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"You cling to your violence and mindless warring with no destiny in mind, and I live seeing only my destiny. You fight against that which has no consequence, and I fight against the chains that bind me. Which of us is the slave and which of us is the Sith? I leave that answer to you..."


Shortly into her time on Byss, Despair found herself curious that after a time in the medical bay, the droids defined her blood as Dathomirian and human origin by genetic make up. Armed with this knowledge, Despair went to Dathomir on a search for her past, finding it not quite as she had imagined it. Her grandmother, the high witch Rell had a young daughter that fell in love with a human slave of the Nightsisters. For fear of her child's well being, not wanting her to be torn apart by her clan and the Nightsisters, she gave the child to a woman on a passing supply ship.

The smuggler did not want the baby girl and immediately dropped her at the first orphanage she found.

Like all children that are abandoned, Despair's past is shrouded in secrecy and ignorance of her roots, but unlike other children in her orphanage, a Jedi Knight took great interest in her. She was able to finish sentences before they ended, and she seemed to know chains of events before they happened. Midi-chlorians were very strong in her blood, and she was pulled to the Jedi Academy on Coruscant.

Personality Traits

Despair is very gentle to those dear to her. Most of the time with her adoring eyes, she seems weak and pliable, but there is a stark sense of sarcasm underneath, tainted with an insurmountable rage. The emotional, lusty seductress is only a mask for what lies deeper inside of her. She is a firm believer that one shouldn't give away their plans to those who cannot be trusted, and the moment she senses weakness in another, loved one or not, she will kill them. 

Physical Characteristics

Despair is not tall or overly svelte in her appearance. She's short, red headed, and full figured. Her eyes are a liquid bio-cybernetic sapphire that glow when she is having a vision, and her

Lady Despair.jpg
lips are lush and light pink. Her hair is her most noticeable physical feature. It is bright, blood red and is almost to her hips when it is at it's full length from her shoulders. Despair's eyes were removed by a Mandalorian hunter who was seeking information on Byss. They are now a bio-cybernetic set up of force sensitive alloys and crystals and do not function properly without access to the Force. Despair controls the molecules in her eyes to see in different spectrum, physical and Force based. Due to her visions and the extremities of them, she has long sense been deaf. Without the force, she cannot hear or see.

Abilities and Force Traits

Despair is not extremely talented in hand to hand combat, though her abilities at building gadgets and showing how to wield a weapon are unsurpassed. She is a blacksmith of types, able to use her control of the Force to create weapons and heat them.

Her abilities lie in the strength of her mind the sheer amount of the dark side of the Force she harbors by her future sight and telepathy. Her future sight was at once so powerful against the small amount of control she exerted over such a power, that it nearly drove her insane from the visions. Even now, she maintains a certain amount of unpredictability, blamed on her visions. Despair is not completely sane. Often times, she finds it hard to discern reality from her visions.


As a youngling, she always had a hotter temper than the others, more quick to punch a boy in the nose for making fun of her wild red hair than to ignore him. As she grew into a young lady, she was given to a Master, but when she started to come of age, her abilities deepened. She began to have visions of a terrible Lord in black, heartless and cruel, and the Jedi were afraid of her. To them, the Dark Side was a shrouded place, something they were unable to see through because of their denial.

But Despair looked into the Dark with perfect, terrifying clarity.

After ten years spent in Coruscant, she grew into a magnificent woman, filled with passion for her fellow Jedi and her purpose. Because of her abilities in the Force, she was trained to be a healer, cultivating her compassion and care for children. Despair excelled in compassionate missions, but the sacrifice was her lack of prowess in hand to hand combat. She became a Master of her profession in the hall of the great Jedi, able to heal and recompose even the most dire of wounds.

Then, all changed when she met a young man in the city who seemed to watch her with beautiful, catlike eyes were as cold as a winter breeze on Hoth. It took only a day with him, and she fell in love. The next morning, he left her with only a black flower on her pillow and a kiss on her cheek as she slept, innocence proofed on the covers of her modest bed.

There was a difference in her afterward. When confronted about her affair with the young man, she was expelled from the Jedi for passionately defending her position. A Jedi should never display lust, passion, or an attachment to anyone else but their cause. The last night in her dormitory, she woke in the night after a vision in her sleep, the Dark Lord dominating his thoughts with whispers of release from her chains by anger. He had spoken to her, almost seductively, deceptively loving in his promises. Lost in her fury at being ostracized for loving another, she slew the entirety of the dormitory in their sleep, even a room full of children.

Bitter, ostracized, and alone, she left Coruscant, in search for her past and her future, her biggest downfall that which affects many...

She forgot that the present was ever so important in her life and constantly stared at the past.

On Byss

After many travels, she became a heavily sought after merchant, able to smuggle the most difficult goods. It was then that a man in a black cloak approached her in Mos Eisley, offering her a ridiculous sum of money to carry a shipment to Byss. She had seen him long before he'd approached her, known his voice, and seen his face.

She accepted and took the shipment to Byss with little trouble, and while there, she stopped inside of the Cantina to refresh herself before heading back to Mos Eisley. As she looked out over the quiet club, music droning on in the background, a very familiar Force approached her and whispered in her ear. When she turned it was none other than her former, one time lover.

