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Darth Umbra was a Dark Lord of the Sith, Sith Sorceress, Master Geneticist and Prefect of Sorcery of the Trayus Academy.

Born in 120 ABY she trained under Darth Nefarious with the One Sith before going into cryo stasis for a Hundred years. being revived she lost most of her memories due to a malfunction in the stasis process. and had to regain them via renewed Sith training, and research. Eventually she retrieved her memories. Restored, she rose to prominence as the student of Darth Aran, the then Shadow Lord of Xagobah. Taking his place after he returned to Byss, she began expanding her influence throughout the Mayagil Sector, eventually joining the Trayus Academy and becoming their Prefect of Sorcery.Later Ascending to Rule Rhelg, as Wife of the Underduke Darth Altus, and Scion of the House Kressh,and Headmistress of the Trayus Academy.Personally crowned Emperor Kulith Laan, was the Galactic Empress of the Sith faction of the 6th Galactic Empire, And Seceeded Emperor Indal as Dark Lord and master of the One Sith. She has taught several apprentices; invented several new applications of Sith alchemy and sorcery; discovered several strains of bacteria, psychotropic chemicals, fungi and other flora; and created countless Sith spawn. Darth Umbra was one of the first Sith named in reports by GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide.[1]


While not widely known, The sentient who would become Darth Umbra was born on Ryloth in 110 aby to destitute parents who had little choice to sustain their family but sell their youngest daughter to the Hutt cartel.Years spent in bondage to the gangsters the girl endured before snapping and unleashing for the first time her latent power in the Force, killing one of her handlers, causing them to attempt to sell her.Darth Nefarious found her on Nar Shaddaa shortly after.

Beginning her training under Darth Nefarious and the One Sith Empire, She eventually rose to the rank of Sith Lord and served on excavations on Tattooine to unearth Rakata artifacts, however after the battle of Coruscant she froze herself with Darth Nefarious, though after being awakened 100 years later, she lost her memories due to carbonite sickness, being apprenticed under Darth Aran in the Order of Rowe.

Learning from Darth Aran, Rowe, Nefarius and Several other prominent Sith the basics again, she expanded her knowledge of Lightsaber combat, Sith Sorcery, and Alchemy. Over the course of years she rose to the rank again of Sith Lord, taking the name Lord Umbra. During this time after a near death experience, she began to recover her original memories, speeding her training substantially as she recovered her former self.

After years of absence from Darth Rowe, The five most powerful Sith in the Order of Rowe made the decision to continue without her upon Xagobah, in the Shadows of the Triumvirate, Darth Aran assuming the mantle of Shadow Lord

It was not long after this that Lord Umbra was named Darth Umbra, and made the master of Sorcery in the order operating an extensive library, artifact repository and arboretum. This laboratory was used to conduct experiments in Sith alchemy upon the populace of the planet and it's live stock, Over the next several years Darth Umbra began an increasingly rapid pace of experimentation and mastery of Sith alchemy. Creating several new species of plant, animal, fungi and bacteria with various properties, using many of these new compounds she began exporting it as medicine and recreational drugs to fund further experiments in cybernetic research and entechment.

Darth Umbra made contact with an ally of the Sith Empire , a Ssi-ruuk traitor who agreed to give Darth Umbra SSi-ruu technology. Using this, The Sith Sorceress began a massive industrialization campaign, enslaving the populace with the help of the Shadows of the Triumvirate and using repaired shells of the soldiers who had died there and droid technology, Darth Umbra began summing Sith spirits to entech into bodies. Blending Imperial Darktroopers, Sith sorcery and SSi-ruu tech on a primitive level to create a force of endless foot soldiers. During this time, she also used her power of sorcery to assist a pair of desperate Mandalorians conceive a child of an Amaran and a Togorian. The resulting crossbreeds created the basis for two new races of clones that have yet to see use on large scale and may not even still exist.

