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Drug Therapy & Augmentations

Tier 1 Drugs-----

Tier 1 was primarily a drug and gene therapy program to naturally increase his abilities, secretly given to him in his food and deployed during medical checkups.

Type-λ Anabolic steroids: The Type-λ Anabolic Steroid is a reliable, safe Steroid that has been in use for over 250 years. The Type-λ Steroid is a synthetic Anabolic Steroid with very few side-effects, is 'gender-safe' and has little hormonal interference. The drug strengthens muscle strength, density, encourages growth of new muscle fibers. It also encourages strengthening of bone tissue. The drug, mixed with a carefully controlled diet, increases the strength of the user by 13%.

Recovery Drugs: Decreases muscle recovery time from strenuous exercise, increasing stamina.

Energy Release Drugs: Drugs that speed up the breaking down of fatty energy stores in the body during strenuous exercise, increasing the amount of energy available.

Dimitri received a number of gene therapy sessions to increase his natural strength and intelligence, and increase his resistance to certain chemical, biological of radiological elements and remove potential genetic 'time bombs'.

Tier 2 Drugs-----

Tier 2 was his cybernetic augmentations, including neural interface and protective implants. This was initiated mid-training to allow the Dimitri to begin training with more advance hardware.

Inner Ear Implants: A series of carefully introduced implants to the inner ear, intended to protect the ears from auditory assault, sharpens hearing and directional detection and implants to the balance centers, which not only protect him from potential confusion but increases his ability to maintain balance, giving Dimitri incredible balance and agility.

Neural Implant: Dimitri is equipped with extensive Neural Implants. Using artificially grown neuro-fibers grown into microscopic computer chips, grown via galactose 'trails' then attached via neural surgery to the brain. There are a number of microscopic implants attached to each major section of the brain then connected to a control section implanted near each lobe, then all attached to the central nervous center neurally bonded directly to the brain stem. Through the neural implants, he can communicate with others, by thought, by sending coding electronic messages from one neural implant connected to a network to another and send messages to connected communications systems, as well as body armor or attached vehicles.

Vascular Implants: Vascular implants are installed that filter drugs, toxins and viral agents from the blood stream to severely reduce their effect.

Nervous System Implants: A number of microscopic implants in the nervous system designed to stop nerve toxins from affecting the nervous system by neutralizing them first.

Node 31.7: A Node that is reversed engineered from *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE: ZATHEDOM* that produces *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE: ZATHEDOM* that give it's users an incredibly immunity to viral and bacterial threats, natural or not. It also gives them a total resistance against nano- viruses and limited resistance to chemical weapons and carcinogens.

Node 32.1: A Node that is reversed engineered from *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE:ZATHEDOM* that produces a number of specialized *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE:ZATHEDOM* that greatly increase the healing time of the body by provoking cell division, creating on site clotting agents, breaking down harmful substances in the body such as Lactic Acid and in some rumored cases, keeping the body alive in near death circumstances by manually feeding the brain oxygen to maintain the brain, and causing short burst electric shocks (as a colony) to the heart in a attempt to revive it, even after the body has 'died', though development in this field has been restricted.

Node 13.6: A Node that is reversed engineered from *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE: ZATHEDOM* that produces *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE: ZATHEDOM* that patrol the capillaries around the alveoli in the lungs. These have an incredibly affinity for a range of gases except for oxygen. They immediately 'pick up' these gases then release them back into the lungs to be exhaled. This prevents poisonous gas attacks, asphyxia from an increase in gases other than oxygen and improves the cardiovascular system.

Tier 3 Drugs-----

Dimitri Dragovar's final augmentations, which would mark him as 'true' super soldier, were a mixture of drug and physical surgical alterations.

Drug Therapy Augments: He was greatly enhanced by the use of processed drugs whilst under strict supervision.

Drug 8942-LQ99: A carbide ceramic ossification catalyst. This significantly strengthens bone structure, making the bone structure dense and extremely tough.

Drug 88005-MX77: A fibroid muscular protein complex that increased muscle density and decreased lactose recovery time and allowed him to lift three times his own body weight. This was applied to every major body muscle, especially skeletal muscles, along with the post augmented heart. This gave Dimitri, even without his powered armor, fantastic raw strength.

