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The Disciples of Ragnos, often abbreviated to 'DoR', history begins during the 'Golden Age of the Sith'. The very same Era of Dark Lord Marka Ragnos. During Marka Ragnos's rule of his Great and Powerful Empire. After Marka Ragnos died from his advanced age, the Disciples of Ragnos went into hiding.

It was just after the Battle of Yavin, 14 years in advanced and approximately 5000 years after the Death of Marka Ragnos. A leader by the name of Tavion Aximis came into power after her Dark Jedi Master, Desaan a Chistori male had fallen. Tavion and the other Disciple's main goal was to resurrect Marka Ragnos from the grave, their efforts were thwarted by a Jedi Knight named Jaden Korr (Human Male in SW Canon) who had defeated Tavion who had successfully resurrected the Dark Lord and invoked his spirit on Korriban. A great artifact of the Dark Lord was lost, the Scepter of Marka Ragnos.

Birth to Hiding

The Majority of the Sith Cult were called Sith Cultists, either trained with lightsaber combat with a petty knowledge of the Dark-side or taught in only various Darkside practices of the force as well as Core Force Powers. Darkside force powers such as Force Lightning, Force Choke and Force Drain. Core Powers such as Force Push and Pull. The Elite of the Disciples of Ragnos were called the "Reborn" which were highly skilled Dark-side force users and duellists. Reborn had the ability to fill themselves with rage, using a power called Force Rage which in turn allowed the user to grant themselves a sense of invincibility for a limited time while increasing both speed and strength of the user, though the health of the user was partly damaged for that limited time as well.

The Disciples of Ragnos at that time were backed by an Imperial Remnant faction, which gave them all the money currency they needed for mercenaries and bounty hunters. These specific mercenaries and bounty hunters were not as skilled as they could have been, lack of any combatic skill from their time eventually led to their downfall.

The cult's activities were resurrecting Marka Ragnos from the grave. They travelled to various worlds that were tainted by the Darkside of the force such as the remains of the destroyed planet Byss or places strong with a Lightside auroa such as Hoth. The Disciples of Ragnos were defeated, the few that survived went into hiding again and worshipped their Dark Lord in secret.

Bespin and Rebirth

It was around 230 ABY, A crimson coloured Zabrak male named Sila-Haj'ra who was later named Darth Exitium and titled Arch Lord or Arch Lord Exitium overhead of the Disciples of Ragnos studied under a woman named Ptas, a Darth of the Korriban Sith Order, the Sith'ari. Priding himself in the knowledge he was gaining, he used this knowledge to insight his followers (DOR) which he led in secret. It was many years later, the Disciples of Ragnos were growing and the tombs of Korriban were growing crowded. The Sith'ari mysteriously disappeared and the Disciples of Ragnos for a short time took control of Korriban in full. It remains unknown as to why the DOR left Korriban.

The Disciples of Ragnos were now fully reformed into a faction and based themselves out of New Tibannopolis Bespin. The new faction was created with both Sith and Imperial personnel. A Sith Academy was opened and new force adepts came to join their forces. The Imperial part of the faction was called, The Disciples of Ragnos Imperial Stormtrooper Corps "DISC". Darth Exitium was named an official of Bespin and had taken over the government by force with both DOR and DISC forces. Bespin party members left the planet. Both factions DOR and DISC began to strive on Bespin.

The DOR eventually allied with the Dark Lords of the Sith 'DLotS' on Byss, they joined their Empire and eventually became allies with the Obsidian Dominion of Ziost. Around that same time the DOR eventually took Rhelg from the Trayus Sith for a short time. DOR were then 'ordered' by Byss to give the planet back. Around the same time, DOR had aligned themselves with the New Trade Federation led by a Zabrak male named Drake Wade as well as forming a Coalition that would soon house all the factions aligned to Byss. The factions consisted of but were not limited to: DLotS, DOR, DISC, Obsidian Dominion, Mandalorian clan - Burrenaar, New Trade Federation and The Trayus Academy. *Other factions not listed.

The Disciples soon were confronted by a force on New Tibannopolois, Bespin, the Yuuzhan Vong. The Yuuzhn Vong nearly destroyed the City by shutting down its power source. The City itself nearly fell from the Atmosphere itself. The Disciples moved with haste scattering around the city looking for usable spare parts to repair the generator in order to enable the City to 'float' once again. They were successful.


