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Humble Beginnings

Doran Skytower grew up on the planet Nubia, in a small farming community known as Feraldas. Not many people know about the agriculture of Nubia, or at least nobody speaks of it because Nubia is known for it’s massive shipyards. His father was a farmer, and taught him the trade, but was often abusive. Getting drunk in town and staggering home to beat his two children, Gregory Skytower was a man of quick temper, but would always remember a deed someone did for him, or a misdeed. These traits were inherited by his son, Doran.

At 14

Doran’s Father came home one night and was extremely drunk after an un-productive harvest. He beat Doran’s sister, Emily, to death with his bare hands, and almost killed Doran as well. Doran’s mother didn’t even try to stop it. She never did. She just stood and watched, then got manhandled into the bedroom by Gregory for his enjoyment. It was then Doran decided things had to change. At the ripe, young, maturing age of fourteen, Doran went into his father’s tool shed. He grabbed the pitchfork used for moving hay around and went into the house. His father was sitting in his chair and demanded to know what he was doing. Doran often practiced playing with the Pitchfork like it was a weapon, being a boy with an over-active mind, and nothing to do with it. When he took the stance in front of his father, who was a veteran of the Mandalorian Clean-ups on the Republic Side, the old belligerent drunk stood and roared at him. He threw his bottle of whiskey at Doran, but it missed and broke against the wall, which brought Doran's mother running from the bedroom. Before she got there, Doran had charged, and speared his father, killing him when one of the three prongs entered the old man’s heart. When his mother showed up, she saw what he had done and screamed at him, picking up the neck of the broken whiskey bottle and throwing it her son and knocked him unconscious. This caused him to lose his sight in his eye, and gave him a huge gouge he would never be rid of.

Doran's mother brought him into the city and dumped him in an alley to die, then split to work the streets but ended up being murdered for the small amount of credits she had. Doran awoke to a whole new world, confused, blinded in one eye, and with no home to go to, he stumbled into a hospital which took him in and saved his life. They had to discharge him to an orphanage but he would run away as soon as he got better, surviving a while as a gutter rat, stowing away on transports until he arrived on Nar Shadda where he would join a gang until joining the military at 17.

During his time with the Little Coruscant Clubbers, a children's gang on the Smuggler's Moon, Doran learned how to use a variety of standard and improvised weapons. He learned how to brawl, though wasn't very good at it, showing more skills with weapons and computers than people or fist-fighting. He was taught the principle that to draw a weapon, one must be ready to kill with it since down in the Undercity of Little Coruscant, simply flashing a weapon could get you shot and killed.

Doran was always a bit of a small person, not very heavily built, he relied on the aid of melee weapons, his quick reflexes, and simply outsmarting his opponents to win his fights. This was further noted by his skills with the use of computers and to fix the gang's swoop they used in the local gang races. He had worked on his Father's hovertruck and farm equipment because the lazy old barve never wanted to do it himself, and so he was well-acquainted with small-scale repulsor technology and general mechanics.

During his military career, which only lasted four years, Doran saw much fighting as the Republic forces quelled a few remaining Mandalorian forces, and fought many, battles against hutt thugs, smugglers, Mandalorians, and paramilitary organizations. During his time he distinguished himself as a fighter pilot, though while on his off-time he was always known to tinker around with computer systems and took classes in Information Systems Networking. Through this, he gained knowledge of how certain systems work and how to breach them.

At 20

Doran’s unit, a rather small Corvette named Everlasting was stationed in the Ado Spine for smuggling interdiction. There they were ambushed by a hutt fleet that got tired of losing their shipments, and their ship was not equipped to engage the multitude of small craft and so it was overwhelmed. The Soldiers boarded their ship, and a fight raged for hours within the passageways of that doomed vessel. During the fighting, Doran’s commanding officer was killed, and handed Doran, only a Petty Officer, his custom vibro-sword and told him, “Get out alive, live to tell the tale of what happened here...”

Doran led his small group that was defending the bridge out to the only escape pods left on the ship, fighting through swathes of soldiers, utilizing their knowledge of the ship, and guerrilla tactics learned from his gang days to defeat their foes. Only that small handful survived, and it was an experience that instilled a deep hatred for the Hutt into Doran.

After the incident with the Everlasting, Doran bummed around the outer Rim. Taking on odd jobs as smuggling crew, and piloting every now and then, honing his skills in keeping the hunks of junk alive while learning to become an accomplished pilot. He landed back on Nar Shaddaa and made a little home for himself there, etching out a meager existence for years before moving on. He came to know Vertical City as his second home.

