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"History is after all not merely the road behind us, a fading memory to be ignored or forgotten. It is the path that has lead us here, and must guide us forward if we are to define the future. Yet, there is one constant that will never change: as Sith we are the apex predators, it is our birthright to rule all existence. This Galaxy, and every world and being in it. With this realisation comes a heavy burden, but it is a burden every true Sith bears willingly, for it is in carrying this heavy weight that we ultimately discover our true potential, and the means to break our chains. "

— Darth Voragos

Darth Voragos is a Force-sensitive human male Dark Lord of the Sith and former ruler of Mustafar. He is mostly self-taught and acquired much of his knowledge from studying various relics, texts and artefacts found abandoned inside Fortress Vader, before Darth Infestus' forces invaded the planet and claimed the castle for their master. Darth Infestus saw potential in Darth Voragos, but instead of taking him on as his pupil, he imprisoned the former ruler and tried to clone him in order to create the perfect apprentice, one he could program from birth. 

Months of captivity passed until Darth Infestus set his plans in motion to dethrone Emperor Destius. Although successful, Darth Infestus was killed by Executor Rowe the following week. In order to stop Darth Infestus from returning from the dead, the Sith Empire thwarted his plans in the ancient Sith caverns below Fortress Vader which are rumoured to possess the power to bridge the world of the living and the beyond. This is where the Sith Empire found Darth Voragos imprisoned in the castle dungeons and freed him, in return for his assistance.

After these events Darth Voragos travelled the galaxy on a relentless search for Dark Side knowledge, consuming all he could find. Not just to become more powerful, but also to hunt down the spirit of Darth Infestus, driven by an intense need for revenge. Eventually this search lead him to Moff Tytos and the Imperial Remnant. Seizing this opportunity to quickly gain access to more resources, he pledged to work with the Moff and was given a wayfinder to the desolate Sith world of Exegol. More than anything in his past did the ancient secrets he found buried in the depths below the long-forgotten Sith Citadel change his worldview. Although hundreds if not thousands of Sith loyalists were wiped out when Darth Sidious was destroyed, many survived and their descendants had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new Sith master to serve. With their aid, Darth Voragos has been excavating the ruins of a lost era, yet one that to this day has many lessons left to teach to those willing to dig deep enough. 

The long-lost knowledge uncovered on Exegol and the Sith loyalists who now serve him drove Darth Voragos to form a new Sith Order. The First Order and the Final Order failed; the Rule of Two and the Rule of One failed; and so the Old Order was founded, its principles based on ancient traditions, yet determined to avoid the mistakes of the past. Where the Rule of Two doctrine dictates that there should be no more and no less than two Sith, one to embody power and the other to crave it, and where the Rule of One focused on obedience rather than conflict and survival of the strongest, the Rule of Old doctrine dictates the following:

"This is the Rule of Old: one to embody power, and legions to crave it. The power of the Dark Side is not a venom that dilutes as it spreads, it in fact becomes more potent. The Banite Sith feared that the Order would collapse due to infighting, but this too is a misguided belief; infighting is a necessary evil, for it is through strife and conflict that we cull the weak and strengthen the Order."

— Darth Voragos


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