When Darth Aran left Xagobah to return to his master on Byss, who had returned the Order reformed as the Dark Praxeum and moved to Thule deep in the cloak of the Sith. Following this, Darth Umbra trained several apprentices to serve her goal, and traveled to the Stenness hyperspace node with them to make gather power and influence. While her fellows in the Praxeum wished to remain neutral to the Sith Empire, Darth Umbra maintained steadfast loyalty to Emperor Validus behind the scenes. At some point however, things came to an end. And Darth Umbra disappeared from known space for a time taking her personal fleet with her into deep space. Instructing her agents to infiltrate the Mayagil sector of space surrounding Xagobah and Coru.

Though to all but her closest allies what happened in deep space remain a mystery, Darth Umbra happened upon a Sith temple deep in the heart of Thule containing relics of immense power. A Relic that allowed a Sith to do the unthinkable, instead of breaking free of death to return to the living. Darth Umbra would live up to her name and send her consciousness into the void of death, fighting it's way in and robbing the dead of t heir secrets. For years Darth Umbra endured torment in this hellish realm, honing her mind and power, strengthening herself and biding her time. When the Sith Lord emerged the power of the void, the knowledge of the ancient Dark Lords seemed all but hers. And the Sith returned to the galaxy changed, and with gusto.

Upon her return to known space, Darth Umbra launched an invasion of the neighboring system of Thule, and sprung her agents in the Mayagil sector to action. Her Ssi-ruu powered Sorcery constructed dark troopers dubbed "Tomb troopers" Made planetfall on the Bith homeworld, aided by the Ghost bith and Y'bith subspecies to help overthrow the oppressive Bith. Darth Umbra kept to her word by raining fire and death upon the capital city of Weogar. Only two Jedi escaped the destruction to try to warn the republic, but the Sith forced had hit Coru for a reason, to commandeer the holonet relay there and use it to broadcast a signal: Surrender or suffer their fate" at a frequency which caused massive hemmoraging in Bith ears. Millions died and a tremor through was felt throughout the galaxy as an entire city's population was slaughtered in a second. Darth Umbra descended from her flagship: The Black Tower and saw that it was good. Feeling the newly created nexus of the Dark side, more conversions would be made and it would become the site of her new domain. The other systems in the sector fell in line quickly due to the swift action of her agents and apprentices as well as mass intimidation. This task done, it was time for The Shadow Lady to claim her mantle.

Darth Umbra then adopted for herself the title of Shadow Lord. And traveled to Rhelg to find her old companions and allies who had joined the Trayus Academy in a merger. There she met the nobility of Rhelg, Darth Altus, Darth Occidio, and the Taral'ari himself, Calithlin Tue'rok. Darth Umbra asked to rejoin her fellows, asking for the position of prefect of Sorcery in the academy which was unoccupied, after a series of grueling tests to prove her power, skill, knowledge and devotion to the Dark side, Darth Umbra was given the position and celebrated the honor by Immediately beginning work on a series of new Abominations and Sith leviathans. It was not long before her contribution to Sith research and adding her power sphere to the Academy earned her even higher prestige, the right of transformation.

The Trayus Academy's best kept secret was that the most powerful members of the Order were adopted into The Taral'ari's noble family and Transformed into a member of the original Sith race. her transformation would be the most taxing of any attempted by the Taral'ari as she was a Twi'lek and biologically very different from the base human. But still not too far to make it possible.

The ritual was extremely painful, and the loss of her lekku unto hair follicles and facial tendrils were excruciating, Many of her earliest memories were lost to her, only able to be summoned with incredible concentration, and the knowledge of several languages learned then was also lost. But it was successful. Joining her comrade Darth Lilith, the Sith Lord Darth Umbra had been adopted into the Kressh noble house and become blessed with the flesh of the mother race. Following this, Darth Umbra began a relationship with Darth Altus ultimately leading to marriage and several children.