Red Hand Biography

"Doran Skytower, ID-345-87432-65, INSS Everlasting, Enlisted 4.13.210ABY... Doran Skytower, ID-345-87432-65, INS Everlasting, Enlisted 4.13.210ABY... " The words echoed in my head even after I awoke from the nightmare. The one about being in that pod again. Blood-soaked with the other survivors, listening to Jameson cry his last breath from the wounds, and watch his eyes glaze over as he passes on... Fragging dreams... That's what alcohol is for...

Doran Skytower is an Ex-Imperial Navy gunnery officer. He was the best pilot on board The Everlasting, his assigned post. He had the opportunity to become a pilot, but felt that being a gunnery officer was much more rewarding because he'd spent the first few months working over the chef into giving him extra rations of Ale and whiskey.

Born on the planet Nubia, he enlisted as soon as he was of age, to get away from his boring planet. He was stationed in the Ado Spine to bring down drug trade there. After a year in, it got nasty. The sith started raiding the area, punching out of light speed close to Imperial ships and making rapid boarding movements then blowing the whole ship. It was in a display of sheer power with no regard to sentient life whatsoever. Doran was a survivor of one of the attacks and the incident haunts him still.

Since the incident he bummed around the Spine picking up odd jobs as a pilot or gunman for dangerous smuggling runs and transports into hutt territory. He built his reputation and bank account, and bought himself a small ship to get away from the place where memories are strongest. That's when he landed on Nar Shaddaa.

He instantly fell into love with the cantina near the space port and lives around the area, though nobody really knows exactly where, as he spends most nights in the hospital after a bar fight rather than at home. He began smuggling around for random people before coming across a fellow by the name of Ringgold, and his organization, the Red Hand Ring. He joined up, finally finding a sense of belonging.

He has sense been loyal to the good Captain Ringgold, keeping his cover, and assisting when necessary.  He is rumored to have flown the Kessel in under 10 parsecs using a series of manually plotted courses and trajectories utilizing the slingshot effect to cuttravel time in half. All calculated one night after 5 bottles, and while running from some Rodian thugs. Though he is still a smuggler and looks out for himself, he retains his military sense of duty and justice to a cause. He can mostly be seen around Nar Shaddaa, drinking all the Ithorian the cantina offers before kicking him out.

His only goal is to live life to it's fullest, and take down some with along way.

Oh, and rid the galaxy of its alcohol supply.

At 23

Doran left Nar Shaddaa and landed on Tatooine after a smuggling run gone bad. He split from his crew, and after a few weeks of taking odd jobs, joined a Rebellion faction there, who were combating Hutt and criminal forces in Mos Eisley. They called themselves the Red Warriors. In the Red Warriors, Doran quickly distinguished himself as a member of leadership roles rather than a grunt to be thrown at the enemy. The rebellion faction came into possession of a Destroyer, and Doran was given command of the ship. Using it to blockade hutt smugglers, the Rich Divergent became a little-known symbol of hope.

During his time serving the Red Warriors, Doran led a raid group on a local group of spice smugglers, leading his troops into their den to clean them out. What they found was a Dark Jedi, and not just one of the Warrior types, one of the actual living, breathing, saber-toting, finger-wiggling types. The warrior put up a hell of a fight, showing off his use of the force by dispatching and either wounding or killing most of Doran's forces. In the end, all the smugglers lay dead or dying except the Dark Jedi, and all the Red Warriors were in the same condition except for Doran. The Dark Jedi had been wounded during the fight, but Doran was no match for him still. Using his vibro-sword that he received from his Captain on board the Everlasting, he attempted to engage the Dark Jedi. It was a quick fight that ended quickly and with Doran's neck being crushed by the force slowly and painfully, the life draining from him. feeling lost, and utterly powerless against this force, Doran started to black out until the sound of a blaster erupted and the pressure ceased. His leader, Rasho, had managed to bring the reserve assault force in the nick of time, and taken out the saber-slinger, giving the light saber to Doran for a trophy.

Ever since that day, Doran had grown a wariness for light sabers, a deep hatred and loathing of the sounds they made, and the lifeless hum they emitted. He also started garnering a sort of paranoia toward the force, taking little things into consideration from then on as to why things happened the way they did. He managed to build an awareness toward the more noticeable affects the force could produce, able to spot it more readily than most. Where some would gawk as a box levitated, he would go into a defensive posture and seek the source of the force usage, for example.