The DOR were forced to leave New Tibanopolis, Bespin, the reasoning unknown. Though rumors would say they still have their shares of ownership of the Tibanna gas. They moved to Mos Espa, Tatooine, where they set up a new headquarters and nearly dominated the City. DISC had begun to strive farther than what could have been imagined, many soldiers were trained and ready for battle. Years passed after the Disciples began to fade as well as their power. During this time the Arch Lord visited Korriban and went through a major physical change.

Some years passed and the Disciples of Ragnos moved into hiding as their Imperial forces either went under cover or became normal citizens of the Galaxy. The DOR are no longer apart of the 'Byss Empire' and have cut those connections to them. The reasonings were Byss had stopped supporting them. This was near the time when Darth Novo, former Sith Emperor of the Byss Empire died.


Following those years, Exitium had died, leaving his cousin, a young half zabrak male known as Darth Sae'hal II (Nephew to Exitium's Father Darth Sae'hal I) to lead the order (DOR) in his stead. During the present reign, Sae'hal II slowly began to reemerge DOR upon the galaxy in Mos Espa. As their presence began to reemerge with a rising pace, a group of allied forces attacked their headquarters in Mos Espa, Fort Bane. Not wishing the base to be occupied by any means, the new Arch Lord, blew up the base from their space station above the planet Tatooine. This ended a stable presence in the galaxy, only to once again go into a wander-less journey for a new home.

Naboo, Lake Country

Using the remnants of his forces, the Arch Lord found the disconnected planet Naboo, and decided to take an area of the planet known as 'Lake Country' to where he would re-establish the presence of DOR and rebuild to once again finish what he has started in the name of DOR. With his following invasion, Naboo's lake country was caught under surprise and was occupied completely by DOR and DISC forces, and yet to be undetected by the capital of the planet and their royal forces stationed in Theed.

With the Occupation of lake country from the quick war with the Galactic Empire, Naboo's former occupants; the tide quickly changed in favor of DOR politically. With the re-establishment of a Queen known as "Queen Wanda" the area began to prosper under the reign of the Queen and her protectorate, DOR. Countless days passed with a what would of been the golden day's of Lake country's history came to a sudden stop when the upsurge of Theed occured, causing political de-stability to occur across the planet. A new Queen; a false one known as "Queen Adala" came about trying to remove an already established government entirely from Lake country. Unfortunately due to the inability for DOR to occupy Theed at its first chance, a Civil war soon followed between the two warring governments, ultimately it led to the need for a sudden relocation from DOR as a few plans had gone under way.

With the war erupting, Theed lacked inability to push back DOR from Lake country, and in such DOR launched a retaliating strike against Adala's government in Theed, leaving the city in flames but also giving their government a message which would soon extend to the republic. With the final battle of Theed, DOR left their legacy in lake country, as it was raised, Naboo was left for destruction, just another economic problem for the Republic to now handle.

Not only did the Republic have to deal with an economic problem, war was most definitely coming. And with such, force-sensitive organizations such as the Dantooine Jedi Enclave were in immediate danger due to the Obelisk Crisis.

Empire Reborn, Taspir III

During the final moments of DOR's time on Lake country, the council along with the Grand moff contemplated the idea of relocating their head quarters to an actual imperial planet. With the order now a bit grown; the council had felt its time to relocate in a planet that has had deep roots of imperial ownership, and thus had found not only a planet but a galactic sector, this being the Dynali Sector. This sudden decision of relocation was just another "milestone" as the council put it, of DOR and its attempt to reemerge as a Galactic Empire, but now with such conviction at hand, they decided to rename their empire from simply DOR to "The Empire Reborn". Homage to the original Empire Reborn led by a Sith named Tavion, but was ended by Luke Skywalker and his Jedi Order.

Currently the Arch Lord rallies his men, force and non force sensitive alike who wish to serve an order that is wanting to restore peace through strength to the planet of Taspir III and Ord Thoden. There, DOR and DISC are slowly building, to further fortify and re-arm their new beloved Empire. At this current moment in time, the Disciples of Ragnos and the Empire Reborn as a whole, are recruiting once again for the Sith and Imperial forces so that they may grow to be the peace bringers of the galaxy once again. As they have now risen from the shadows from which they slept in. ((Continued))

Disciples of Ragnos Ranking Structure

DOR's Ranking Structure

((OOC Note: The following is listed from the highest ranks to lowest))

Arch Lord

Arch Lord, not to be confused with another name for 'Emperor' or 'Dark Lord' is the highest rank of the Sith Order of the Disciples of Ragnos, Leader in full of the Disciples of Ragnos organizations. Only the bloodline of the servants of Marka Ragnos may be titled as Arch Lord, and only one blood line is known. There can only be one Arch Lord titled and alive, at least currently.

