

Kaln's finding his place

Kaln had jumped onto a cargo vessel headed for Coruscant. For a short time he was forced to live on the lower levels of a large city. He was mixed in with crime and soon became a part of a mercenary gang. Kaln became very close to the members he called "his brothers". He gained credits at a high rate, but the jobs were extremely dangerous. The gang ended when they attempted to steal the cargo from a enormous mining cruiser. Kaln and one of the members made it out in an escape pod. They split apart and Kaln found himself persuing a new career.

Kaln with the Metus Imperia

News had reached him about a new organization called the Metus Imperia. He signed up and became a soldat. He climbed the ranks at an alarming speed due to his skills. as the Imperia grew, it was in need of a new adjudicator. Kaln was promoted and worked twords helping the Imperia. Sadly about a year laterthe other adjuctators set a plot to bring in a new Ajudicator who they thought would be a better leader.Kaln was thought to be good in combat and leading troops but was lacking in politics. The Metus Imperia troopers came after him but Kaln had left just in time.

Kaln in hiding

He went a long time hidden in a hideout under Bakura's undercity. He was somtimes spoted in the lower city bar but no one knew anything about him so he was left alone. All of a sudden one day he was gone and not seen anywhere. Kaln's mysterious leaving was thought to be because he traveled to another system.

Kaln With the DOR

They were correct. Kaln had gone to Bespin to locate the Desiples of Ragnos after hearing news of their uprising. He agreed with their motives and wanted to join. He went under the alias of Nalk, similar to if you were to switch kaln backwards but changed for pronunciation purposes. He made his way up to Major and encountered a large battle on Korriban which he survied and performed excelently on.

Emotional complexity

Throughout Kalns Career as a brutal soldier mercenary and strategist he has alwayse had a soft spot for one thing. The pack of cigars he uses, He preserves the cigars and uses them as though they are friends he experiences life with. It is why they are usually not lit unless he is in a tough situation. He was spoted one day doing this- DOR-Major "Nalk": observes the raging fight, of confusion. He realizes his cigar is on it's end of life. It has done Major Kaln good for such a long time. Its ashes representing the history between the two. He watches as they slowly fall into the wind, almost like it retiring to fly over the planet and be free. He slowly takes the cigar with the label " Tatooine Cigara" from his mouth. With the burnt stub he examines it closely. He dramatically shoves it into the armored hand plate of his armor distinguishing its fight for life. He drops it to the floor in a single motion and stops it into the floor making sure no one would see its dead body laying apon the floor. He slowely begins weeping at the thought of his old friend dieing. He whispers over the fight, " Why Cigara? Whyd you have to go?" He slowely takes from his utility belt his box of cigaras and pulls a fresh new one from it. He holds on to it dearly and dreams of the adventures he will have with it. Oh will this cigar see things so cigara will ever see. He slowely brings it to his mouth, positioning it in between his top and bottom molars on his right side of hid cheek. He takes a large welding devide used to repair vehicles and turns it to high. He watches the blinding light though his protective glasses. He brings it to the cigara and watches it come to a flame. He dramitically takes a long drag on it. He does not bother to spit out the smoke, He is so bad ass he swallows it. He whispers, " Buddy you and me are going to see the world. He turns into the sunlight and 80's music turns on. The scene comes to a slow decend and ends with some credits containing Wesley Michigan, Cigara,Cigara Number 2, and welding device.