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Destructis was born on the Kesh, but his true ancestors came from Korriban from the sith species. Much is unknown to public as to of the true location of Sith species. He would latter become known as Destructis the Wise, while studying at Byss Academy of Dark Lords of the Sith. But things change, and Destructis because regardless of his life style. He fell short and didn't live up to most aspects of the Order, and vanished within the system and than was exiled from Dark Lords of the Sith.


Distructis is descended from Khai family from the planet Kesh, through the lines ended Vestara Khai, the other begin lines with unknown female, that was parented to Gavar Khai, a direct desecended from that unknown female side of the family.


Destructis appearance's is that like any other sith'ari. Red skin with tentalces.


Destructis is rash, headstrong, stubborn, and emotional. His strong emtional connection make it hard to maintain the force, making Mathew Godric a dangerous perso to be aroud. His quiet manner makes it difficult to know what his thinking, or even plotting.

Force Powers


  • Push
  • Pull
  • Self-Healing
  • Control



Destructis's Childhood

Evening of Death

Night had set across the lush corridors of Kesh's palace. A tall figure dress in black cloak stood at the baccony, with the winds howling against the palace massive size. Destructis was walking down the Corridor to meet his father a Dark Lord and Emperor of Kesh, in the throne room. As Destructis entered into the throne room his father raised his hand to singal the guards to leave. "The Republic has made a treaty with us," his father explained, "I have heard that you don't agree with my ruling in this matter." the Dark lord cast a look at his son.Destructis stood with a guarded expression on his face. As his mother took her place by her husband side. "There are too few of us left, Destructis." his father continued using the nickname he had given to his son for lust for power, " Peace must come to past for our species." the Pureblood explained to his son, "...the jedi have agree to let us survive, as long as we end our pactices with the use of the Dark Side." Destructis stood shocked and shaking from the anger that boiled in his halfblood viens, as heard his father talked of PEACE. "If you can't accep this,Destructis." the Dark Lord with red skin looked at his son, and announces, "Then you be removed from this Planet...exiled without your lightsaber." The Dark Lord said smirking, seeing his son's face turn to one of childish Rage.

Destructis spat, "Peace will never come from the Sith and Jedi." the room darken with the storm of emotions exploding from Destructis. His father turn his back on Destructis's reaction, as son argued clearly the boy had his mind made up. "Your father has spoken, Gorth." His mother said, " DO NOT not dis obey our ruling." Sending a ray of lighting blue blots at her son, through the dark side. Destructis claspes from the assault from his mother. His father singaled for his Mother cease her punishment on her son, the lighting subsided, as she took step back from her son. Destructis knew pain like this from his mother's scorn, but this time was different her attack was weaker less painful caused by it. Destructi arosed to his feet and drawing on the dark side of the force, seeing both his birthparents as weakling, precieving their necks in odd angles. His father and mother looked as each other as life went out them, and their eeyes rolled back in their head, felled to the floor in heap.

Destructis shaken slightly and bewildered as to what had happen. But their was no turning back now..Destructis merely stated, "You failed to realize that the Dark Side of the Force, serves only the Strong!" with that Destructis turn and left the throne room.

Royal Guard's Betrayal

Red clade amror guards had heard the crash, and quickly moved towards the throne room exit. As they moved towards the exit the Dark Lord's son moved out the door in haste cloud of anger. One of the guards asked Destructis, "What happen Prince Destructis?" Knowing the boy had always dislike his father nickname for him. The guards waited for the boy prince to respond to the question the larger formed guard asked.Destructis responded in frank tone, "Back to your post Guards." as Destructis coldly looks at them with comtempt. Guards begin to return to their post, but before they did the shorter guard caught the glismpes of the King and Queen on the floor. The shorter guard made a move to enter the room, as shorter one was more of advisor to the king then a guard. After futher looking at the body's they notices that their necks were in odd angles, the shorter guard made a moved towards Prince Destructis and singal to the other guard, by touching the cuffs. The shorter one said, "Prince Destructis, you are hereby place under arrest for High treason, and Murder of your parents." They place the electro-cuffs on Destructis hauled him down to the holding cell, where they held the prince until the next day.