Arch Lord's Hand

Arch Lord's Hand is the second highest ranking member above the Council. Bound to the will of the Arch Lord, he or she is meant to serve the Disciples of Ragnos as second in command leader under the Arch Lord.

Council Member

Councilmen or council Member's are chosen by the Arch Lord or chosen by the Sith Council's vote, though the vote is unlikely due to the nature of the Sith. The rank bares the most prestige than any other Sith in the order, other than the Arch Lord or his hand that can achieved

Darth and Requirements

Darth is both a feared title and a notable rank. Few achieve the privilege of declaration of supremacy. A claim to the right to have the rank granted, a warning itself considering the title's immense status. With the title and rank in other Sith Orders misused so highly, the standards or requirements to be considered Darth are many and without a doubt, a notable challenge. Without changing the current teachings as they are, sith students train in a specific field or path. Though each student or any Sith in the Order must complete the following in order to have the opportunity to be considered:

• The Sith must have graduated the Disciples of Ragnos Sith Academy successfully

• All pathed ranks must be mastered: Marauder, Inquisitor, Juggernaut

• Rank of Sith Master must be achieved

• The Sith Master must defeat a current Sith holding the rank of Darth in the order. Such would prove their superiority and gain the rank all the while the defeated Darth loses status and influence. Though the defeated Darth may, if he or she so chooses, challenge their superior (The one who challenged them) to regain their status. Which in turn places the two at an equal standpoint. (Note that when a Darth is defeated they keep the rank of Darth. Defeat is merely a state of lost influence)

Sith Master

Sith Master rank is earned by the pathed ranks who have had at least 1 or more successful Apprentices. Those who rank up to a chosen path and therefore graduate the Academy. This rank would show that this person has put a significant amount of time and effort into the group and thus are worthy of their recognition. These ranks are eligible to aid in the training of other Master's apprentices, as they have proven experience. The achievement of the Rank 'Sith Master' allows one to challenge a current Darth in the order to surpass their status and influence. Thus gaining the Rank of Darth. (As stated above)

Sith Lord (Pathed Ranks)

The Sith in their Path's are as followed: Marauder, Inquisitor and Juggernaut. These ranks will have their own focus in training, centered around their themes or specific fields of work (Assassination, Diplomacy or assault). Different missions are offered when taking the specific path's into consideration. The path ranks are graduates of the Academy, official Sith Lords of rank and title of the Order. Serving as the backbone of the Sith Order as the Knights would the Jedi. All paths must be successfully mastered to gain the rank of Darth. (As stated above).

Sith Apprentice

The Apprentices are those who have completed the tasks of the Academy and a master has chosen them to bring under their guidance. Apprentice's are now formally titled as 'Sith Lords' out of respect. As the master performs the ritualistic pledge to which then the apprentice speaks his vows. Thus the apprentice is titled Lord or Lady. When the master feels their apprentice has progressed enough, the apprentice then moves up and chooses a path he or she wishes to follow at their graduation.

Sith Acolyte & Reborn

"You were once one of them, though now you are reborn into the Dark Side. A mere..acolyte with a name that differs"

— Darth Sae'hal II to a promising Sith Reborn, former Jedi Student

Acolyte rank is the real beginning of the Sith's training in the Academy. They are those who have finished their tasks of the Acolyte and are awaiting to be accepted by a master in order to attain 'Apprentice Rank' or finished the tasks of their previous rank. The title or rank of 'Reborn' is the same exact rank as 'Acolyte'; Reborn in name only, refers to Sith that either sought out the Disciples to join from another order (While in a notable rank, mostly ranks other ranks above initiate) or Jedi whom have had previous training from their old Light Side Masters. In other words, they are Reborn into the Dark Side of the force.

Sith Initiate

Initiate rank is the lowest rank of the Disciples of Ragnos Sith Academy. A trial period for the select few who were recruited or forced to join. Most do not complete, for they have been found to be unworthy to join the Academy. They are members who just joined, new meat in the Academy.


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