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Warmaster Devlin is a warrior-class Yuuzhan Vong. Long ago Warmaster Devlin was born to royalty by defiant caste members. His mother was a warrior and father was an outcast.

Devlin Thorr

I killed your family when i ordered my fleet to bombed your planet. When my own ship landed, your father and a band of youngling warriors tried to stop me and my army. After a week with hit and runs they took a lot of Yuuzhan Vong out, but more came from my fleet and eventually it was only your father who was left. I dueled him one-on-one and killed and skinned him.

I remember, you your mother and others got off planet, and bypassed my fleet. I am old, but I will never forget the smell of your fear. You will join your people.

Anya Khaos: That is why I went to Corellia with my family, then. I lost my left eye to your father, and I will have my revenge.

Warmaster Devlin talking to Anya: He was outcast from the Yuuzhan Vong society, for using forbidden old ways to win battles, but he still had Domain Vorrik to command. He allied with a Sith named Vashara to take down the New Jedi Order, but it is still unknown what his real plans were and why he really needed Sith allies.

war master scils vorrik father

war master sciles vorrik mother

war master sciles vorrik wife that he killed