The transformation after some time revealed a vast increase in physical and mental strength, and a far crueler more carnivorous Darth Umbra emerged. The dark side, and the Force came so natural to a noble Sith pureblood that her already great power was multiplied. After these events, eventually the Emperor was murdered by the traitorous Darth Gevecht and the ascension of The Taral'ari, then Executor of the Empire and rightful heir to it was blocked. This enraged the Trayus Academy and preparing for war amoung the Sith, Darth Umbra began to formulate a plot to destroy the Dark Lords on Byss. But this never came to fruition, as soon the spirit of Darth Validus contacted The Taral'ari asking for his assistance in taking revenge on his murderer by building him a new body. Darth Umbra, the formost expert on cloning available next to the Taral'ari himself was enlisted to assist the design and growing of the body he was to inhabit. And through closely working with the genetic structure of the Sith race, many secrets were unlocked to Umbra and a seed of completing a life's work was planted.

Darth Validus was reborn thanks to the efforts of house Kressh and promptly killed the upstart Gevect, re-dedicating the Empire to new purpose of expansion and conquest, which he carried through on for some time.Though the Taral'ari himself had become exhausted by the expenditure of energy and locked himself in the crypts below Rhelg to attempt to glean information to increase his longevity again and power from the Sith spirits of the past. Darth Altus and Occidio also drifted into the shadows again. Leaving only Darth Umbra as the new Headmistress of The Trayus Academy and the ruler of Rhelg along with gifting her the Taral'ari's holocron.

Darth Umbra studied the object intensely for weeks before leaving the insides of the temple, absorbing as much information as she possibly could. Mastering his secrets over months she set out to restrengthen the Academy build it's student populace and build an engine of strength. She largely succeeded in gathering several new apprentices and training them, among them Darth Veka. When the apprentice of Emperor Validus was killed for treason, Darth Umbra used a sample of DNA to clone a new body and resurrect him using sorcery, implanting several fail-safes.

It was not long after the re-emergence of the Disciples of Ragnos ,that Emperor Validus grew weary of rule, and abdicated to the reborn Darth Gevecht, now calling himself Darth Novo. Darth Umbra believed the loyalty of the Trayus Academy was first and foremost to Darth Validus and their loyalty would have to be re-evaluated,and withdrew from the Empire on the same day as his ascension, however this moment was hijacked by a figure who also renounced his loyalty to the Empire and declared his intentions to stand against them, causing the Academy to be counted among them instead of with Korriban as they had intended. Darth Umbra quickly found that she was the target of slander by the Sith Empire which rapidly deteriorated under Darth Novo's rule. Aligning themselves with Byss, The Disciples of Ragnos attempted a coup of Rhelg when the Trayus Academy had gone to Korriban and Malachor to over-see vital projects. Darth Umbra returned to find one of her newer pupils having attempted to usurp the throne of Rhelg for the Empire to keep the disciples out, but the weakness in his rule, and the chaos caused the Grand Army of the Republic to invade and occupy the planet. However traps laid in the temple greatly amplified the power of those of the Kressh noble house and allowed Darth Umbra and her Sith to re-infiltrate and aid in retaking the planet. Upon the re-establishment of Sith control of the Rhelg system and the Republic invasion of Sith space halted, Darth Umbra discovered that an imposter member of the Kressh house Darth Savant had attempted to usurp a place as ruler of Rhelg as Heirophant. Conflicting with the traitor Darth Icylon. This tension caused a divide which led to Darth Umbra in a gesture of humility which bitterly hurt her pride, bowed before Novo who had conspired to steal Rhelg from it's true masters with the Disciples, and gave governorship to an over-seer,

The Duchy of Rhelg was eventually given to the step daughter of Darth Umbra, Darth Altus Daughter, Darth Karola, who soon handed it back to Darth Umbra. Firmly waltzing back into the temple and reclaiming control of it. Soon after, Darth Veka and her apprentices aided Umbra in firmly re-establishing dominance over the system as the Sith Empire's grasp further eroded with the sale of Uvena prime to the Revenant, who were forced out of system by the actions of the Galactic Liberation Alliance. Darth Umbra had returned in force and assumed the title of Jiaasjen'ari. The Shadow Lord of the veil between life and death.