Conflicted, she fought for her ideals as a former Jedi, but in the end, it was the young man's voice that pulled her to the surface of Byss from the cargo bays of the Ravager. While there, she watched him spar, and she considered them all very quietly, until He came.

When they all knelt to the dark figure exiting a simple transport, she looked to him, and it was like a dream walked into her reality. It was the dark figure from her dreams. Even his voice was the same. His Force was so strong about him that as her head began to split with her visions once again, her nose bled. Entranced and riveted to her place, the dark lord himself examined her, and waved absently as he left.

“Train her.”

Trained as an initiate, she soon became a power of her own, discovering her breath in the Dark. A woman with her own agenda, she became determined to move on. A cruelty settled in her character, fueled by her desire to become superior to all. In that goal, she has become a master in manipulation, the innocent, bright demeanor marked underneath by the rage that boiled hotly for years after she left the Imperial City.

Growing into her place, seduced by the hopes of no longer hurting, Dove discovered a place in her meditations that she had only read about. In her concentration, she walked down corridors upon lost, dark corridors, screams of despair and sadness ripped at her heart from behind locked doors, creating something within her she had never experienced. Dubbed “Despair” by some, she walks with despair in her eyes and seduction on her tongue. She now considers herself a calamity to the galaxy - for one should never see events before they happen. She believes that her existence is an atrocity.

Once again, she knelt to the Dark Lord Validus, and he gave her the title Disciple. Given to the Lord Aeon to train, she was a wild handful, too gentle, and yet too undisciplined to be worth anything in the Sith... until one of her closest colleagues betrayed the order. Ferocity as she'd never known came over her, a vicious emotion of betrayal and fury. A sense of cruelty formed in her, and she became ruthless, stopping at nothing to achieve and kill those who had crossed the order she had become loyal to.

Her studies as a Disciple were difficult, but soon, she was raised up as a Lord... To stand in front of the order and lead... as was her potential to do from her birth. Her simple test as Lord... to slay the Jedi academy on Ruusan. While she was raised up as a Lord under Validus' careful observation, Despair became increasingly aware that she was merely a tool for the Dark Lords of the Sith and would always hold that position, despite any titles she was given. She soon began to struggle against her binds, trying multiple times to escape Byss, and each time being brought back... Until Destius set her free.

Wandering the Galaxy

Despair wandered the galaxy for many years before settling on Mos Espa on the planet of Tattooine. She settled there because no one would notice her - she didn't want to be seen. It wasn't until she noticed the other milling rogue force users that she realized she was squandering her potential as they were. Getting tired of simply sitting and spinning her wheels, Despair went with purpose to the Bareesh Hutts' palace and demanded a position as a hound of their clan. Rashanar, the Hutt, took a special interest in her because of her desire to work without pay.

Despair became feared in the galaxy as the Hound of Rashanar Bareesh. Ruthless, thoughtful, and methodical, she dispatched his enemies or brought smugglers into his clan with surprising ease. Now in her 40's, Despair began to come into herself, gaining a special control of her powers through meditation and training. The surgical control she held over the Force before began to manifest with her new-found love of violence and enforcement, giving her the ability to wield it like a garrote - the manifestation of her cruelty and calculation.

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It was on one of her missions that Despair came to a planet that called to her. While searching for a Sith that had put a hit out on one of the Bareesh Hutts, she discovered an abandoned Sith temple on the planet of Aphrities, filled with holocrons and archives that she'd never imagined existed. Despair took it upon herself to fund the temple being brought back to its former glory, and while she, the only Sith to wander the temple, waited patiently for her destiny to reveal itself, she used her powers to fix broken technology and to clean the temple in great reverence. The voices of the temple called to her as a caretaker, and so she gave herself to that cause, still working tirelessly for Rashanar Bareesh to fund the massive amount of credits that it would take to restore the Aphrities Sith temple.

Despair's Weapons

Because of her powerful visions, Despair's focus is less on combat and more on the mystical side of the Force, seeing far into the future, often so far that she goes through physical illness due to the violent nature of her visions. Her primary weapon is very simple - it is the gift of foresight.

Despair's sabers are unique. They are built from a stronger, superheated Duralumin alloy, and the hilts are more batons than they are actual hilts. The kaiburr chambers are larger than a typical saber, and the blades are shorter and thicker when ignited. The blades favor Despair's blunt, forceful, and frenzied fighting style while the baton hilts are used more for self-defense than they are for attack.

Because of this, the blades are rarely ignited as Despair doesn't like combat at all, but when they are ignited, her intention is to slaughter her opponent unequivocally and without mercy.

Interesting Facts About Despair

◊ Despair doesn't like to sing, even though her voice could calm millions. It's only through her song that she cannot guard her true essence.

◊ Despair is a vegetarian. She doesn't like the taste of any kind of meat.

◊ Despair is really bad at light saber combat, but when she lands direct hits, they are powerful enough to break even the most staunch block.

◊ Despair hates the shade of black even though that's often all she wears.

◊ Despair has no alcohol tolerance.

◊ Despair's theme song is The Arms of Sorrow by Killswitch Engage.

◊ Without the Force, Despair is deaf and blind.

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