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Darth Zen was a Sith who at his peak (with Darth Vega) was the last of the Dark Lords of the unified Sith Order of Dark Lords of the Sith. He was preceded by Rook Marlowe and succeeded by Darth Validus. His reign of the Sith was held by most to be a Golden era, the Sith being plentiful and numerous. Darth Zen was known for his more subtle humorous approach to rule (compared to the tyrannical Darth Padar). Another of his achievements was persuading the former Dark Lord Darth Padar to allow the Order to return to the planet Korriban, from whence he had driven them in fury a few years previously, thus returning the Sith to glory. It proved a mixed blessing however, since the ancient spirit of Padar was not content to sit back and watch his creation grow from afar. A power struggle between the two Dark Lords ensued, the terrible fallout being that neither retained the title, the planet of Korriban was made uninhabitable for years to come and the Dark Lords of the Sith splintered into various fractions - the unity of the Sith destroyed for the foreseeable future, perhaps forever.

Darth Zen however did not perish in the conflict. Living out a quiet life of subterranean crime with other former Sith of DLotS, he resurfaced eventually in the most unlikely of places. Persuaded by the reformed-Sith-turned Jedi Master Darth Aridian, he turned to the Light and became Master Paz of the Jedi Master Order. However, his tenure as a Jedi Master was relatively brief, the habits of a lifetime being hard to throw off entirely. Eventually, he returned to the Darkness, renouncing his Jedi ties and vanishing again into the ether, from where he has yet to return.

Behind the Scenes

Darth Zen / Master Paz was played by SL avatar Zip Paz, an elder of the SWRP community. He is still around in SL but not currently involved with SWRP.

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