The Disciples of Ragnos begged forgiveness from the Shadow Lord, and asked for help to overthrow the Empire from the incompetent Emperor. Darth Umbra exposed this though she suspected the Emperor was conspiring against her with the same traitors who sought his overthrow. But her attention was elsewhere, on a grander project. Years of research a life's work brought to fruition.

Darth Umbra had years studying the Sith Genome and cloning procedures, mastering how to clone force sensitives and produce stable minds. Darth Umbra had finally become the culmination of decades And finally produced a viable method for the creation of fully stable, sentient, Force sensitive clones with unique personalities and individual traits. By create process for algorithmic allele randomization and defect removal an entire clone generation capable of breeding with no inbreeding overlap was able to be mass cloned rapidly and using polis massan, arkanian and kaminoan cloning technology sped up and slowed. Darth Umbra the Seeded Rhelg, Korriban, Dromuund Kass, Thule, And several other Sith worlds and Sith systems with colony populations to breed and expand. Just as Darth Novo's ship was destroyed with him on it, causing his apparent death and Darth Destius ascended the Imperial Throne, restoring the rightful place of the Trayus Academy and Darth Umbra with it. Umbra also had long mastered the process of transforming a sentient into another species,particularly the Sith race, and had gifted Darth Veka, her adopted daughter with this boon, as well as her first apprentice, Darth Azrael, and Darth Occidio's apprentice, Darth Dividuus. creating an extensive family along side her own children Darth Krosis included.

Darth Umbra's relations with Byss strengthened as Krosis married the apprentice of her former master, Darth Aran, now the Hand of the Emperor. But things turned south rapidly when Krosis died under mysterious circumstances. Darth Nessa, the woman he married had become quite close to Umbra, a dangerous thing for a Sith and promised to support the family she had been adopted into it, meanwhile, Karola had betrayed the Sith and fled. Years passed and The Empire stagnated under Destius who despite promises of expansion and conquest never made good. This coincided with the whispers of the Taral'ari in Darth Umbra's mind from the tombs, and a stirring in the Dark Side.

At this point, Darth Umbra ventured into the catacombs of Rhelg, and with ritual sacrifice and powerful arcane sorceries, resurrected and rejuvenated the body of the Taral'ari taking upon a new name: Kulith Laan. Umbra assisted in bringing Kulith up to speed upon the events the past few years and began laying the foundation for the rise of a New Empire, a Third Galactic Empire. One ruled by the Sith. Darth Umbra gathered intelligence with Darth Altus to find Ardonis Commodore's hidden fleet and board his ship, slaughtering him in cold blood, Kulith Laan forced him, in his dying breath, to sign over complete control of the Imperial Remnant to him. Moffs who did not fall in line were executed on the spot. The official story was Ardonis had embraced the Sith and made laan his heir before dying of old age. A new Order was quickly established, Darth Umbra drafting the Codex Imperialis as a charter for Imperial rule, and became the Triumvir Lord Pontifex, Voice of the Emperor. Delivering an ultimatum to Byss to join us or be forgotten, She arranged the transfer of Coruscant into Imperial Hands and crowned the Emperor herself, naming him Dark Lord.