Trail of the Prince

The next morning they moved Prince Destructis infront of the Council of Kesh, the Guards presented their case to the High Counselor. The Shorter guard said to the council, "Upon arriving to the throne Room, we found Prince Destructis, leaving in hasted way. As Destructis the Prince was leaving, he issued a order to us to return to our post...We were relucted to return our post, but I caught a glimpses of the crime. That the King and Queen were killed by use of the force choke but in amplifed way." As the Guard fined his statement. The High Counselor raised his hand, giving Prince Destructis you a chance to defend himself. Destructis simply replied, " They were weak, had their rule continue, they would had lead us down to ruin." pauses as he otieces that he banner behind the council was different and bore the symbol of the Republic now. Destructis continued hoping; no reasoning, "Further more it is evitable that our proud empire has already fallen to the falsehoods of peace of the Republic." with that being said the High counselor said, " Due to the severity of the charges brought against you, Prince Destructis." pause for moment so the boy in hopes would understand one day, "...This council finds you guilty of all charges. You are hereby exiled from this planet to Byss." with that judement had been past on Prince Destructis. Destructis thought to himself, 'they will pay for their betrayal.' The moved Destructis back to holding cell, for the following day he was to be moved out the captial.

The Departure and Abbandonment

The guards excorted Destructis to the transport, a board the Exitbus they secure Destructis in the holding cell. They prep the Exitbus for launch from the surface of Kesh, as soon as they were clear they jumped to hyperspace. The Guards had other plans to exit the ship, take the personal shuttle craft. They exit at in the byss system, upon setting the autopilot for crash in the plaent northern pole. They took the Shuttled and jumped to hyperspace back towards Kesh.

Destructis had little time to free himself from the Electro-cuffs. Reaching deep i himself brought up the pain, the anger till it was a infero, as he maage to contain the increasing heat of his body with a twitch of his fingers the cuffs, that bound him fell away. He scamble to the cockpit and mage to crash land the Exitbus on rock with aid of the dark side he wedge it safely between the to rocks formations that were inactive. Destructis cursed silently, "Stranded!" According to the holo map of Byss, was the planets nortther part.

Over the ten years hes emotions became uncontrolable until he lost control. Losing touch with dark side. Destructis was alone, cut off even now through the force...but only could hear the echos of the force as if a small child learning the will of the force all over again.

Arrival on Byss


Left on molten rock world far from any city on the north polar cap, Mathew Godric, watch as his so called Guardian's dropped him on the face of the lava planet. Through he didn't know what the was place was called, but all he knew it was "hell". Eleven year old Mathew Godric, seek shelter in the solid mountain structure, there Mathew stayed for ten years. Training his body his muscle with the environment so he could survive. The years past for Mathew, he grew stronger

Byss The home to DLoTs

physically, mentally, and emotional stronger. Mathew survived the bombardment of the planet in the rock formation, with the equipment that he salvaged from the escape pod for life support with the cave of the mountain formation. Mathew ventured to settlement of Dark Lords of the Sith, to civilization. To prove his worth, as sith, he felt the disturbances in force, with all the changes in the government. But through his skills weren't that strong, but he felt the connection, regardless. On his arrival to Byss Capital, he was quiet to not attract too much attention to himself, dressed in brown clothing before he found some clothing in trash, that make him fit in to the goverment environment with the locals.

Approaching Storm

Destructis's Rise

The weeks of being Initiate

Destructis now called Kel-Bane, a name of his own choosing. Was walking on the walk way towards the Byss Capital main entrances to the temple, to attempt on searching the news of Kesh's current government stayings. But he was Stop short by a Dark Lady of the DLotS, and questioned to what he was doing on Byss, and simply reply that his been here, just no one has taken notices of his appearance. Sinces his remain quiet and resevered. Dark Lady seeming to be slightly impressed at my concealment talents, suggest that apply for the Order, and with that I board the next morning shuttle to the USS Ravager, to apply for the order of the Dark Lords of the Sith. Two weeks had past since applying to the order, He finally contacted, Khry'Stalle a ambious Sith Disciple for interview. She interview me, through it was another two days before Darth approached saying that there was certain questions left undone. So Kel-Bane repeated his answer. Soon day later he was contacted by Darth Destius to seek out one DLotS Hands, it was the honor of Darth Aran, to conduct the welcoming to the Dark Lords, with that he Kel-Bane follow Darth Moi'Rai to the citadel.

