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Dexem Voom was a SWRP in Second Life character.


"I am at peace with myself.

I fear not the darkness, nor the light, I harness both to my advantage. I follow my own path, I know the power of the Dark side, And the peace of the Light. I am the serenity of balance. All the universe is a false-reality, Pledge myself to my beliefs, For I have found true life, In the balance of the Dark and the Light. "

— Grand Master Dexem

Grand Master Dexem in Battle Armor near the ruins of the Magister

He was very calm and collected and a great tactical mind. He was also known for his Unorthodox combat styles, and use of various weapons. He also wore special body armor during times of combat. He was known to be very protective of those he cared about almost to the point of placing himself before the Order. Dexem belonged to an Aristocratic wealthy family on Ni’novia. Ni'novia was a recently colonized planet on the edge of Unknown Space somewhere between Csilla and Reecee. It was named the capital of the Sith forces and has remained in the headlines since its colonization. The planet is devoid of sentient natives, but is rich in flora and fauna. There are five main continents on which are several Sith cities. Ni'novia was colonized in 39 ABY by Sith forces. It was previously unoccupied by any sentient species, so there was no conflicting claims on the planet. His parents, were one of the few of Aristocratic of Ni'novia City. They showed general concern for those who lived in status below them, an aspect that was bred into Dexem. Due to his Heritage he was a natural at melee combat, especially unarmed combat. Though he had trained with a blaster and carried a X-5 Sub Machine Gun nearly all the time, he was only average with it. Dexem lead a mostly sheltered childhood. He went to a Private Academy from age 6 to 16, he graduated in the top 20 of the academy for his grade level.

Dexem Voom.jpg

Dexem had an extremely high IQ 184 by normal standards, but he was also slightly obsessive compulsive this was probably accompanied by a form of Savant syndrome, because he was naturally adept at anything relating to ships, flying and electronics. This lead to him leading a 'highly scheduled life' which is what lead him to do things long before they were necessary, this also lead him to be extremely bored in life. He was always doing things before they needed to be done so he was constantly without anything to do. It was very easy to tell when Dexem had nothing to do, or when he was bored. He would either sit in his office and read or wander the halls of the temple. He could be quite, monochromatic about things at times. Responding with the tone more of a droid than an organic individual. It wasn't because he was cold or emotionless, it was just when his mind was focused on something it stayed focused there. This lead him to be very absent minded, he was known to walk with his nose buried in a holobook or a datapad and be so enthralled in it that he would walk into doors or walls. He has on several occasions wondered into other peoples quarters while in this state of mind. At the age of 16 Dexem decided a nomadic trek, to find his calling. This existence didn't even last a year. About four months into his journey, he visited La' Okio ,a settlement on the Rogue Planet of Zonama Sekot where he met for the first time the Potentium Knights leaded by Master Linkin Tomsen.These Potentium Knights, recognized Dexems force sensitivity, and asked him to join their ranks. Dexem, could not explain why, but he felt as if doing this was the right thing, what was needed to be done. Every fiber of his being told him his destiny lied with these people, and so he accepted, and joined the ranks of those of the Potenium.Immediately Dexem went into training. By this point Dexem was already considered a master of Teräs Käsi,ability to pick up martial arts very easily, he became adept with the lightsaber quickly. He all but mastered the basics of lightsaber combat in months, not even needing the use of lightsaber sequences in his initial training.Durring his training he was put together with Sensory Hax ,which will become in the futre Council Master of the ILUM Jedi Order , for training. Initially the two of them couldn't understand why they weren't just given a Master to train them.Because of this their training and ranking was unusual, because both Dexem and Sensory had previous training (Dexem being with the Sith) they were publicly called Knights, but were still Padawans.Their training was quick, and efficient, Dexem focused primarily on the more destructive aspects of the Force, while Sensory focused on the constructive, mostly telekinetic and telepathic. After several years of training Dexem was promoted to Knight.Many battles Dexem faced in the years after showing the Order his devotion,loyalty and Honor in battle and becomeing a Master of the Order as he showned the Order to be well balanced and fearless.

"We've made too many compromises already, given up to many things. They invade our space and we fall back. They take over entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far and no further! And I will make them pay for what they've done!"

— Master Dexem to the Sith lords of Ziost

A long period of peace followed after the fall of Ziost , Master Linkin took the decision that it was time for him to meditate far away from Zonama Sekot leaving the Order of the Knights of Potentium in the hands of Master Dexem .

"I believe that when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Go anywhere in the Temple when it is quiet, and just listen. After a while, you will hear the echoes of all our conversations, every thought and word we’ve exchanged. Long after we are gone, our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains. But I will admit that the part of me that is going will very much miss the part of you that is staying."