Throughout the Following War Darth Umbra used her trickery and cunning to, as well as mastery of the dark side to orchestrate several mass purges, annexations and secretly gathered more and more power to herself, studying Laan's every move, and maneuvering. When Coruscant Fell to the Jedi and the GLA, Darth Altus, Umbra and Emperor Laan retreated having been defeated in combat by large groups of Jedi Knights and Masters. Retreating to Kuat, the Empire began rapidly building warships and expanding, using it's acquired resources and Coruscant as a distraction to fuel greater ambition. However it was not to last, and the Dark Lord Laan disappeared from the Empire

The Triumvir divided on what to do, the IIB's leaders fled, and many Moffs defected to Kael Commodore, who never believed the official story that Ardonis Commodore fell to the Dark side and made Laan his heir, But believed he had been murdered. This caused a divide in the Empire, and Darth Sae'hall II, conflicted over of the horrors of the Sith he had witnessed, left the Empire and destroyed the disciples of Ragnos, turning away from the path of darkness and becoming a Jedi. Darth Altus joined the Krayiss Empress Darth Chaos and her New Sith Order in a mad quest for power and was seemingly destroyed as they disintegrated. Meanwhile, Darth Umbra continued gathering power, secretly fueling the fire that was Imperious, gathering supporters and continuing her vile experiments.

Darth Umbra spent the next several years refining her craft and studying the mysteries of the dark side further, having resurrected the Sith race, having given birth to an Empire she found herself as the sole remaining ruler of, (Albeit diminished via Civil War) Darth Umbra began building abominations of corpses in mechanical suits called Sith Knights, to boost her ranks, and began plotting to restore Korriban. By the time her next apprentice, a man named Elias who had gathered a substantial following arrived on Korriban, killing some of her test subjects, Darth Umbra had declared herself Dark Lord of the Sith and welcomed him home. Giving Elias a choice. Defiance, or Apprenticeship, Elias seeing an opportunity for power, accepted the apprenticeship of Darth Umbra and so began the restoration of Korriban.

Eventually, Kael Commodore's forces succeeded at Kuat and pushed the Sith from their stronghold there after sensing something on the outer rim she began divising a plan of action once she learned of the return of a dark jedi general of the Revenant Armada, now calling himself Darth Indal, apparently a pupil of Darth Vrana of the Krath. Umbra began to sow seeds of fear and destruction beneath the city world of Coruscant to sicken the population and afflict them with a creeping, wasting madness to empower herself. Though this had an unwelcome effect on her own abilities, diminishing them while she slowly gathered herself further and further power.

Indal succeeded in conquering Coruscant due to Umbra's influence weakening the Republic, and Umbra herself appeared to swear loyalty, giving Indal the keys to the ancient Sith holy worlds. Unsatisfied with the education protocols of the one Sith. Umbra departed to the unknown regions and began her work on preparing an Heir to use when Indal fell. A young woman and granddaughter of Ardonis Commodore named Jen Cress.

After 5 years, Darth Umbra returned from her hermitage with purpose. Taking charge during the last months of the Phobis war, while secretly undermining the Sith from within and setting the stage. Umbra ensured the phobis device would be destroyed and fleeing Coruscant, her squad being the only one succesful in it's mission on coruscant. She proclaimed herself the only rightful successor to Indal to the One Sith with the death of Darth Vrana. Gathering apprentices, supporters who had opposed Vrana, and other like minded Sith, she also negotiated an arrangement with the Imperial forces remainder, and the Inquisition, and plotted with Vadiim Tarkin to reunify the Imperial remnants immediately. On Rakata prime She began a crusade to reclaim Korriban from ruin (which she herself had sown some years before) and restore order to it.

She was opposed by former loyalists of Indal who believed their claim was superior due to their relationships with him, or the former Krayiss Empress Darth Chaos whose entourage had returned, and yet were consistently oblivious and woefully undereducated or prepared to continue to fight.

