Historically, little is known of the man who became Darth Vectivus. Vectivus was in his third semester at the University of Sanbra's Sentient Studies Department where he was preparing to become a sentientologist when he never came back from a research trip on the planet of Vaathkree . Vectivus was in search of the a new elements to power his droids so that he could develop the most powerful and useful droids for all Galaxies to use. He had a couple of successful designs that never made it to any planet due to his disappearance.


Loyalty and OrderEdit

Vectivus has given his loyalty to Sith Lord Sinuous as his master and Obsidian Dominion as his order to which he has been loyal to from around the start of the groups appearance. Obsidian is comprised of only the best and loyal Sith's around. We are not about quantity but the quality training and knowledge is the winning key to our group.

Rumours or truthEdit

There has been many rumours or truths it depends on how you take it but one that may be very true is his not t found of water and no one really knows why but you will never see him in or around water. Some even say he is part machine due to the fact that he is human and is extremely powerful with the knowledge of the force, but others believe he found something on Vaathkre that changed his life forever. He is also know to have several stations and labs scattered throughout the Galaxies where his artefacts and works of art and description can be found. He is also known to be one the only or few to use Psychometry a power which is not common and could be very harmful to the galaxy if used in the wrong matter.

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