— Dexem to Linkin leaving

"Truth is elusive to those who refuse to see with both eyes wide.Eventually, a man must come to terms with his life. The deeds he's done, the people he's hurt, and those that he's helped. Eventually, a Potentium must weigh what he's done, and few, very few indeed, can come out balanced."

— Dexem's first holocron

"It is said that the future is always born in pain. The history of war is the history of pain. If we are wise what is born of that pain matures into the promise of a better world. Because we learn that we can no longer afford the mistakes of the past."

— Dexem's second holocron, on the fall to darkness of the galaxy

Dexem, in regards to the Force, was strictly Greysided. Ever since his near fall to the Darkside during the war Dexem kept himself as far away from things that brought out Darkside Tendencies. One such tactic was to never use a Darkside power, ever, unless absolutely necessary, and never in anger.

Dexem Voom holds the rank of Grand Master of the Potentium Order.

Sentinel Lightsaber

Grand Master Dexems saber

The Jedi Sentinels were a subsect of the Jedi Order that sought a balance between the two extremes of the Jedi, the Jedi Consulars and the Jedi Guardians. They possessed adequate combat skills and had somewhat extensive knowledge of the Force. Along with this blended knowledge of both combat and the Force, they also possessed exceptional non-Force skills, such as in the fields of security, computers, stealth techniques, demolitions, repair or medicine.


Sentinels also practiced a form of Force Immunity that crossed Force-based training with increased mental conditioning, allowing them to better withstand outside mental influences, including Force-based attacks. This allowed them protection from such powers as fear, stun and paralytic effects. Jedi Knights who followed this path were often dispatched to regions across the Galaxy in order to root out the dark side and to investigate unusual concentrations of the Force, similar to the Jedi Shadow and Jedi investigator. Traditionally, they wielded yellow bladed lightsabers, though this was not dictated as a rule of the Order. By the time of the Great Jedi Purge the title of 'Sentinel' appeared to have fallen into disuse.

The most notable Jedi Sentinel was Bastila Shan who, while still a Padawan, mastered the ancient and difficult art of battle meditation, using it to great effect to aid the Galactic Republic during the Jedi Civil War. Other Sentinels helped to rebuild the Order after the First Jedi Purge, all of whom were apprenticed to the Jedi Exile at some point during her adventures in 3,951 BBY.

Knights of Potentium Idealogy

Emblem of the Order

" When the sith enslave and the jedi have fallen I rise "

" When tyranny rules and peace becomes a lie I rise "

" There is no light so i cannot be blinded "

" There is no dark so nothing hides from me "

" I am Potentium And I Rise "

Our core belief is that the Force is a whole, not split into light and dark. There are no grey areas of the Force. The Force just is.

We believe that it is the being that is Light or Dark, Good or Evil. The Force has no effect other than giving the user more powers to use as they have been trained by their predecessors.

In the case of the Jedi, they restrict themselves to defensive Force use and close themselves off to their emotions, blocking out rage, hate, anger..... love. The Sith do not. They use emotion to it's fullest extent, even to a destructive point. They do not limit themselves in anything whatsoever. The Sith, being the opposite to the Jedi, are restricted to the power of dark emotion, controlled by their emotions and greed.

But this is the conundrum of the Orders: the Jedi deny their true self, living a peaceful, yet unfulfilling existence without emotion. The Sith overflow that boundary, using their emotions and the Force to destroy at will. This is the gap that has been left by the two old Orders, and this is where the Potentium Knights fit.

We allow emotions such as love with controlled passion, anger with controlled hate, rage with controlled actions. However, we do not allow the usage of such emotions to cause mass destruction or the death of innocents.

Furthermore, we do not ally ourselves with the Sith. The Sith are our mortal and eternal enemies, and we shall always be friends with the Jedi Order. Attacks on the Jedi Order are forbidden.

However, unlike the Jedi, we actively seek the destruction of the Sith. Surely, the Jedi do so as well, but we do so even more aggressively. Any and every Sith is an enemy of the Potentium Order, and will be attacked on sight. As said at the begining of this scripture these are the basics. Please speak to a Potentium Master to discuss these ideaologies further.

Knights Of Potentium History

The basic precepts of the Potentium may have been influenced by the morally relativistic and solipsistic philosophy espoused by Jedi Master Phanius around 2,000 BBY.

The Potentium was theorized in 132 BBY. At the time the Potentium were expelled from the Jedi, Leor Hal was their leader. Prior to their expulsion, Hal had recruited many students from prospective Jedi among the aristrocratic families of Coruscant and Alderaan.

