"To once quote a familar sith Warrior, Fear is my ally, and a Strong ally it has proven, use fear to demolish your enemies, you are a weapon of the darkside, harness your anger and unleash it on your enemies, use thier anger and fear against them."

— Darth Vyrassu

Darth Vyrassu was born originally a human Male that was recruited to the Order of the Jen'ari and taken as Darth Marell's Sith Apprentice at a young age.


Early LifeEdit

Darth Vyrassu was born on Drommund Kaas and was recruited in his early 30's by Darth Marell for the Jen'ari Sith Order on Mygeeto. through training Darth Marell forced the ways of the darkside. Vyrassu choosen the class of Sith Inquisitor to become a Sith Sorcerer. The Origins of why Vyrassu has Zabrak Tattoos remains unknown to this day.

((Everything Below here actually happened in World and was RPed out))

DLotS Invades Mygeeto, Vyrassu BetrayedEdit

During his training to become a Dark Lord, DLotS Invaded Mygeeto under Darth Validus's Orders. Vyrassu stood and fought DLotS as Marell ecscaped leaving Vyrassu to die at the hands of the Sith Empire. DLotS destroyed Mygeeto and Vyrassu was killed.


Some time later, Vyrassu's essence was transfered into an Sith-Human Hybrid Body by an unknown Sith Sorcerer. it was said this was done so he could extract his revenge on Darth Marell by the unknown sorcerer. Vyrassu claimed thats what he would secretly do. for months on end Vyrassu hid on Korriban training and learning Marell's movements better then he already knew. When the time came, Darth Vyrassu Confronted Darth Marell on Coruscaunt when Marell had gone there to destroy the Republic.

Darth Marell finally Dies for Good!Edit

On Coruscaunt Vyrassu demanded to know why Marell left him for dead. Marell replied it was a test to see if Vyrassu was ready to obtain Dark Lord title and that Vyrassu had passed. Vyrassu claimed he understood but deep in his thoughts he was awaiting the moment to kill his Master. When Marell and Vyrassu returned to Eclipse, Darth Vyrassu engaged Darth Marell and destroyed Jen City. in the process Darth Vyrassu proved to Darth Marell he was finally a master of Sith Alchemy and Sith Sorcery and killed Darth Marell. Darth Vyrassu then took the title of Dark Lord of the Sith and took over the Jen'ari and the Dark Government and ordered a new city to be built re-named Eclipse City.

Jen'ari to Nar ShaddaaEdit

Darth Vyrassu took the Order of the Jen'ari to somewhere on Nar Shaddaa where he keeps he order hidden and plans to grow them to a greater size while Eclipse City was being built. Many of the followers of Darth Marell followed Vyrassu after he gained power even a fellow rouge Sith named Darth Necrosis or rather known as Uni. Once Eclipse City was near completion Darth Vyrassu took the Order back to Eclipse to remain at the Sith Imperial Fleet in an Orbital Station over Eclipse.

Taking over BalmorraEdit


Power Supply for Eclipse

Darth Vyrassu Along side Darth Necrosis Ordered an Invasion on Balmorra, thier goal was to obtain the Factories to start the construction of a new Sith Armada. When the Jen'ari arrived they went into a battle over the planet against rougue Republic soldiers and Scavenger pirates. After a few weeks of Battle the Jen'ari proved vistorious claiming Balmorra as thiers and taking full Control.

Sith Academy on Korriban and the Droid ArmyEdit


Darth Vyrassu with the Ancient Mask

Darth Vyrassu then met with the Revanant Armada Grand Admiral Abyssus and discussed a business plan with him to allow the Jen'ari to have thier Sith Academy on Korriban. In that time the Jen'ari Acolytes have flooded Korriban in thier training, Darth Vyrassu's main goal was to find an Ancient artifact that he felt through the darkside, he belived he found it when he discovered a maks buried on Korriban and when Vyrassu touched it, the Darkside of the force had flown through him and the power he had felt was unspeakable. Darth Vyrassu then donned the mask and begun his research to figure out who's mask it once had belonged to.During his research he heard Shaka The Hutt's parents had machines to make millions upon millions of droids. Darth Vyrassu paid Shaka the Hutt's family and Ask Shaka to have the Droid Army to Kashyyyk, it was apparent Darth Vyrassu had ordered an Invasion on Kashyyyk and the Droid army to aid his imperial troops in taking the planet.