Darker Path

""There is knowledge just by listening, from those around you...What you do with that knowledge can aid you or cripple you.""

— Darth Kel-Bane

Years of Dicipleship

Time went on for three weeks as Kel-Bane study at the Citiadel's Imperial Archives, of the Sith knowledge and the scrolls that were locked down, too those that were unworthy. Has attended the meetings of the Empire with Emperor's hand, the Emperor himself. But this day felt strange as If their was disturbance in the Force, so Kel-Bane simply focused on the meeting. The presence of the Emperor Novo displace. Darth Rowe had called me forth for Promotion it was great. Completely unexcepted. Kel-Bane accepts his new title as a disciple from Darth Rowe, and begins his search for a Master, and He remembered that Darth Matraya, said that she was available since her apprentices failed her. So Kel-Bane set out get become Darth Matraya's apprentice. Bringing him one set closer to his Goals.

Having completed most the assignments, Kel-Bane's master Darth Matraya gave him assignment that she felt that he was ready for. Darth Matraya said, " Go to twenty Known worlds, and gather intel on their doings, and report back with progress." Kel-Bane disappear on public ship that he latter transfer to a pirate smuggling ship to be snuck into the Republic with getting much the intel on the way. The organizations finding it most difficult in the republic,Prince Destructis set his eyes on the star chart. he Told the Captian, "Set your cooridnates on the nearest system in Kesh Rim, I'll will take private shuttle to the survives. Begin with the newly bound Government the Republic, they will think I small concern." The Captian nodded, looking as he polited the shuttle to the surfaces landing away from any known civilzation he made his way too the Kesh main Captial.

The Disappearance

Destructis disappeared during one of his assignment due to capture of local government on Kesh he spent eight months in prison for Espionage. Through nobody from the order search from him he waited till the new election year of the senator of Kesh elected into office. Due to the election of the New Senator one member of the Kesh prisoners were released. It was Destructis who was released due to no complains during his stay. Angry that the DlotS had not sent anyone to figure out his disappearance he travel back to Byss. (Note this did not happen ICly,but to explain the inactivity of Mathew Godric due to him being homeless for Eight months.)

Cast down

During Destructis Exile from Dark Lords of the Sith. Destructis drifted in his starfighter a Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor more commonly known as the Jedi or sith Interceptors. Through they are are old dating all the way back to 20 BBY. As he drifted in the galaxy, his light interceptor drifted into what used to be Malachor V, where Destructis heard the echos of Darth Traya as that was also known as Kreia.

""There are dark places in the galaxy where few tread. Ancient centers of learning, of knowledge... But I did not walk alone. To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best. But my will was not law. There were disagreements, ambition, and hunger for power. There are techniques within the Force against which there is no defense. I was cast down, stripped of my power, exiled. I suffered indignities, and fell into darkness.""


Pondering where he would go, and what he would do. Banishing the noise from the echoes. He felt a disturbance in the galaxy as if something gave life to the his exile. Destructis set his course to Tython, as he wonder into the system saw orbital space station, and as he try to move away from it to study he was tractor beamed into it.

Obscurum Dominion

Destructis had been tractor beam in the orbiting station, and was greeted by Lord Morsus and his apprentice a female Zabrak Darth. Lord Morsus recognized Destructis wound with in the force. Invited him to become his disciple of the Dominion. Destructis accepted. With Lord Morsus's guidance Destructis regain his connection to the Force. Taking up new name for his destructive behavior the past Darth Destructis. Through Darth Morsus said that he had to earn to be called Darth. He approved of Destructis new sith name as Kel-Bane. Darth Morsus assigned Destructis to Lord Talon to begin his commerce his training.