Sekot, the intelligence of Zonama Sekot, accepted Potentium after its awakening, when it was colonized by some of the outcast followers under Hal. The colonists felt Zonama Sekot was proof of the Potentium philosophy, and Sekot eventually came to consider itself the protector of the Force (though as some derisively pointed out, this protectorship was self-appointed). Vergere, an Old Republic Jedi who was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong, is believed to have taken this heresy as one of the contributing factors in her teachings, although contradicting the Potentiate's main edicts of evil being nonexistent.

Following the expulsion of Hal, Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu had a run-in with a group of Potentium apprentices.

Although many believe that Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order practiced this belief after the Yuuzhan Vong War through Jacen Solo's insistence, it was actually closer to the philosophy of Gray Jedi as stated by the Grand Master himself after the Liberation of Coruscant.

Following the Yuzhan Vong war and the beliefs this pushed some jedi into a small group of masters left Luke Skywalkers Jedi Order an travelled to a planet in the great maw where they settled on the only habiatble planet and began training not only in the force ideaologies of the potentium but more importantly as warriors so when the next great war happens to the galaxy they where ready and willing to defend the galaxy and its people and no matter waht cost to their own being.

Knights Of Potentium Recent History

The Dark Era - The Fall of the Jedi (280 ABY)

There is a time that will forever be talked about amoungst the Edlers as 'The Dark Era', a time of chaos, a time of the Sith. The fall of the Jedi Orders began on Yavin IV, one of the three moons of the gas giant Yavin IV and home to the house of the NOJ. As chaos decended on their homeland became the frontline in the war against the Sith, many battles were fought, and many slain as the Jedi struggled to defend their homeland...as the chaos spread to other worlds more Jedi Orders fell to the the Sith armies, until finally the dark cloud decended on Zonama Sekot & the last of the Knights of the Potentium Order.

Dual Faiths

This was a time of darkness, but just as night follows day, so light followed dark and as the remaining Jedi scattererd into hiding amoust the star so the birth of a new begninng for the Jedi had already begun..

It was on the day of the return of Grand Master Dexem of the Potentium Knights who, fresh from victory over the Sith of the Obsidian Order lead by Sith Overload Sinious, the clone of Sith Lord Sinuous, was recieved home with news that none could have anticipted. With vicotry in the air the smell should have been sweet but Dexem had already felt a change in the force long before he arrived back to his homeland. He was brought before the Potentium Council and tried as a traitor to the Order under the accusation of experimentation with the darkside on the field of battle to increase victories. After days of debate and no closer to a resolution Grandmaster Dexem, realising that a conclusion would never be reached by group descision, and in order to restore balance to the council so that they could return their focus to the Order and its survival in these times of darkness decided to exile himself.

Duel with a Nightsister

As the council watched Dexem leave the chambers and the borders of their city for the last time, they were astounded with a sight they had not forseen as such was the faith of Grandmaster Dexem's Knights, and as he marched to the city limits one by one the Knights of the Order loyal to their wartime leader fell into step behind their master, and so the once great Order of the Potentium Knights was torn in two, ripped by the savages of war.

"You do not make history. You can only hope to survive it."

— Master Dexem to the Council Master while leaving.

As the news spead through the stars of the galaxies like the ripples in a pond whispers could be heard in even the farhtest reaches of the black. And as the word echoed in the stars it fell to the ears of two ex-potentium masters, Master Panelope Vella & Council Master Sensory Hax, who after embracing the lightside had set out on new paths to found a new order, that of the ILUM Jedi. It was these new leaders and old friends of Grandmaster Dexem that offered the Exilled Potentium Knights a home and support in their battle against the Darkside.

"The universe speaks in many languages, but only one voice. "

"The voice is manifest in many energies, but only one force. "

"The force is born into and through us, and we are one. "

"The universe speaks in the language of emotions. "

"Where emotions are or are not, we have serenity. "

"The universe speaks in the language of events. "

"Where is caos or is order, we have the harmony. "

"The Universe speaks through screaming voices. "

"Where is pain or is ignorance, we learn our wisdom. "

"The voice is the energy of the thought of who was. "

"Like a crystal which remember us where are we from. "

"The voice is the energy of the hope for who will. "

"Like a lightsaber which show us why does we fight. "

"The voice is in all this energy and throught the force. "

"Like the yarn of the net which interconnect us all. "

"The force is born when there is only one real truth. "

"And we begin to realize this only one singular truth. "

"The force is born when there is only one real rule. "