Eclipse City FinishedEdit

Eclipse City 001

Eclipse City on the planet of Eclipse

Darth Vyrassu recieved word that the Sith City on Eclipse had been finished and brought the Jen'ari back to it. Here Darth Vyrassu felt proud to be back on the Twin planet of Dromund Kaas, the Capital of the Jen'ari, and continued his ruling of the Jen'ari from here.

Current StatusEdit

Building 008

New Eclipse Sith Citadel

Darth Vyrassu remains on Eclipse and now for unknown reasons remains secluded away from view of everyone but the Dark Council exceptional for the weekly Jen'ari Empire Meetings. Vyrassu keeps control of the Jen'ari Empire that now controls Eclipse, Balmorra, Mustafar, Utapau, and Mygeeto and has Presence on Nar Shaddaa and has a small portion of the Sith Imperial Fleet over Pallas Athena.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Darth Vyrassu had more anger and more aggresivness to him then Marell and was seen at an early age as a succesful Sith Inquisitor. It is unknown where he gained such influence in the Darkside from wether it be Heritage or just raw Training. Darth Vyrassu learned the ability of essence transfer to be immortal making his ego bigger then usual. Whevere he walked within the Imperial Worlds under his Government's control ( i.e. Eclipse, Vjun, Kamino, a compound on Dxun, Balmorra) his fellow Sith and Imperial Soldiers feared him yet had an unimaginable amount of respect and honor for him. Vyrassu saw failure as an un worthy quality to have within his laws of the Imperial and the Jen'ari and would kill any failure. Even with the ability of Immorality, Darth Vyrassu had one fear that consumed him and knew if the right plans were taken it could be done, his one fear was Death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Vyrassu Sorcerer
Darth Vyrassu was a frighteningly powerful and proficient practitioner of the darkside of the force, Even at a young age. Vyrassu possessed a great knowledge of Sith Magic. His usage of Sith Sorcery was overwhelmingly destructive, evidenced when he used his power to drain the life and Force from Darth Marell and destroyed Jen City on Eclipse killing Darth Marell. Another one of the Vyrassu's talents was being able to dominate the minds of other beings. His mind control powers were enough to completely overpower the wills of his Imperial Troopers and Sith of the Jen'ari and sometimes his Enemies. The Dark Lord's power in Sith Magic also allowed him access to the Illusion spell, such as when he created duplicates of himself which aided in killing A'den Tome a once Sith Apprentice of Darth Marell who went rouge mandalorian. Darth Vyrassu was also skilled in the use of telekinesis, able to unleash overpowering waves of Force energy without the use of a hand gesture like most Force-users. The Dark Lord of the Sith was extremely skilled in the use of Force Lightning, utilizing it in the form of a single bolt or a devastating Force Storm. The voltage of his Force Lightning was enough to Fatally wound a batallion of Galactic Empire troopers on Hoth when Vyrassu Seeked an Acient Sith Artifact. Darth Vyrassu as well learned the power of a Force Walker, a Power to bind Force ghost to himself to grow his power in the force to an imense size that would prove overpowering to even the strongest of foes. Darth Vyrassu was as well a Master Sith Alchemist, Proving when he created a unknown species body for him to take over when his current body was becoming old and decaying and at one point he altered a rancor from Dathmoir and twisted it into an imense killing monster that grew 3 times the size of a rancor. The one thing Vyrassu lacked was his skill in Lightsaber combat, he has proved lethal with a lightsaber but he could cause more chaos with the force alone.
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