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Darth Veka, Born 'Kristan' , Is a Sith pure blood and Sorcerer of the Trayus Academy. Formerlly Human, and ex Sith Master of the Obsidion Dominion.


Nal Hutta

Born on the planet of Nal Hutta, Kristan began life as a human, Supposedly orphaned and left in the care of the planets lowlife and underclass. Brought up with few morals , no education, and a healthy disrespect for the law, The young force senstive showed an unnatural talent for pick pocketing, being a distraction, and most vitaly - Never getting caught. Raised by a group of other orphaned children within the city, She naturally bonded with, and formed, a family for herself, a dozen brothers and sisters who all survived the acid rains of the polluted planet together. Not just surviving, but even thriving thanks to the luck of the young Kristan. Clinging to those around her, she craved the feeling that family bought her, but never found it satisfied without a true parent figure.

Her life continued, sometimes exciting, sometimes dull, always on the edge of society on the Hutt homeworld. That is, untill the day she met Jason. A Jedi Master of the Grey Jedi Order, Servants of the force, The chance encounter sparked a change of destiny beyond imagination. Another face in the crowd, The young Kristan made a seemingly routine trick - stealing the Jedi's lightsaber and escaping into the crowds in the blink of an eye. Almost loosing her, The Jedi did eventually find the girl - cowering from a thug in a backstreet alley. In front of the girls eyes, the Jedi force pushed the thug into the wall - and Either knocked him out, or killed him. Kristan never found out which.

Seeing the potential , the natural reflexes of the girl, and following his gut instinct, Jason took the girl to the planet of Jarentage.

Jarentage and Jedi Life

Kristan's training was short, and haphazard. Despite her best efforts, she had never been a model Jedi in training - Struggling with emotions, and unable to find peace in meditation unless she was training for combat. She witnessed Jedi doing things that never matched up to her ideals and childhood stories of the heroic Jedi, and soon found that her master had been captured by the Dark Lords of Byss. A lowly padawan, she was entrusted with organising a rescue attempt alone, thrust out into the galaxy blind. After little success trying to form a rescue team, Her Master returned - having escaped alone, and was gone before she could even say goodbye. Feeling betrayed and abandoned , She left the order that had first taken her in and travelled alone, her own force powers now awakened and begining a long slow path to the darkside.

She spents many months on the moon of Yavin, teaching herself alongside a generation of Jedi - Becoming fast friends with Renai Stillwater and Catherine Umino. Refusing to join the Jedi order there on principle - content to teach and mediate herself, she became a stalwart idealist, confident and ready to stand up to the Sith that had taken her past master. Fighting alongside the Jedi soon came to an end though. One day, during a Sith raid, she took a stand against ridiculous odds - outnumbered 8 to 1 by Sith Lords. She had expected to be fighting alongside her friends, who instead fled (Wisely, in truth) for safety. The predictable ensued, and Kristan was defeated alone.

Angry , and with no order to support and calm her, She confronted two of the Sith at a later date alone. It was not hard for them to plant ideas in her head, of how she had been betrayed , abandoned, and how selfish the Jedi were. Uneasy about the Sith, but so angry with the Jedi, She agreed to train. Although she convinced herself that it was simply for the power to protect her friends one day, the truth was much less clear, and the path she took lost all sight of her own goals.

Roon, And Sith training