"And we begn to realize this only one singular rule. "

"The force is born when we are kind one another. "

"And if all our small voices still says we are one. "

"Becasue every languages in all the voice enrich us. "

"Because every energies in all the force ennoble us. "

"Because every alliances are the soul of creations. "

"Written By Hyan Hax "

Council of Alliance with Jedi Orders

These Orders stood side by side in a new alliance, and over time they were joined by others, scattered Jedi rejoined in these troubled times to form new orders such as the KOJ Jedi lead by Master Luvbutton Moonsoo ex-council member of the NOJ. And as this new alliance rose up against the darkness Grandmaster Dexem felt the rising call of the sentient presence of Sekot and his homeland Zonama in his mind, a feeling which in time was to manifest itself as a dream, a dream that would forever change his path and that of the exiled Potentium.

The Dream - A New Beginning

Grand Master Dexem felt the voice of Zonama Sekot calling him and one night it brough to him a dream revealing to him the location of a secret cave entrance near the old Magisters Palace on Zonama, created by the Feroan Magister Jabitha. This cave had been a tale of legend passed down by the Elders of the order for as long as time could remember, often search for but never found. Always loyal to his sentient homeland Dexem decided to mediate further on the dream and this meditation brought to him a feeling of compulsion, a calling from his homeland and so Dexem sent Master Koel, one of his more loyal Masters to lead a handful of his most loyal back to Zonama to search this entrance. It was not long before Grandmaster Dexem recieved word from Master Koel confirming the of the existance of a cave where his dream had dictated, and so without hesitation Master Dexem made the journey home.

Upon entering the caves Dexem ventured deep into the Zonama's core, the ever increasing presence of Sekot in his senses resounding in his every step. At the end of his journey to the depths of the planet he was confronted with a dead end, but feeling that his journey was far from over he decided to meditate on his steps and where they had lead him. In this mediation, came to him the words of Sekot itself, the words that were to change the course of what was to come for all in the new Potentium Order.

"From what i have seen, peace does not seem to be the natural state of the universe"


Meditation in the Dragon cave near the Magister

Grand Master Dexem in pilot Suit near the Potentium Fleet

Despite always being one of the most loyal and frorce sensitive of the order this was the first time that Sekot had ever spoken to Dexem directly. The words were simple in their tone and meaning and resounded with a perfect sereity in Dexem's mind, focusing it to a new sense of purpose. Continuing his mediation Sekot revealed to him the location of a space station which Baron Lando Calrissian had begun construction on as a backup to the original Shelter base he had constructed as a place of refuge for fugitive Jedi Knights deep inside the Maw, or the Maw Cluster as it was sometimes known located near the planet Kessel. As the Empire decended on their skies Lando was forced to abandon the unfinished station and feld with his star fleet to draw the aproaching attack away and to keep the secret of its location. Sekot directed Dexem to retake the city and forge a new home for the Potentium Knights, and although away from their homeland Sekot gave to Dexem the very essence of its presence in the form of a seed to be planted on their home and so reuite the future order with its homeland.

Dexem Immediately sent a message back to his Knights with the ILUM Jedi Order and directed Master Maabus to lead an advanvced party to recon of the abandoned station while he followed on alone in a bid not to to draw attention to their movements. Master Maabus along with his padawan Yidao and the Knights Sir Jacen, Sir Keanu, Lady Neverr left imedtately for the co-ordniates supplied to them by their Grand Master. Upon their arrival they found as had been described an uncompleted station clearly built by the hand of Lando in keeping with the form of the orginal cloud city, abandoned and still in the black. As Grand Master Dexem rejoined them they sent word back to Master Saytona & the remaining exlied Potentium of their find, and Dexem directed them to join them on the station. As the group reunited under a new sun they set about finishing the station, and so the exiled Knights of the Potentium had a new new home, and a new begining.

The Living Force

Over the dozens of years of my Jedi service, I have met hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of Force-sensitive non-Jedi, and have often been struck by the depth of their hunger for the knowledge of the Jedi Order. They feel a dissatisfaction with life which they do not understand and desire to learn how to better use their innate gifts. Had they been selected to become Jedi, they would have grown up with a regimen of training and self-discipline - a hard path, but one that would teach them to feel and to direct the Force within and around them.

Gifted non-Jedi are in the frustrating position of sensing themselves to be at the edge of a great pool of knowledge and power and yet not knowing how to swim. When such people ask me, “what are the skills I had best to learn?” I respond that knowledge of the living Force can be the key to everything.