After the Darkroses were sent off, And Korriban secured. She gathered a council of the former Imperial heads. She declared that the Empire must be born again, and the One Sith must survive. To this effort Umbra presented Jennefer Commodore Cress. Or Jen Cress as the Galactic Empress. Umbra herself had used holograms and sith sorcery as well as physical props to disguise herself as the woman she held captive, using memories and records taken from her to bolster her claim. Umbra would masquerade herself as Jen while in secret using the Empire as her puppet. having manipulated Jen extensively and coached her, Umbra believed she could control the young woman. Allowing her to speak freely, and appear at social functions as herself more and more frequently, In truth, Umbra's use of such advanced sorcery, and ensuring the One Sith would be united together was putting a strain on her body far more than she anticipated. Age was catching up as well as physical damage from the stress of the dark side. As Jen grew stronger, Umbra waned until eight years had passed. Umbra had driven off Infestus attempt to create divisions in the Empire and yet the truth Jen had been woken up to could not be ignored. Umbra overlooked her pawn, but turned instead to the other Sith who might one day come for her. Beginning a campaign of excision, she maneuvered the Sith into vulnerable positions where they would be slowly removed from power, and re-educating, hoping to transform them into her playthings. She even eventually engineered the "death" of her loyal apprentice, Darth Reeve, a former Jedi she had twisted into a brutal enforcer. Whom she had imprisoned in living hell inside a tomb on kalee

Darth Umbra had destroyed nearly every enemy, but the one she needed most fear. Jen Cress began the Sith purges, seemingly at her insistence, but on removing all of the One Sith from power, either through killing, or simply reeducation and removal, Jen removed all trace of the dark side from the ranks of the Galactic Empire. At long last, Umbra was ready for the final stage in her plan. Dying, she said her goodbyes to old friends whom had sought shelter elsewhere, completed her holocron's last words and began the process of transferring her essence into Jen. Her memories first were implanted, a lifetime of knowledge and muscle memory transferred. second, immense power in the Force she poured into her, finally her mind and psyche itself. her personality the last of her essence and it was then that Jen's trap was revealed.

The Young Empress awoke during the process and too late Umbra realized her miscalculation. Blood flowed in her veins far too potent. Jen Cress was the child of a commodore.And with that potent blood, even the few drops within her was enough to give her the strength, combined with a will she had cultivated over years to be indomitable, to hold onto control of herself. As Umbra's body lay dying, her essence pouring from her. The Dark Lord at long last had met her match. And was destroyed by the young woman. Darth Umbra, The Jiaasjen'ari of Rhelg passed into the netherworld of the force, dead at the age of 145.


Darth Umbra's instruction left an impact in shaping the House of Ragnos. Led to the Creation of the Sith Race Reborn, was instrumental in the reconstruction of the Galactic Empire. Her apprentices and children continued to lead the institutions that survived her. Rhelg falling into the care of Darth Veka. Darth Reeve escaping Kalee, rampaging across the galaxy before discovering Empress Jen on Coruscant and realizing the truth at last, turned from the dark side.

Darth Umbra's teachings on sorcery also endured after her death. The Six rules of Sorcery

  • Never Create What you Cannot Destroy
  • Consider all possibilities, especially failure
  • Respect the old ways and dark powers.
  • Fear is your best early warning system
  • Knowledge must always be preserved.
  • Strength is the means, Power is the ends.

Were taught in academies, and her holocron endured in the vault of kressh along with scores of other things she had created.

Darth Umbra was entombed on Korriban with the other Dark Lords in a tomb constructed for her, but her heart was removed and resides on Rhelg with the other members of her house.

Still there are whispers in the shadows of academies, in dark places, of the spectre of a red skinned figure with glowing gold eyes that stalks the shadows, whispers secrets of magic and power.

The shadow lady is dead, but some of her former acolytes believed she had been dead for years, having seen it. That she would return, that somehow she would cheat the grave once more and return a vengeful, furious spirit. This story is used to frighten travelers in the Sith worlds, on Coruscant, and in places she was known to frequent and more than one student had claimed to have heard the whispers of Darth Umbra in their dreams.

Though Jen never revealed it to anyone, she hears whispers of the dead Sith Lord invading her private thoughts, though she was not sure whether it was simply the echoes of implanted memories creeping into her mind or the spirit of the Sith Lord attempting to claw it's way back.


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