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Name darth fierce.

Age 26. 

( no love no care no fear..) Darth fierce common believes

Race sith pure blood. 

Fierce is a rp sith Lord made up by Devlin kleeman for role play sl purposes 

Bio. Darth fierce hailed from the sith controlled planet 

Ziost from the age he could walk he was taught to use the force and how it was meant to the worthy and the strong only survive and the weak deserve to die and be lead. He was found in a small village by a sith Lord who notice the force in him. Soon fierce step up the ranks to be tittled sith Lord and went on behind the sith academy masters back on bold dareing  missions to gather more wisdom he stolen sith holocrons that taught him more then the school thus he deem hes masters and school of no used to him no more he killed all but one of the masters the sith Lord who found him and let him escape but slayed the students so he can be the self proclaimed sith Lord of ziost but he's uprising was crush by sith reforments lead by  hes master return with a  sith fleet.. he escape and later fell in love with a felacatian woman. As of now it is known he is plotting to inite a war with the  two galxy super powers the chiss ascendancy and hapes cluster for unknown reasons. Later on he was found on the mineing planet of doan where he made camp in one of the mines enjoying woop rat beef stew on break looking for dark side artifacts when a sith by the name of darth haven found him and was task by Lord tun to kill him... fierce tyres to tear the mind of this new foe to shreds with the force but failed then darth haven three to force choke fierce.. but fierce was quick to act and put up a force then turn on hes lightwhip and cut sharp rocks off the felling he use the force to grab the falling sharp rocks and spend them around him he sling one to haven face and knock him to the ground . Just as haven got up fierce kick the still dazed stunning haven in the ribes with hes boot and broke hes ribes... fierce admented that the young sith had potential and give him a offer.. telling him the dark counl and Lord tun are just useing him as a pawn that he can teach him the true power of the dark side. Darth fierce finaly found a sith artifact in the form of a ring he put it away for later studying.

Meanwhile miners of the Doan miner caste arrive on the scene claiming that there oldest law on there planet says whatever in the mines belong to them.. seeing a opuntuny to show haven the power of the dark side in the right hands. He use force scream to create chaos in the cave rocks makeing them felling smash most the miners... blood spats and limbs every where. shocked the rest flee but not until the last was caught wrap around fierce light whip and rip apart.. later on the two sith were recovering when a Jedi came along Ferice set back interested in the out come of a battle between haven and the Jedi knight Chris.. for this was haven 1st test... the two clashes blades then haven was force choke by Chris and beg for hes life... disappointed... ferice used the distraction to use black force lighting to engulfed the two...  then used the force to throw haven in the air and light whip hes neck which made him bleeded until he black out... darth ferice then tught Chris that he was going fight a true dark Lord now.. the two fought tough... they charge at each other.. 

‪#Charge Chris and side mid air spend flip with  He's lightwhip to create a deady barrier of defense and attack

Chris the Jedi knight charges at the dark Lord ferice with  2 sabers and does a front flip aiming the 2 sbarers at him

Darth ferice Trys‬ to used hes lightwhip to wrap around one the lightsaber blades and yake it from hes hand.

Chris uses  other saber to free hes other saber.

Darth ferice Grabs a contnas blade with hes free hand from hes pocket and throws it at hes lightsaber wield hand to stop him from doing so..

You can't stop me... ferice says grinding he take the one saber out of Chris hand then cut the handle in half. guess your half the Jedi now...not yet atleast ferice says 

look inside the handle of my saber Chris says  the saber explodes in the siths hand* 

Argghhh!!!! ‪# ferice flys back but do a back flip and stand and push back with the force

Aaaarrrrrrrrraaaaa!!!!!!!!! # use the pain to booze hes dark side and push harder to kill this Jedi he thinks..

Chris Lifts the sith up with the force and slams him into the ground.

Ooofff..!!!  Ferice says.. and Lays on the ground but tackles out of the way of a lightsaber hit 

Jedi knight Chris force cokes him and throws him in the stew he was cooking earlier

Ferice Flyd in into the stew but counter force and throws the hot pot at him as I he fly back by hes force the hot pot comes to Chris and burns the fuck out of him... as the sith just hits hard ground with a few minor Bruce's . Ferice had a enough and finaly with one last effort push the Jedi into a sharp rock impeling him.. he then leaves the cave but not before sealing the entrance leavening the two wounded inside trap to die in darkness.... 

Darth ferice later return to hes stronghold  of kohlma allso known as moon of the dead where hes small  loyal to him only sith trooper army is at along with hes New felication warrior minions and Banda gora cult remnants he found on the war torn moon. He plans to create a small sith fleet of a handful of sith battle ships to carry out attacks  he has the bando gora remake there spacial form of death sticks to fund hes sith fleet building and two a disruption to the galxy he made connections to space pirates to smuggle the drug to planets.. ferice trys to let the hutts cut in on the deal to assured they stay neutral to the comeing war

2 child hood and more info

At a young age ferice was scorn in hes village for the betrayal of hes father who years later trys to do a uprising and form a terrorist group.. the group was wipe out and ferice at the age of fifteen seen hes father be headed... he's only friend was a other young sith and tuk'ata sith hound pup who  loved ferice.. one day when ferice was out in the woods bandits attack.. ferice now grown up hound guarded him until he  loyal hound was stab but not before she bite out one the benits neck out.. this was the many 1st momments ferice show hes dark side to the force out of heart break of the death of hes pet he use the force to drown the benits by useing the force to fling them into a lake and hold them there.. years later ferice mother got on drugs call death sticks and never got over hes father death and betrayal to the sith empire.. she latter left ferice with hes grandma as she left to sell her self for more drugs... ferice the comeing years grow depress and mad he even had a drinking prob by age 18 one night when a red moon was high he was drunken with rage how he's grandma love hold him back and used the force to snap her neck.. this when he give him self to the dark side completely... years later he became a sith Lord.. it is said he owns but not proven he has the sith holocrons along with darth sion and raven and bane and others.. he believes in that you must be a leader not a follower... no love.. no fear... no care... that governments and regions and hormones are chains to hold back the strong even though the letter hes a very sexual person.  He finds useless sithartfcts to him and sells them to a dark Jedi name set harth who seems to stay young for decides.. for money to buy hes drugs or alcohol to function

Set Garth immoral dark Jedi who stolen a holocrown from bane and also trades with ferice some times

He married a felicaton that had strong ties to the falcation blood line thus makeing allys to hes cause.. 

He's wife who past relative looks simpler she played a role in her husband rise to network power

He's mother was a sith warrior