Almost everyone who has heard of the Jedi has heard about the Light and Dark sides of the Force. These are centered around compassion and greed respectively, and balance each other in an eternal dance of good and evil. But many layfolk are unfamiliar with the other great division. The Force is divided into two complementary aspects.

The cosmic Force is impersonal in a sense, it encompasses destiny and foreknowledge, and binds and unifies the universe. This is the aspect of the Force which most people think of first. The Jedi powers of telekinesis and remote viewing are of the cosmic Force. The living Force, on the other hand, is our connection to other beings and to the universe on a more personal and intuitive level. It is through the living Force that we feel compassion, that we receive intuition, that we have a personal connection to others. It is with the living Force that the so-called Jedi “mind trick” is accomplished, as well as the various healing techniques.

The living Force is often said to be the lesser of the two aspects, but I consider such a statement to be misleading. The longer I live the more strongly I feel the opposite to be true. Jedi training has traditionally emphasized the cosmic Force as the core of the Jedi’s power while the living Force was considered merely a practical element with less bearing on ultimate reality. The cosmic Force was that which was always real, while the living was transitory because it depended on the present, which of course passes as soon as it arrives, and on life, which is just as impermanent as an instant in time. In the words of Master Sel Selri, a great teacher of many millennia ago, “the cosmic Force is the path, and the living Force the journey.”

The LivingForce...Somewhere...Nowhere...Everywhere..

Knighting ceremony at the Magisters ruins

But when we consider the cosmic Force carefully, we cannot shy away from the fact that it, too, has many ambiguities. A Jedi’s vision of the future may sometimes seem vividly clear - and, to be sure, it sometimes is - but most of the time it is more like gazing down a forking path. Different versions of the future will be achieved by different courses of action, and the outcomes are not always visible from where one stands. It is often the living Force (ironically, I think) that can resolve the ambiguity. Quieting the logical mind and listening to intuition is a way of knowing which path is the right one, even if we may not fully know yet why that is so. In this way, the living Force provides a kind of knowledge more mysterious and yet more powerful. Those who learn to use the two aspects effectively in tandem always prove to be the wisest decision-makers.

Jedi often refer to these living Force revelations about the “rightness” of certain courses of action as “the will of the Force.” This too is misleading to the uninitiated, because it is often taken to imply that the Force has a consciousness and desires as we do. This is not the case. “The will of the Force” refers to the conspiracy of the universe (that is, of the Force) to place us on a particular path. There is a larger purpose that is being fulfilled, and it is sometimes wisest to simply have faith that that is the case and take the course that has been laid before one. The Force, as many Jedi thinkers over the ages have pointed out, doesn’t have our personal best interests in mind. It is larger than us, larger perhaps than the sum of all of us, and it is only the truly selfless man or woman who can devote him or herself to its will, because it is a hard and thankless journey.

Why follow the will of the Force, then? Why not simply use personal, logical judgment? Not everyone agrees with the wisdom of unquestioning adherence to the will of the Force. The Force itself, after all, favors the Light side no more strongly than it does the Dark side. Is it not the better course to renounce all that has the taint of the Dark, and all that might pave the way for it, to use reason in the service of the Light?

The problem with trying to thwart the will of the Force, of the universe, is that ultimately it cannot be done. Balance is a thing at once tenuous and inevitable, a state toward which the universe always tends and yet which can be swayed. When the scale swings in favor of the Light, the Jedi are content. This, for us, is the most desirable balance, the one which by the firmness of our commitment we have maintained for ages. But the overall balance of power between Light and Dark will sway back to the center. This may sound pessimistic, but it is not meant that way. We all do our part to contribute to that balance by our compassion or by our greed. But if we throw our weight around and try to tilt the boat to one side or the other, it will always return to its upright position eventually, and perhaps roll to the other side in recoil. Such is the invariable rule. In a larger sense, the will of the Force can be considered to be this tendency toward balance. One who listens to the whispers of the universe, one who empties him or herself and feels, one who undertakes in faith the journey of the living Force, such a one knows that the ultimate balance lies at the point of infinite ambiguity where there is no Light or Dark.

The majority of Jedi whose primary focus is on the unifying Force refuse to accept this true balance - not as a reality necessarily, but as a goal. And perhaps this is their proper position on the issue, for if the Jedi did not fight for the Light then who would be the guardians of peace and justice in the universe, and the compassionate conscience of the Republic? The tension between the urge to balance which we feel through our intuition and the urge to good which we feel in our hearts and with our reason is in this way at the heart of the tension which many Jedi perceive between the living and the unifying aspects of the Force.