At 24

The Red Warriors suffered greatly. Their charismatic leader, Rasho Neox, went on a mission of relief to a nearby planet and never returned. He was recorded as MIA, but the one thing that held the Red Warriors together had disappeared, and so the group fell to infighting and lack of cohesion. Doran took the Rich Divergent and hid it in a nearby scrap-dump, leaving it for another time. He dismissed his crew, and fell back into Tatooine. Falling to heavy drinking, Doran wandered the streets of Mos Eisley picking random fights, brandishing his old Captain’s custom Vibro-sword and losing fights, ending up more or less in the gutters on a good day, worse on a bad day. After this carried on, an old friend of his stepped in.

Cayce Urriah of Kata Aliit.

Cayce was a comrade of Doran’s. A Mandalorian who had fought alongside him in his efforts against sith once before. After finding her once-honorable and well-respected friend drunk and belligerent, she manhandled him and kicked his sorry butt around. Taking his weapons away, and telling another of her members, and a man who would come to be great friends with Doran, William Hemata, to throw them into the sarlacc. Doran would get his weapons back when he could prove he was capable of standing upright and returning to his old self. After a week or so, Doran re-assessed himself and made a turn-around in his life.

Informing Cayce of his decisions, she patted him on the back and told Will to retrieve the weapons. Will ran into trouble out in the dunes, and Cayce had to get them herself. Will had taken a few hits, and they had to shuttle him out. The wounds weren’t too bad, but Cayce made the trip, with Doran, to Mandalore Prime. Upon arrival, and after a bit of discussion and deliberation, Doran was given an opportunity: To join the Mandalorian Clan Kata.

Doran accepted and took the culture fully into himself.

For the next year, Doran would take on the name, “Vhe’tra Ci'runi” After proving himself a worthy fighter, and a worthy pilot. Having spent time on Mandalore learning how to work Beskar, Vhe'tra forged himself his armor, a custom armor that focused on forward-facing plates of armor with an under-layer that was sealed to the environment, as well as a bes’beviin and a bes’kad.

Vhe'tra rose in the ranks of Kata Aliit, though he didn’t care much for them, ranks that is. Mandalorians didn’t give too much thought to rank - Honor, respect, and reputation were more effective ways of earning command and he earned the respect of many and a good reputation among his vode.

Vhe'tra Ci'runi and the Kata Aliit

On the lonely dust ball known as Tatooine, far in the Outer Rim, Doran made his way in life by fighting for what he believed to be right.  After his world crumbled around him with the collapse of the Red Warriors, he fell into a drunken stupor before a certain (rather short) green-clad female Alor came to him and after the instant-hangover, ensuing loss of weapons, and further ensuing adventure to retrieve them, Cayce Urriah invited him to join a family - The Kata Aliit.  It didn't take long for him to decide, and so he began to learn the ways of the Mando'ade, their culture, customs, laws, and everything else about them as he full accepted this new lifestyle as his own.

Donning the training armor his alor gave him, after a few well-absorbed lessons on forging Beskar spears, he distinguished himself in combat, but more importantly in the Piloting and technical fields.

Vhe'tra's rise was fairly quick, moving from Ge'tal to Tal after defeating the Yuuzhan Vong Aga on Zonoma Sekot as part of his verd'goten, and taking his hand ( Which he keeps on the dashboard of his ship along with a lot of sabers, and other trophies.).

After a long trip away, hunting he returned to the surprise promotion of Kata Cabur, gaining responsibilities as the Aliit quartermaster.
He further distinguished himself in the beginning of the short Neo-Death Watch's second coming when Mand'alor the Traveler took the Mask.  He reluctantly fought his former vode such as Ordo, Socarras, and Skirata Aliite, in the Mand'alor's name, being nearly murdered in cold blood by A'denla and Tepes. However, he was sent away on a 2 month mission to the Outer Rim territories making money, and gathering supplies for the clan.
Upon his return, he again was surprised to receive another promotion to the rank of Alor'ad, further placing more responsibilities upon him, which he carries out dutifully.

