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Demar'agol Votino Aichi was born one in a set of triplets to Ge'carta Tracyn Votino and Hort Aichi. Like their father, she and her twin brother and sister were raised in the Kata aliit. As a child, she was quiet and shy, but was fast to voice her opinion if she thought she'd been wronged. She voiced it often when she saw her brother and sister receive blasters while she was given knives, or when her twins were told to watch her.

By the age of five, several attempts had been made by Sith to kidnap the triplets. Why wasn't clear until a friend of her Nana, Cayce Urriah, played several games with Demar'agol, all of which the young girl excelled. Dread took hold of their mother when it was made known that her youngest child would have to carry their families horrible secret, she was force-sensitive. The woman who made this discovery, encouraged Demar'agol to use her force abilities, something she had come to know as 'making the water dance'. Soon after is when her nightmares began, she was seeing into the past of the woman who made the water dance and it terrified her. Her mother was forced to routinely sedate her, fearing what would become of her daughter, she quickly made arrangements to send Dema to Kiffu.

Training on Kiffu

For eight years, Dema lived and trained on the planet Kiffu with her great uncle, Alakar Xyvern. She underwent intense training, to undo the damage that had been done, she was told until she believed it that she was not force-sensitive and could not 'make the water dance'. To convince her that what she had was the Kiffar trait psychometry. To train her to focus her force abilities to use and mimic the trait and only the trait. To begin her training as a Mandalorian.

Return Home

At age 13 she took the journey to Mos Espa, her new home. Demar'agol was overjoyed when she saw her twin brother, Oryt, for the first time in eight years. However, her joy soon turned to heartache as they immediately returned to the roles they had as small children, he accused her of being a force wielding witch and with her training she firmly denied it. After that, things only got worse, Oryt dis-owned the family with Dema as the main cause. The following weeks were lonely and painful, her mother had left on business taking her twin sister, Ceryc, with her. When Oryt finally returned home he walked in on what was a practical joke on their grandfather, Tyro Votino. Thinking Dema was intending to murder their grandfather, he stabbed his younger twin with the syringe filled with a numbing agent while telling her, 'I don't know what's in this, but I hope it kills you'. Devastated, Demar'agol, sought out the only means of comfort she had, slicing open her flesh.