It cannot be overemphasized that it is crucial to strike a balance between reliance on cosmic foresight and living intuition. It may be true that blind faith in intuition is a risky thing, and a fault even a Jedi Master such as myself may be subject to. But in comparison with relying solely on a vision of the forking path of the future, it is in my opinion the lesser of the two evils. One of the fundamental tenets of the Jedi Order is that there is knowledge and ability beyond understanding available to one who opens him or herself to the Force; with the Force, there is no ignorance, there is knowledge. And to temper one’s reliance on intuition seems to me to weaken the potential of that greatest strength of the Force.

Only by making leaps of faith can one use it to transcend physical and mental limitations. In this way, the living aspect is the gateway to accessing the cosmic Force. True mastery of the living Force will automatically result in mastery of the unifying. Master yourself, and you will master the word around you to a greater extent than you might expect.

The Potentium Knights Inquisitorium

The Potentium Inquisitorius was a secret division of Grand Master Dexem consisting of best duellist knights of the Order known as Inquisitors (sometimes also as Inquisitioners).

Under the control of Master Dexem, these Inquisitors were considered secret agents of the Jedi Alliance ,capable of searching the galaxy to discover any plan of the Empire.

The Inquisitorius was an organization established around 270 ABY. It consisted of agents referred to as Inquisitors tasked with hunting down Sith.The Inquisitors' primary purpose was the interrogation of Sith or particularly resistant subjects. Subjects were attained for the Inquisitors by authorization of the Jedi Alliance. When usual methods of interrogation such as torture and Bavo Six injections failed to break a subject, Potentium Intelligence would call upon an Inquisitor, who would use powerful Force skills in conjunction with traditional but effective methods of manipulation to obtain success.

However, since Potentium Intelligence was quite effective in interrogating the average subject, they rarely required the services of an Inquisitor. Inquisitors instead spent much of their time looking for potential Sith candidates and Force activity in the backwater parts of the Galactic Empire , most often in the Outer Rim Territories.

The Potentium Armed Forces

Potentium Armed Forces Porpaganda

The Potentium Armed Forces follow the traditions of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The History of the PAF dates back to the last days of the Repbublic as the 56th Legion was left for death on the battlefields of Nekarus IV.

Without any future support or reinforcements these troopers managed it to overthrow their droid opponents and etablish an outpost on that planet. Many years have gone by. The troopers begun to recruit and train locals which met their standards to fill up their lines and hold this outpost till they recieve orders from the highcommand. Obviously no such orders (not even order 66) ever arrived at Nekarus IV.

Potentium Armed Forces Outpost

As the Planet Zonama Sekot moved through the system, the Potentium Knights begun to explore the world and found the Troopers saluting and with the words "awaiting orders master jedi". First the Knights had their doubts about the loyality of the troopers but soon they found out that these men and their recruited locals never recieved Order 66 and are absolutly loyal to the orders of Jedi's which used to command the GAR in the War. Soon after that the Potentium Order took the chance and ordered the troopers to come with them on Zonama Sekot.

Master Dexem speaking with the Paf

Little has changed since then. The Troopers still are feeling responsible for the security of the Order and do their duties. After increasement of Sith sightings on Zonama Sekot and Bespin they also put semselfes activly into the line and are executing various mission profiles.

Right now the Potentium Armed Forces consist of the 705th Ranger Regiment, the 7th Airborne Regiment and the 102nd Training Regiment as well as Commando Team 5.

Locations of the Knights Of The Potentium Order

Zonama Sekot

"Zonama Sekot was unique from other worlds. Its north polar region, a spot of pearl white, was surrounded by an entire hemisphere of tropical jungles. Its southern hemisphere was covered with impenetrable silvery clouds. Along the equator there were several rivers, lakes, and small seas. The edge of the southern hemisphere was also covered by elegant wisps of wind which frequently broke free to form spinning storms."

Zonama Sekot see from space


Environment: Temperate M-18 (Zonama Sekot)- Type: Moon - Position in System: 18th - System: Klasse Ephemora - Galactic Region: Unknown Regions -

Environment: Temperate"

Zonama Sekot (Ferroan for "World of Body and Mind") was a living, sentient world capable of traveling through space. Zonama was the planet itself, while Sekot was the living intelligence of Zonama. It was also the seed of the original Yuuzhan Vong homeworld, Yuuzhan'tar, which had been destroyed during one of their civil wars.

