De'evan Industries was a company originally founded somewhere around the time of the Eternal Empire's conquest of the Core Worlds by the De'evan.  Surviving records indicate that the company manufactured both non-combat and war droids, including several advanced models.


De'evan Industries specialized in research and development centered around droids, and in the manufacture of droids for several notable markets: the Imperial Military, the Sith, and any civilians with enough credits to purchase them (though war droids were not sold to civilians - they had to make do with security droids.)  At its peak, the company had offices and factories on at least a half dozen worlds, including its heavily-shielded galactic headquarters on Dromund Kaas.

As a military contractor, De'evan Industries was not only permitted, but required to maintain a high level of security.  They are known to have protected several of their locations with AA guns, and the De'evan's penthouse appartment in particular was protected by a hidden AA battery, powerful shielding, and a number of other defenses and traps which proved sufficient to kill two Sith assassins and wound a third when the De'evan finally ran afoul of a vengeful Darth.  Even before the De'evan's will was discovered, the general consensus in the family was that his favorite grandson, Kaissen De'eva, who was then working his way through his Trials on Korriban, would succeed him: he proved to be the only member of the family who could gain access to his grandfather's apartment without getting himself killed in the process.

During its several decades' long existence (some quetionable sources claim several centuries), the security of De'evan Industries was seriously compromised only twice: the first time was when Kaissen, who was not only a talented slicer, but also Force-sensitive, destroyed the company's mainframe in a burst of frustration, taking down all the company's servers galaxy-wide, seriously injuring two of their lead technicians, and deactivating every security droid in De'evan Industries' galactic headquarters.  The second was when a Sith assassin slipped past even the Sith/Jedi-killer droids guarding the De'evan's apartment to poison him.

Several rumors surfaced throughout the company's existence claiming that the manufacture of droids was simply a front for a smuggling ring of staggering proportions.  It seems that Imperial Customs officials were not the only ones to investigate: Imperial Intelligence became interested when a freighter bringing a load of metal to one of the company's factories was discovered to have a small shipment of Republic weapons, presumably obtained through the black market, carefully concealed amidst the legitimate cargo.  In another instance, the crew of a De'evan Industries transport delivering new war droids to an Imperial base went insane, resulting in their delivering the droids to the command bunker at unusually high speed via the roof.  The Imperial commander was not amused, but the Sith became interested when several Sith artifacts stolen from a world which had fallen to the Republic during the Galactic War were found in a hidden compartment onboard.  Surviving records do not indicate whether the smuggling was being performed with the sanction of the company, or as side jobs to pick up some pretty sizeable bonuses from unknown customers.

Notable productsEdit

De'evan Industries produced a wide range of droid-related products, along with a few small starships, speeders, and a portable cloaking device, patterned on Lord Kaissen De'eva's reverse-engineering and subsequent major modification of a cloaking device stolen from a severely damaged prototype fighter.  This cloaking device may have made its way into the company's two least-known products, which were, nonetheless, a high priority for enemy agents: the Sith Deployment Vehicle (SDV), and the HD-series frontline support droids. 

Sith Deployment VehicleEdit

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The SDV project was originally commissioned by an unidentified high-ranking Darth from Talis Labs, with which Lord Kaissen De'eva was associated for a time.  However, when the company was liquidated, Lord Kaissen grabbed the prototype SDV and destroyed all records of its existence, then he took as many of the team members from the project as he could to De'evan Industries, officially taking over direct control of the company at this point.  The SDV's testing and eventual release for use by Sith strike teams occurred under the umbrella of De'evan Industries.

HD-series support droidsEdit

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There is no record of anyone commissioning the HD-series support droids.  However, it seems that Lord Kaissen De'eva had started on the design before the liquidation of Talis Labs, and he finished it some time later.  The HD-series support droids were designed to provide front line first aid and support to a Black Ops or Sith strike team, and thus they were designed with durability and versatility in mind. 

Later products included advanced propulsion systems for Terminus-class destroyers and advanced anti-cyber warfare modules for most capital ship classes in use by the Imperial navy.

Behind the scenesEdit

The number one problem encountered by Vatharn while writing up this article resulted from EA/Bioware's ignoring the issues with blasters and electronics not working on Dromund Kaas in Star Wars the Old Republic.  Since most of the development and the products of De'evan Industries came directly out of in-game roleplay, such contradictions as fully armed and operational war/security droids, a cloaking device which hid the interior of the penthouse apartment which Lord Kaissen inherited from his grandfather, AA guns to shoot down speeders or even small starships which ventured too close, and Kaissen's destruction of the company's mainframe and taking down company servers galaxy-wide from Kaas City, despite its highly-electrified ionosphere, exist.  Vatharn invented the idea of using heavy shielding (powered by the lightning pylons which supposedly powered Kaas City) while writing this article in an attempt to give some sort of explanation as to how some of the above was possible.

The unexpected dissolution of Talis Labs mentioned above really happened: one day the SDV project was in full swing, with Lord Kaissen making arrangements for a Talis employee to take it out for its first test flight, and the next day the owners had announced that they were closing down.  Unfortunately, most of the active roleplayers in the guild then switched over to the Republic side, which made further character development for Lord Kaissen, and further development for De'evan Industries, a difficult task.  One workaround for this was to create Lord Kaissen's uncle, Lord Tremab De'eva, as a Jedi character (ICly a Sith) who had been severely wounded when his apprentice betrayed him and left him to be eaten by Collicoids on Balmorra.  Fortunately for Lord Tremab, that was the first successful test run of the HD-001 prototype, which saved his life.  Lord Tremab was later captured by the Jedi and the prototype droid briefly fell into enemy hands as a result before everything fell apart on the Republic side as well.

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