Hot-headed where justice is involved, he is normally calm and collected otherwise, choosing his battles carefully rather than being drawn into one.  He prefers space flight, and dog-fighting over any kind of fighting.  Though he is not the most skilled fighter, when it comes to fixing a space craft, or hacking into some kind of mainframe, Vhe'tra is one of the best.  He often uses this to his advantage to gain information on his prey during hunts, giving him the advantage of knowledge.
When he's not hunting, he likes to spend time with his daughter, teaching her to survive in the wilderness, or how to use a blaster or bes'kad.  Atin'la is his adopted daughter - the daughter of a friend of his who was murdered on Coruscant.  She portrays force powers, but he is slowly convincing her to rely more on her innate abilities than that of the Force.

After the demilitarization of Kata Vhe'tra roamed the outer territories picking up odd jobs and keeping his head down low, but his blaster held high. Every trip he'd made for the two month intervals, he'd been collecting odd parts, chunks of discarded Beskar from Imperial dumping sites after they failed to create anything useful for themselves with it, and even an old, broken Bes'uliik that had been discarded for millennia.

Everything in the War Droid was pretty much useless, and the entire thing had to be gutted, using the original pieces as a sort of blueprint, Vhe'tra set out to bring this husk back to life. He named it Ani'ray before it was even completed, combining the Mando'a words for "Total" and "Pain" Because it was a total pain in the ass to complete. He worked diligently for the next 9 months or so, and then it was time to set out once again in search for the final parts. He flew his Harkan to Bespin once more, and set about making his ship, 'The Everlasting MK III' ready to fly. His last trip had been interrupted by a number of things ranging from Hutt thugs to a month-long investigation of his ship by the Imperials related to some kind of hacking incident. He demanded it was simply due to racism for his being Mandalorian, but the Troopers gave him no reason to kill them so he left them alone and skirted around Coruscant a bit, even watching the Main Tower that most political offices held, crumble and fall after the PGA determined it to be destroyed.

His 'gam has made a few changes. Instead of his green and black and gold, he revised it, building his armor a similar way as before. The plated feel, that being the only real protection was facing forward, save for his chestpiece which wrapped around and had a spine, built-in thruster instead of the usual Flat-back with jet pack mounted to it that was iconic of his vode. His helmet was outfitted with a special neural interface component which, when acting in concert with the chip in his skull, allowed him to access computer systems both in his helmet, and from his ship on a faster, subconscious level giving him the ability to call his droids or perform simple hacking operations that would normally require a slicing tool, or some sort of interfacing device, directly from his helmet. He mostly used it to stream music from the 'Net.

The coloring of his armor is patterned. A white stripe runs down the middle. Though it is not supported by the culture, Vhe'tra claims the white to represent Mando'ade as a whole, because white was the product of all colors, where black is the absence of. So just like the culture, white has part of every color the galaxy can offer. This, is then paralleled by two green stripes on either side of the white strip, representing his duty to his aliit, and the community as a whole. This, in turn is then flanked by orange stripes. Orange represents Shereshoy - the joy and celebration of life. Most of his armor, in fact, is orange. Because he believes there is nothing more Mandalorian than the simple pleasures of life. Though the aruete may not understand, and even someone he considers dar'manda asked him why his armor was so orange, he wears it with pride and dignity.

His body is mostly cybernetic as of the current date. His arms and legs were hacked off by Revanant Marauders after he tried to even a fight, and the ones he sided with ran off to leave him alone. His right eye had been cybernetic since before he even took up the 'gam.

Utilizing techniques taught to him by Rhialto of the Kata Aliit as well as some of the senior forgers on Manda'yaim, Vhe'tra forged himself a bes'beviin, or Iron Lance. In anticipation of his completed bes'uliik and simply because he was in love with the weapons, his retractable spear has a reach of a few meters, depending on how he holds it, and it's blade is of high quality, close to master, but not quite. There were few flaws with it's design, he just hasn't been working with Beskar long enough to produce such quality, and so he brought it to a craftsman on Manda'yaim he had learned from during his first trip away from his aliit. The spear took months to complete, mostly because at the same time he was working on another project.

Vhe'tra's Repair Shop.

Nestled in the grimy upper city levels of Nar Shaddaa, this Repair Shop is a squat little plot of a landing pad. Hardly recognizable as a place of repair, save for the bullet-marked sign which flickers and works half the time, declaring in bright red Mando'a, "Vhe'tra's Repair Shop" After all the scrounging and dump-digging, he was able to wrestle this small plot of land from the Nar Shaddian Hutt to call his own. He works and lives out of it, often serving wary travelers who dare not venture into the undercity. It's perched across from a Cantina, so he figured it was the perfect spot. People come, park their broken rides, and go have a glass or two while their ship gets fixed. Aside from being harassed by local thugs, and Kaminoan troopers, his relatively peaceful shop actually produces a bit of profit. He's picked up a few interesting greasemonkies along the way, including Kethina - a self-exiled Jedi, and a droid he bought off some idiot from Dantooine who tried to rip him off for it, among other characters.