Sekot Ship Builder Hangar


Zonama Sekot's first settlers were black-haired humanoid Ferroan colonists and red-skinned Langhesi colonists, and the living world was ruled by Magisters. The Ferroans were believers in the Potentium view of the Force, which denied the existence of both the light and dark sides. The Langhesi and Ferroans settled the planet in 89 BBY. La'okio was a city on Zonama Sekot. A few dozen miles from the outskirts of the bustling city of La'Okio on Zonama Sekot is a gigantic mountain that the locals have known as Dragon Head mountain for centuries.After the Yuuzhan Vong War, it was used to make all castes of the Yuuzhan Vong live and work together. Progress was rather slow. After about a month, they started moving back into their original caste system.During the time of the old Galactic Republic, Zonama Sekot was rumored to be home to the fastest ships in the galaxy. Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, traveled there to find fellow Jedi Vergere and to purchase one of the planet's living ships.The Zonama Sekotan Starships were organic ships, handcrafted by the skilled ship builders of Zonama Sekot. Anakin bonded with a record twelve seed-partners, Obi-Wan bonded with an additional three. While Zonama Sekot was under attack from the Yuuzhan Vong (32 BBY–30 BBY), it was able to defeat them. Later Wilhuff Tarkin, then a Republic commander, declared war on the living world and attacked it in 29 BBY. Zonama Sekot unveiled its hyperdrive system and escaped into the Unknown Regions.

La'Okio ,Major settlement of the planet

In the following years, stories of the "rogue planet" that had once made living ships circulated among many in the Outer Rim.

Many years later during the Yuuzhan Vong War, Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker, Jacen Solo, R2-D2, and several other Jedi traveled to Zonama Sekot, which harbored the long forgotten secrets of the galaxy's invaders. Recognizing a glimmer of Anakin Skywalker in Luke and Jacen, Sekot allowed them to land and tested them. Sekot offered to destroy the Yuuzhan Vong entirely, but both Luke and Jacen refused. Nevertheless, Sekot decided to help them, in another way. Later, Nom Anor, disguised as Yu'shaa, the leader of the underground Jeedai heretics, tried without success to destroy the living world.

Ruins of Vong Settlements on Zonama

Zonama Sekot traveled to Yuuzhan Vong-held Coruscant, which had been renamed Yuuzhan'tar, and forged a peace between the Yuuzhan Vong and the Galactic Alliance. Converted and surrendered Yuuzhan Vong came to call Zonama home, and a number of communities were established. One such village was La'okio, created as an experiment to break down the walls dividing the Yuuzhan Vong castes by grouping the beings into mixed groups. Reh'mwa, a leader of the Bothan ar'kai against the Yuuzhan Vong, provisioned the Avengeance for searching for Zonama Sekot in the Unknown Regions. At the start of the Sith-Imperial War, it retreated further into the Unknown Regions, stranding the Yuuzhan Vong who remained in the galaxy as part of the Ossus Project. As of 130 ABY it was located in the Unknown Regions, roughly halfway between Lwhekk and Lehon. It has also demonstrated several times to have remarkable Force powers, though fairly untrained.

Bespin - Somniun Cloud City

" Hidden within a Unusual gas mass, it remains cloaked from radar and is patrolled by cloud cars on a regular basis. What makes this mass unusual is that it cloaks the city and the inhabitants within from Force users. If they didn't know where it was, they wouldn't sense anything. Inhabitants within the cities however, experience no ill effects when it comes to thier force abilities. Within the outpost are prisoner cells. Here lies the Potentium Knights HQ."

Should visitors ever return to Cloud City, they will find that the casinos, hotels, spas and restaurants are ready and waiting - even if their former splendor is rather faded. Visiting Cloud City was never a cheap option for galactic tourists, and many who came saved for the trip as the holiday of a lifetime. Even getting there incurred an uncommon route penalty from the majority of shipping agencies. While popular enough, Bespin was a relatively small resort in comparison to those where entire worlds were given over to recreational pursuits and tourism. Also, Cloud City has always operated a system of stringent access restrictions for shipping simply due to the risks of operating an illegal, unlicensed spin-sealed Tibanna gas operation.

Contact between tourists and the real business of Cloud City were negligible. The Wing Guard maintained a constant vigil to prevent the naive from stumbling on anything they might no be prepared for. To maintain visitor and city security, a variety of cloud cars ferried all arriving tourists directly from their docked ships to the hotels of their choice. In a city that claimed to cater for all pockets, there were many hostels to choose from.

Arrival at Somnium City - Bespin

The visitor on an unlimited budget might be taken to the Yarith Bespin - an exclusive hotel that was the literal pinnacle of Cloud City, complete with shopping mall, restaurants and its own casino. The more economy-mined were likely to end up at the Stratosphere, where only certain rooms enjoyed an exterior view. The majority of visitors would stay at the vast Holiday Towers - which brings in 600,000 credits in profit monthly.