Drug 88947-OP24: A retina-inversion stabilizer drug. A drug that boosted color vision and night vision by increasing blood flow beneath the rods and cones of the eye. Not only did his eyesight become sharper and keener than the average man, with a low diffraction rate, giving him extremely long range eyesight, but he could see in low light situations very clearly.

37895-CT69 which safely facilitates the superconducting fabrication of neural dendrites, altering the bio-electrical nerve transduction to shielded electronic transduction. Resulting in a 300 percent increase in reflexes. Increase in intelligence, memory, and creativity.

Internal Cybernetic & Mechanical Augmentation Functions

Implants & Cyber-Prosthesis

AEGIS Ceramic Augment: While drug 8942-LQ99 significantly strengthens bones, it paves the way for surgical grafting of AEGIS Ceramic armor to skeleton. Coverage covers almost 58% of bone because, thanks to newer, nano-assembled porous materials, which prevents necrosis of white blood cells and allows easy transfer of chemicals across the armor and bone. This allows the majority of the soldier's bones to be armored, mostly the cranium, rib cage, hip, tibia's, fibula's, femur, radius, ulna, humorous and spine. This makes those bones almost unbreakable, owing to much of the Dimitri's extreme hardiness, survivability from extreme conditions and high falls.

Lydecker's Carapace: An experimental application of cultures of flash cloned bone and cartilage; these are custom grown for each individual, reinforced by Carbide ossification and AEGIS ceramic grafting then surgically applied. The bones form rib bone sized and shaped pieces, with cartilage which is induced by biochemical procedures to anchor itself to bone. They are applied to rib bones to cover the intercostal spaces, anchored firmly to the upper rib. This makes an overlapping set of natural armor, greatly increasing the protection of his higher muscles and organs and in particular a resistance to stabbing injuries. The resulting augment leaves the rib cage bullet proof to small caliber rounds.

Cardio-Enhancement Surgery: Surgery aimed at the heart. Using flash grown muscle tissues and on site repair, bonding and nerve and blood vessel pathway creation by *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE: ZATHEDOM* that produces *CLASSIFIED UNDER DIRECTIVE: ZATHEDOM*, the cardiac volume can be greatly increased, along with using Drug 88005-MX77 to increase its effectiveness as well. This was in part to support other new physical augments.

Pulmonary Enhancement Surgery: Surface area of lungs greatly increased, increasing lung capacity, while a third, flash cloned 'parasitic' lung is created and bonded. This lung's nervous system is bonded to that of the right lung, reducing need for new and potentially dangerous neuro pathways. Its arteries and veins are also flash cloned with it and these are linked into the cardiovascular system like the rest by painstaking surgery.

Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis: Military grade arm augmentations built on a framework of Refined Cortosis and a durasteel core. It features one supercharged taser in each arm, housed in a retractable plate that allows it to partially extend forward for non-lethal striking blows.

Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis: Military grade leg augmentations built on a framework of Refined Cortosis and a durasteel core. Once comfortable with using the leg's higher-density muscle bunches in tandem with the shock-absorbing gel matrix found in its knee joints and hip mounts, users can leap extremely high. In place of an organic musculature, these augmentations utilize 'myomers'-bunches of electro-stimulated plastic cables that mimic the actions of muscle tissues, but to a greatly strengthened degree. In combination with tiny motors and shock-absorbing liquid polymer buffers, these cyber-limbs are capable of far exceeding human physical attributes.

Crystalline Generation Cloak: When activated, it alters the outer surface of the user, capable of fully absorbing and bending incoming wave spectrums such as visible light, radiowaves (Radar), Infared, and possibly microwaves to render it's user entirely invisible. While in motion beyond a slow crawl, it can create a small distortion visible to the human eye, a "Shimmer" of sorts. While running or any sort of strenuous activity or an E.M.P. will deactivate the cloak all-together.

External Optic and Facial Augmentation Rig: A Durasteel and Cortosis facial-rig encompassing his ears, eyes, and entire lower jaw. Not only providing basic protection, but also working together with his implanted synthetic eyes to provide Dimitri with various information HUDS, capable of scanning various organic lifeforms, electronics, droids, equipment and other cyborgs. Aswell as offering extensive hearing protection, and extremely keen auditory nerve enhancements for increasing hearing range, and clarity even through extremely loud environments.