There are still other things I could mention, but those are for another time. While he still isn't the best of melee-combatants or sharpshooters, he can hold his own in a decent fight. Get him into a ship's cockpit, or tell him to wrestle control of a mainframe, and he can do it. Plain and Simple.


One of Vhe'tra's closer vode, and good friends. Even so far as Vhe'tra risking his life by entering a Sith Temple just to make sure Will was treated well and lived. Often they hadgone romping together around the galaxy causing trouble for aruetiise. They would come to bash a few heads and share a few drinks and laughs by the time Will would make a decision that would tear the two apart. Will had decided to leave Kata. Though the reasoning was unknown, and it left Vhe'tra feeling betrayed, he knew Will must have a good reason for it and never truly asked for an explanation.


'Z', Zar'ika Or Z'ika to vHE'TRA, this amaran is one of the Mandalorian's closest buds in the Kata Aliit to date. Having been one of his allies back on Tatooine, the two would often bust up corrupt Imperials, and Sith saber-jockeys. When the Amaran clan based out of Mos Eisley fell apart, Vhe'tra brought Z into the fold of Mando'ad culture, and part of Kata Aliit. Now they are a force to be reckoned with, roving the stars and causing general distress to aruetiise everywhere when they arrive in town. Especially so when they start pooling together other Kata or Mando'ade into their shenanigans. A favorite recreational game for them are, "Piss off the Jetiise" And, "How many bullets does it take to get to the center of a Siit's Skull?" among other aptly named recreational activities.

A few years in, one of Vhe'tra’s close friends from the Red Warriors was murdered on Coruscant, leaving an orphaned child behind. Vhe'tra immediately took her into his care, and under the Mandalorian laws, adopted her as Atin’la Skytower.

Kasdeya Skytower

Vhe'tra's latest wife, an Iskalonian of the Sharrik species, Kasdeya met Vhe'tra on Qiilura. At the time, Vhe'tra was mourning the loss of his previous wife, Kit Sanguine-Skytower, and enraged over the missed opportunity to kill a clone of his wife's murderer. Kasdeya quickly became dependent on the Mandalorian, swearing herself to his cause. Soon romance bloomed between the two, and later they married. Trained by Vhe'tra himself, Kasdeya went on to become a Mandalorian of the Kata Aliit.

Kad'la Skytower

Kad'la is Vhe'tra's only blood-related daughter, and the result of Kaminoian ingenuity. Raised on Shogun by Doran, while hidden away from her mother for a short time, Kad'la is much closer to her father than mother. In many ways she takes after the stubborn Mandalorian, sometimes butting heads with Vhe'tra. Despite this, she loves her father, and wants only to make him proud.

Hettyc Ci'runi

Hettyc is Vhe'tra's second son and only genetic child. Robbed from the cradle by his mother, Hettyc was raised with Sith and Jedi, and never even knew of his father until adulthood. Vhe'tra had assumed him dead or lost until finally meeting him almost two decades later. Vhe'tra immediately set about helping Hettyc realize his Mandalorian heritage and in the end the two formed a close bond.

Data pad logs found in resident 47618-Doran Skytower's room on Nar Shaddaa, Lower City

A Change of Pace

Log 4.13.210ABY

"Growing up on the planet of Nubia wasn't fun, at least not for the lower class. Long days in the hot sun, working those hellish fields for every measly little scrap of coin the selfish merchants care to give you for it. We couldn't afford the city stuff like Pod Races, and grav-ball. All we had was the roof over our heads and the tools in our hands. I never regretted leaving it all behind, back then. Thinking of it now, I guess I do a little, but I only regret I didn't get to see the look on my father's face when I boarded the shuttle to training. I wonder if he was proud, or ashamed...

Oh well, better things to do now..."

Log 6.25.210ABY

"The Everlasting. A Promising name for a ship, huh? can't wait. We're going to be patrolling the Ado Spine. Apparently there is some major pirate activity in the area, the hyperspace route is a major trafficking area for them. I'm looking forward to this. Beats working in the fields by a long shot."