First on most tourists lists was a trip into the clouds - the ever-changing scenery of Bespin. In the course of a galactic standard day, sunrise and sunset took place twice, allowing visitors an early afternoon romantic sunset ride through the reddening cloud canyons before a candlelit late lunch around dawn. They could then head out for a night of dancing and gaming with the sun just past its zenith.

Casinos are Cloud City’s other big earner. There were also many fine restaurants, remarkable clubs, the occasional sports arena and even the Figg and Associates Museum of Art. For many visitors, however, the casinos were the place to be. The dispossessed and the desperate numbered as many as the rich and the bored. They lined the tables to risk everything on the whim of a sabacc table’s randomizer. The Pair O’Dice was a disgracefully luxurious casino, part of the Yarith Bespin. Another Cloud City establishment with a fascinating history is the Royal Casino. The Royal, built by Luck Malnock and originally named after him, was part of the fixtures and fittings of the Floating Home colony - formerly known as the Figg and Associates Charter - long before it became Cloud City. Originally a tavern, before Lucky sold up and retired as a rich man. The new owners introduced gambling and it was only when Jacc Mandelbrot bought Lucky’s Tavern and the area around it that an establishment with a few gaming tables became the Royal Casino.

Mastering Ceremony in Somnium City

Bespin Wildlife

At first glance, it might not seem feasible that anything could of evolved to make a home in Bespin’s skies, but life only needs the tiniest of first steps to cling to in order to build up a staggeringly complex and varied food chain. On Bespin, as on most other worlds, the first life to take hold was in the form of bacteria. Gathering around water droplets and ice crystals in the atmosphere, the floating bacteria gained energy from the chemicals around them, as well as the rich and plentiful sunlight streaming through Bespin’s outer atmosphere. The tenacious bacteria provided a foothold for various algae to establish themselves. One form of algae gives the Bespin clouds characteristic pink tine. Another, known as ‘glowers’, gives off a purple light in the night sky. The algae can form huge clumps many kilometers wide that can turn support larger plant life - as well animals. Sky forests drift through the Bespin atmosphere, usually below the level at which Cloud City orbits, providing a habitat for many sorts of life. While the upper levels of the algae clumps form a wide umbrella to catch sunlight, the lower levels put down trailing tendrils that plumb the thicker levels of the Bespin atmosphere for bacteria and chemicals.


Within the algae clumps, the smallest of Bespin’s animals found a home. A large group known simply as floaters, these creatures varies in size and form. They are the insects of the Bespin skies, although they cross into other taxonomic groups than just insect. Some are just a few millimeters across, while other can reach many centimeters. What they all have in common is that they provide sustenance for the next level of animals, typified by the rawwks. These flock-forming, flying mammals feast on the many varieties of floaters nesting in the floating forests, as well as abandoned sentient-made structures such as Tibannopolis.Of all Bespin’s wildlife, the most famous and most intriguing are the beldons. In many ways, these colossal creatures are more closely related to the microscopic algae of floaters than to any larger life forms. They are, in essence, giant, floating membranes filled with vast quantities of gas. The belongs, which can reach ten kilometers in width, float in stately gangs through the lower levels of the gas atmosphere and dip their kilometer-long tendrils into the thicker boundary layers between gas and liquid. The tendrils suck up water and chemicals that are then converted into energy. The bubble part of the beldon not only helps provide buoyancy, but it also feeds the beldon’s main energy conversion system. Not much is known about the exact workings of the giant gas stomach, but it is a fact that one of the by-products is tibanna gas. It is not known whether this is the only or main source of the precious gas, but, as tibanna gas forms he basis of Cloud City’s economy, the beldons are listed as a protected species.

Not all creatures understand the laws of Cloud City, however, and beldons are the principal prey for Bespin’s largest predator, the velkers. Although velkers are larger, reaching many metres in length, they are dwarfed by the beldons. In order to take on the giants, they form packs and relentlessly slash and bite at their chosen victim until its defenses, which include and electric field, are broken. They then feast on the beldon carcass as it sinks slowly into the gloopy lower atmosphere.

Life on Bespin is far more complex than might be expected and provides fascinating safari trips for tourists. Visitors might also spot thrantas with sentient riders - but these species have arrived from other systems.


Rogue Planet: Zonama Sekot is a Star Wars planet on two region attached located on Second Life.It is a roleplaying sim and combat system used is FCRS and a new combat system called SCS - Somnium Combat System ,developed by the Potentium.

FCRS Group Meeting on Zonama

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