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Dometa Jo'Benae is a freelance journalist for Galactic News Network. She is also a former Padawan of Lady Paramour and is Lady Paramour's adopted daughter. Former Jedi turned Journalist, she now is an advocate of the people. Giving the galaxy a voice in the mass of all that tries to push the people around.


Dometa was born on the planet of Coruscant, with her twin sister Bebe. During an attack on Coruscant, her parents died in a horrible fire. Her twin sister Bebe Benae and her were found amongst the rubble by Lady Paramour. Their younger sister Meavealynn said to be killed in the fire as well. Lady Paramour took both of the girls in and took care of them as she was close friends of the Jo'Benae family. Eventually training her and her sisters in the ways of the living force. The sisters were trained under Lady Paramours instruction, both of the girls becoming knighted as Jedi eventually at the age of 15.

Her father was the senator of Coruscant while her mother is of Hapen decent, and of royal blood living on Coruscant as a Senators wife and collaborating with her husband by creating holo novels and being an advocate of sientient rights for The New Republic. She was said to be the most beautiful woman of Hapan decent.

Dometa is blood related to Kortana Solo, Great Grand Daughter of Allana Djo Solo.

Medical Information[]

At 24 years old, Dometa was seriously injured after a battle on Coruscant with the Sith. Which left her paralysed from the neck down. And her corneas of both eyes were damaged to the point where it left her blind. Lady Paramour assisted with her recovery. Moving to Bakura and living there for a time. Using her mother's resources, she was able to replace both legs and her arms with cybernetic implants and augmentations. Her eyes were also replaced with cybernetic implants as well.


Dometa left the OWJ order with her twin sister to pursue other interests in the galaxy. She became an investigative freelance journalist for GNN News and has since published a few articles. She hopes to continue her efforts on news reporting as well as giving her opinion on current events.