The Enemy: The Sith

Log 2.19.217ABY

"Those fragging bastards! All of them! TO HELL WITH ALL OF THEM! It was another routine day, when out of nowhere this Sith bomber of some sort comes barreling through our formation. Taking evasive maneuvers, we managed to dodge most of the shots, but a salvo of torpedoes from the Sith ship slammed our Port hard. It didn't stop there, a Sith Frigate showed up and began boarding the Everlasting! I was a gun battery operator, but I managed to take out ten or twenty of the bastards. We managed to barricade ourselves in the mess hall on Deck 3. We held it for what felt like hours. Each minute more men died, you could hear the screaming anywhere in the ship. They had this... Purple lightning that arced from their fingertips and the smell of Ozone mixed with burning flesh was unbearable. We eventually pushed them off the ship, but the NERVE! Thinking they can board an Imperial star ship? They're getting bold, and I don't like it."

Turning Point

Log 3.05.219ABY

"Gone... All of them... are... Gone.... Just..... Gone... I've been a drifter for the past 3 months. Nothing left to do.... Me and a handful of gunners from 3rd deck were the only ones able to make it to the pods while the hull ripped itself apart from the sheer power the Sith was exerting. We didn't know... No warning. Just a horrible screeching as the bulkheads blew, and the terrible sound of men being ejected into space with no air or pressure. I can still here the screams of those unlucky enough not to die quickly. Still see the faces of the ones we left behind when the doors slammed shut. I see them... In my dreams... In the faces of passerby... Accusing me.... Always... Accusing..."

Nar Shaddaa and the Red Hand

Log 3.05.220ABY

"Been a year now. Since that day. Gotten my life back. Couldn't go back to the Navy, wouldn't want to either. Had to bum around the Spine a bit. Hopped on a trade ship as a gunner, made a few credits. Worked up a reputation, and eventually bought my own ship. A Z-82 Speeder. Customized to my family colors. Beautiful. Guess I better find some more work."

Log 5.23.220ABY

"An ancient philosopher of some origin once said, 'A life unexamined isn't worth living.' bullshit... If I examined my life, it would make me want to end it. That's where this fantastic stuff comes in. Ithorian Mist. Cheap, hard, it does the job good and makes all the voices of those dead people go away. 50,000 men and women on that ship. and only a handful made it out. Those selfish Sith and their plans. The damned Fel Empire and the stupid Imperialists fighting for their petty grievances. Screw them all to hell. If I ever see another again, it'll be too soon. I need another drink..."


A Short list of the basic Equipment Vhe'tra generally carries around with him.

Left Vambrace:
Grappling Hook
Quick-Snap Beskar Gauntlet Blade

Right Vambrace:
Flame Thrower(30s full-spray)
Universal Data Uplink Cable
Micro-Computer Console for Interface with Hemet's systems

Trio of Throwing Daggers with lightly explosive tips for diversionary tactics and minor damage
Custom retractable, bes'beviin/Blaster(Blast Halberd Forged With Beksar)
Mandalorian MagCoil SubMachine Gune that utilizes Tungsten Carbide AP rounds
EMP Grenade
Thermal Detonator
Ammo pouches for Slug Throwers and Packs for blaster
Prototype Plasma "Hull" Slicer Used for Scavenging Derelict Ships

Information Systems Interruption and Infiltration Software
Slicing protocols and programs as well as firewall breakers.
Multi-spectrum Visual Scanner

Beskar'gam forged by his own hands, painted Orange, green, and black for Shereshoy, Duty, and Justice.
Shock Dampeners for protection from Electrical Shock.
Mandalorian Armorweave, Hermetically sealed body suit for added protection from lightsabers and general damage.

Right eye is prosthetic and can uplink with his helmet for seamless data transmissions between the mind and helmet.
Implant at the base of his skull for connecting his helmet and eye to access Slicing and System infiltration faster and easier.

Some Simple Quotes

To me, piloting is a free thing. There's no limits on where you can go, unlike driving where you can only use 2 dimensions, piloting uses all three. If you're not using all three dimensions in your life as well as while piloting, then, well you're not living to your full potential, and you're not going to get anywhere.

Fly Casual, mates.

-Di’kute cuyi akaan,

-Hut’uune nu’kar’tayli akaanir,

-Verd cuyi acyk t’ad.

-(Fools live their lives in war.)

-(Cowards never know battle[See a fight].)

-(A warrior exists between the two.)

~Vhe'tra Ci'runi